Thursday 30th May, Week 5 term 2


We looked at the world map.

Do you know any countries?

Gurshaan: i know Mexico

Krish: Africa

Abel: Egypt

Ivan: El Savador

Navya: Spain

Yasmin: Australia

Where do we live?

Ahian: Australia

Athian then came up and pointed to Australia on the map for us all to see.

We then looked at two pictures of  the Australian maps.

Which part of Australia do we live?

Gurshaan: Adelaide

We then looked at the Map of Indigenous Australia and noticed the differences. We spoke about the people coming from England on boats to Australia. The people from England starting building roads, houses, buildings etc. They changed Australia they told the Aboriginal people “you have to speak English now”.

How do you think the Aboriginal people feel?

Fatumata: They could have asked the Aboriginal people if it is ok to build those things

Michael: they could ask them, speak English

Kobe: they could have asked by trying to speak Aboriginal language

Tanish: they would feel sad

Ivan: angry too

Navya: they would be frustrated about their homes

Sophia: sad (about not speaking their language)

This is apart of why we celebrate reconciliation week – to say we are sorry this happened.

Why is it important?

Kobe: to be sorry they were sad, angry and upset. they might feel like this for the rest of their lives, we are sorry.

Tanish: sorry that you had to use English when you wanted to use your language so we had say sorry that you are sad

Navya: i think we should say sorry to the Kaurna people for taking their land

Porsha: when they moved into the Australia, then other people come

The children then did their own reflection about ‘National Reconciliation’….



Mission day prayer – practice our Mass songs.

‘so good to me’

Our prayers….

  • Krish – Dear God i help people who dont have everything AMen
  • Navya – Dear God, thanks for the whole world Amen
  • Dylan – Thank you for whole world, i love teachers Amen
  • Tanish – Dear God thank you for the whole school and my family Amen
  • Brookyln – thanks for all the pets and my friends Amen



Shared reading text: Willy and Hugh

Focus: tommy tracker and Rhyming words

Then we practiced our reading with a friend, a teacher or on our own.


R1TD are off to Music and PE classes 🙂


R1GC joined R1MS and R1EQ for Investigtaions…



  • ‘Snails trail’ as a follow on from ‘Athian, Ivan and Abels’ discovery of snails and slugs earlier this week….

Provocation provided in the classroom to continue this interest and possible further inquiry.

Athian went straight over and he used the microscope to look at the pictures of the snails in the information book.

Athian: snails like to eat leaves I thinkI am not sure if the slug does. The slug would get really cold.

Teacher: why do you think that?

Athian: because no shell like the snail

Athian: look here is the snail have eggs, baby snail come out of eggsmaybe we will see eggs at log park

Teacher: what else do you think we will find in the garden at log park

Athian: maybe some bees

Teacher: what do you think they like where they live?

Athian: slugs and snails like the rocks and the leaves and the mud and they have a rest there and not too hot not too cold

  • balloons (Scarlett’s inquiry)
  • wondering table
  • Yasmin ‘i found a feather…i wonder which bird it comes from?’

Ivan, Ebony and Yasmin were immediately drawn to the provocation ‘how the birds got their colours?’

Teacher: What do you notice about feathers?

Yasmin: they are all different

Teacher: How?

Yasmin: um some have spots, some are black some are other colours

Yasmin: I think I am going to make a bird, I know this bird, I see this bird outside withmy dad sometime, I like the pink ofn this bird (Galah picture)

Do you know what this time of bird is?

Yasmin: no I don’t know I just see them

Yasmin: I have this type of bird at home in a cage (Canary). If I put music on for my bird it will start singing nicely.

Teacher: How do you care for them?

Yasin: they like lots of seeds, I watch my mum feed the bird.

Yasmin: I am going to draw a pink

Navya: I saw a bird with black spots

Teacher: Do you know the names of any birds?

Navya: a hawk

Yasmin: I know a canary and cockatiel

Yasmin: I love to watch the birds on the oval, they look down at the grass, I think they are looking for food

Ebony: I am making a bird ‘cack cack cack’…a loud bird

Yasmin: oh I know that bird, its this type of bird (she held up a picture of a magpie)

Teacher: a magpie

Yasmin: oh a magpie…yeah they are abit annoying

Yasmin: I love this one, it’s a parrot…P for Parrot!


  • Lego
  • painting
  • Teachers dramatic play

Don’t forget it is Mission day tomorrow.

Casual day for a Gold coin donation.

Mission day activities commence at 1pm

Tokens available from 10c-$5 all money raised will go to Fred’s Van, Catherine House and Loreto Vietnam.


I Wonder how do Balloons Fly? – An Inquiry by R/1TD and R/1GC initiated by Scarlett

Today our blog is a little different. We thought we would post about an inquiry that has been undertaken by the children in R/1TD and R/1GC for the last week or so.  The inquiry began with Scarlett’s question ‘I wonder how do balloons fly?’.

This question has led to a rich tapestry of learning – of science endeavour, understanding and inquiry where the children have created their own theories and tested them to construct their own knowledge and understandings.

The inquiry is ongoing and we look forward to updating you on the children’s learning and progress.

The following is the documentation of learning taken by teachers. It includes our reflection of the documentation and our ideas for future learning. We hope you enjoy it!




Scarlett“I wonder about how balloons fly in the sky”

She attempted to write her own sentence and she drew a picture which reflected her question.

Then she asked ‘maybe I could look at balloons flying on the laptop?’

Teacher then gave her the laptop and helped her to type in the question on YouTube

Teacher– What is the laptop saying?

Scarlett “the balloon gets some hel (helium) I think and then that makes it go up…get from that red tank”

Scarlett“I wanna get some balloons to blow up”

Teacher– maybe I could bring some in next week?

Scarlett “yeah then we blow them up”

Teacher– what will we blow them up with?

Scarlett“I don’t know”

Scarlett then spent some time watching hot air balloons flying in the sky.

Teacher“what’s happening?”

Scarlett“its like a really really big balloon flying with people…that would be good!”

Teacher– How are they doing that?

Scarlett “with that balloon and like air and maybe some water”





Scarlett and the teacher blew up the balloon using a balloon pump.

Teacher:What is happening?

Scarlett: It’s blowing up.

Teacher: What is it blowing up with?

Scarlett: Air

Teacher: How is the air getting in there?

Scarlett: By going up and down. Can I try?

Scarlett continues to blow up the balloon with the pump.

Scarlett: Finished, now tie it up

Teacher ties up the balloon.

Teacher: Now let’s see what happens when we drop it. Do you think it will float?

Scarlett: Yes

Balloon drops to ground

Teacher: Did it float?

Scarlett: No. It needs wind.

Teacher: What if I blew up the balloon with my mouth, do you think it would be different?

Scarlett: (Nods). But it would be air from your mouth.

Teacher blows up balloon

Teacher: How did this balloon blow up?

Scarlett: With air from your mouth.

Teacher: Let’s see if it floats.

Scarlett drops the balloon.

 Teacher: Did it float?

Scarlett: No. They don’t float because they need wind.

Scarlett then drew a picture of what happened to the balloon filled with air.


Yasmin: You need to go outside with the balloon on a string and the wind will float it up.

Teacher: Scarlett, is there wind outside?

Scarlett: Nods

Teacher: Would you like to go outside and see if it floats?

Scarlett: Yes.

Go outside and throws the balloon in the air.

Scarlett: It didn’t float.

Teacher: Why didn’t it float?

Scarlett: Because we need lots of air.

Teacher: Do you think we could do anything else to make it float?

Scarlett: Can we get some string and then when we run it will fly.

Yasmin: You know why it can’t float, only because it doesn’t have wind.

Tied string around the balloons and went outside to test if the string would keep the balloons afloat. Yasmin and Scarlett ran across the courtyard with their balloons. When they let go of the string, the balloon dropped to the ground.



Scarlett is developing her scientific inquiry and understanding and science as human endeavour. She was able to identify that air filled the balloons. She made predictions and hypothesised about what could make her balloon float i.e. wind. She then, with the help of Yasmin tied string to her balloon to test her hypothesis. She said the balloon floated if she ran but when she stopped running it dropped to the ground.


Bring in some helium balloons and discuss whether they float – on and off the string. Hypothesise about what these balloons are filled with and why they float yet the ones filled with air don’t.





A number of children were asking about the balloons and were intrigued by the helium balloons floating in our classroom.

Scarlett and Yasmin, with the support of a teacher shared their inquiry and learning from investigative play yesterday.

They shared how they blew up two balloons, one pink one with a pump and one blue one by Mrs Tropeano blowing into it. Scarlett concluded that both balloons were filled with air.

Both of these balloons didn’t float in the classroom. When Scarlett held them high and dropped them, they fell to the ground. Scarlett and Yasmin then thought of different ideas and theories for how to make these balloons filled with air float.

Their theories were:

  • Balloons filled with air need wind to float
  • If you tie a string to a balloon filled with air and run with it, it will float.

They shared photos of themselves testing their theories and shared their findings. That is, the balloons didn’t float. “They fall to the ground” (Scarlett).

Today, Mrs Tropeano bought in two different balloons. They were purple balloons tied to a purple string.

Teacher:Do these balloons float?


Teacher:What makes you think so?

Scarlett:They are floating because they go up. When I let the string go, they go up to the roof.

Teacher:What would happen if we took them outside?

Scarlett: They go up and up.

Teacher:(to rest of group listening) What do you think would happen if we took these balloons outside?

Lots of the children turned to each other and started chatting and sharing ideas.

Mrs Rodgers was in the class at the time and said that it would be good to get the children to draw their theories. The children were able to draw and or write about what they thought would happen if we took the purple balloons outside. The children were very engaged and shared lots of predictions.

Athian related to an experience he had at home when he and his sister both had a balloon in their yard. He accidentally let his go and it went up to the sky, then his sister shared her balloon with him.

There was lots of predictions that the balloons would go up to the sky, near the stars and moon. Or that the balloon would pop or float up but eventually lose air and come back down.



The children are constructing their own theories and predictions, mostly based on evidence of previous experience. They are using their sense making learning power, connecting previous learning and knowledge to construct new theories and possibilities for learning. There is knowledge of the solar system and what is beyond earth (sun, moon, stars, etc).


Ask the children to draw/record why they think the purple balloons float and the pink/blue balloons filled with air don’t. How are they different? What makes the purple balloons float?


Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 – Week Five, Term Two

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday! We hope you have a lovely day!


We began the morning with the rest of the school in the hall to listen to Jane Short, a guest speaker from the St Vincent De Paul Society.


A  group of children found some mini beasts amongst the logs this led to an interesting discussion about what they were and some scientific inquiry including questioning, hypothesising and reasoning.

Abel: What is a snail and what is a slug? I think the snail and slug looks the same but the snail has a shell
What is the difference?
Athian: Where is a slug’s house? I think snail and slug looks slow and the log is the slug’s house
Krish: I think both (slug and snail) of them are slow
Ivan: Why do slugs go under logs? Do slugs get scared?

What do they eat?
Yasmin leaves
Athian grass
Abel vegetables
Krish lettuce and grass


What is Money?

Mya: The coins

Abel: Money is something you can use to buy things

Jason: Money is what you can spend for food

Tanish: Money is important things to buy some stuff

Massa: Money you buy cans or a water bottle

Anthony: You can buy anything with the coins

Where do we use money?

Adhip: At the shops or at the supermarket

Grace: You can buy at the toy shop

Ivan: At the shops

Deeksha: I will buy from a craft and art shop

Kobe: You can use it at the canteen to buy something like a slushie, a cookie, a chocolate coconut ball

How do we get money?

Fatumata: You get money from people, you ask people if you want money and maybe they will give you it and you say thank you for the money

Krish: from the bank

Michael: We get it from the shops

Navya: We get money from the bank and from working

Gurshaan: We get money from doing work

What can you tell us about the money we use?

Ekmann: There’s a one dollar, it’s a circle shape and it’s gold

Micky: There’s a two dollar

Athian: There’s a 15 dollar

Navya: There are different kinds of money like a $1 and a $2 and there are some made out of plastics

Abel: There are 20c, there are 10c, 2c, 1c, there are mini coins and the coins have 2 different colours and the colours are silver and golden


On our second read today, we used our sharp eye to focus on the pictures and gain further meaning and understanding of the characters and how they are feeling. We did this by looking at the expressions on the character’s faces and looking at what they were doing.

We then reflected on the feeling of loneliness as Willy feels lonely at the beginning of the story.



The theme of our prayer today was kindness.

Fatumata: I will be kind because people are always sad and I can be kind and then will be happy. Amen.

Massa: Thank you for the whole world. I feel somebody better if somebody better and I’ll be their friend. Amen.

Celina: When people have no friends to play with, I will play with them. Amen.

Brooklynne: If you be nice to people then you get more friends. Amen.




We learnt about the letter W today. Together we sand songs about the letter, recognised the sound and explored words that started with W.






Fatumata: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop, doing reading with my friends and by myself

Kobe: My speck of gold was music and we did musical statues

Michael: My speck of gold was at Spanish I was playing a number puzzles

Porsha: My speck of gold was going to Music and we were listening to songs

Monday, 27th May, 2019 – Week 5, Term 2

Welcome to week five! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Our word of the day today is only. We had a go at putting the word into a sentence.

Deeksha: I got only one sister

Ivan: I only have one toy

Gurshaan: I only have one car

Anthony: I only have one thing

Kobe: I only have a thousand cats

Athian: I only have one fish



This week is National Reconciliation Week. The theme this year is Grounded in Truth: Walk Together in Courage. We watched a video about Reconciliation Week.

In light of National Reconciliation Week, we spoke about one of our Character Strengths, Courage. When we have courage, we have the strength to do something that we might not want to do. We watched a video from ‘Vegge Tales” The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything’.

How did the pirates show Bravery?

Adhip: One of the pirates killed the dragon

Athian: It was a robot dragon

Grace: He thinked a lot about his friends, more, just in case they got eaten.

Abel: One of the pirates was scared of the dragon and he waved his sword and the dragon eat him and his friends were scared but he was not frightened

Think about a time that you have been brave

Kobe: I was being brave because I was scared of heights and at Grevillea Park I went down on the high slide, and it was pretty fun but I’m still a little bit scared of heights

Deeksha: I went in the big pool and it was quite scary to jump in, it was 8 meters deep

Can you use your 100 languages to show a time when you showed Bravery/Courage?


With Reconciliation Week we chose to focus our prayer on ‘forgiveness’. We watching the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant and discussed Jesus’ message in this parable – to forgive each other, just as God forgives us. We then shared our own sorry and forgiveness prayers.

Celina: “I forgive my friends when we are rude and don’t play” Amen.

Grace: “I will help my friends when other people say ‘stop it’ and they say rude words to other friends and I will play with that person. Amen”.

Athian: “I forgive when I was playing with the cars. Amen”.

Fatumata: “I forgive when my friends be rude and I be sad and when my friends are sad I will say sorry for being rude to you and we can have time together at lunch and recess again. Amen”.

Porsha: “I will let anyone play with me and I will respect everyone in my game but when people take over I will say stop. Amen”.


We read our shared reading text ‘Willy and Hugh’ by Anthony Browne.

First, we predicted what might happen in the story.

Fatumata: I think the bad gorillas will come for the little gorillas.

Abel: Maybe the gorilla and the chimpanzee is friends.

Kobe: The gorilla might bump into the chimpanzee and then the gorilla might so ‘oh I’m sorry’ and they might be friends. I’m using sharp eye because I can see it on the cover.

Navya: That they’ll be friends and they’ll go to the playground together.

During ‘Come Read with Me’, some children read to their teacher – focusing on developing reading strategies, sight word knowledge and phonics.





Celina: My speck of gold is going and doing the singing.

Micky: My speck of gold is playing the snakes and ladders game.

Michael: My speck of gold is when I played the Lego and I battled Abel and Richard and Gurshaan.

Ekmann: My speck of gold is making an envelope.

Friday, 24th May, 2019 – Week 4, Term 2

Welcome to Friday! We hope you’ve had a fantastic week!


We joined the school in the hall for R1MP and R1NS assembly about saving the planet.


When we went back to class we reflected on the story of Thukeri, linking it to positive choices.

Michael: The two men found the fish, it was yummy, then when they lied there was lots of bones

Tanish: When they were cutting the fish the stranger turns up and they were greedy because they didn’t share the fish

Grace: They should’ve said “yes, you can have some fish”

Abel: The two men went fishing for the fish called Thukeri, and they should have shared the fish

Navya: We can learn to be kind from this story

Grace: We show respect to people

Porsha: Sharing is good

Fatumata: respect everyone and share


Michael: I share with people and everyone

Jason: I be kind by playing with them

Micky: I am friends with everyone

Navya: I respect my friends and be kind to everyone

Porsha: Help people when they are upset and make some new friends

Gurshaan: I will include everyone in my game

Deeksha: We should respecta nd be kind and share what you have

Abel: You can let someone in front of you in the line

Fatumata: You can be kind to your friends

Celina: When people say they have no one to play with i will play with them


We went to visit the






Deeksha: My speck of gold was making chatterboxes with Ekmann

Celina: My speck of gold was going to the assembly

Athian: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego, I built Bay Blades

Porsha: My speck of gold was mindfulness

Fatumata: My speck of gold was doing the “I wonder” reflection

Ekmann: My speck of gold was going to the playground

Michael: My speck of gold was playing Lego

Anthony: My speck of gold was playing with the tic-tac-toe

Massa: My speck of gold was playing Investigations

Micky: My speck of gold was playing snakes and ladders

Tanish: My speck of gold was on the rocks with Abel

Thursday 23rd May – week four term two


Why outdoor play and learning?

When teachers take learning outdoors they report some powerful impacts: Children’s behaviour improves, whole classes are excited to learn, and individuals who feel inhibited by the curriculum often thrive in an outdoor environment.

When adults think back to their own happiest memories of childhood, they frequently recall the joy of playing outdoors. Play is not only central to children’s enjoyment of childhood, but teaches critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

During outdoor classroom morning I….

  • Deeksha: I spent some time collecting flowers with Navya
  • Celina: I was playing with Massa on the swing
  • Athian: I was playing with Richard we were looking at ants, we saw a big king ant
  • Porsha: I saw a cocoon in the tree
  • Fatumata: I liked it on the swing with Bianca and we were swinging high
  • Yasmin: I was on the swing
  • Grace: today at the Grevillia park i was playing with Ebony, we were walking around hunting, we used sticks to feel the ground and see how hard it was
  • Kobe: At grevillia park i played with Jason, we climbed up trees, i am an expert at climbing
  • Micky: I was swinging on the swings
  • Navya: I as walking around in nature we were looking at different kinds of flowers and acorns


Some time to read with a friend, a teacher or on our own 🙂

Abel reflected on his reader and shared what he was reading about “they are trying to make a car…jack made a car and then he told Billy to make one but Billy said no. so jack took him to dad to get some boxes and make a car”



R1TD are off to PE and MUSIC!!



Random acts of Kindness prayers….

Sophia: Thank you to my friends for showing kindness they make me feel better Amen

Gurshaan: Thank you friends for giving me things i might need Amen

Fatumata: I like to respect my friends, teachers and family Amen

Celina: Dear God, thank you for giving me the whole school and my whole friends Amen

Scarlett: I show kindness i help my friend when they are sad or crying Amen

Massa: Dear God thank you for share kindness i help people who are sick, Amen



We practiced our writing. We wrote a recount ‘At lunch time I….’


Don’t forget it is casual day tomorrow – please bring in a can of food for freds van!

Also a reminder to return the mission day forms 🙂 Have a great night!!!


Tuesday, 21st May, 2019 – Week 4, Term 2


To begin the day we went out to fitness.


What 3D shapes do you know? What do you know that is that shape?

Krish: Cylinder

Kobe: a drink bottle

Ebony: a log

Lowell: a soda can

Gurshaan: a cube

Deeksha: an ice cube

Navya: a dice

Mya: a rubix cube

Scarlett: a cone

Jason: the top of a rocket

Sophia: an ice cream cone

Massa: a party hat

Athian: sphere

Yasmin: a basketball

Richard: soccer ball

Scarlett: the custodian’s head

Fatumata: I was making a 3D shape with the little blocks, I made a cone and a cylinder.

Yasmin: I found a log that looked like a cylinder

Deeksha: I was making 3D shapes out of paper I made a cylinder and a cone

Richard: I made a picture, I made a sword, a boat and a candle, I made them with the tangram blocks

Grace: I made a castle with lots and lots of cylinders

Mya: I was using the plasticine to make a sphere

Navya: I made a dice using paper, it was a cube

Massa: I was making a cylinder shape


Mya: Thank you god for all of my family and the whole world, Amen

Fatumata: Thank you God for my kind friends and my teachers and I love my family and teachers too, Amen

Navya: Dear God, thank you for everyone that helps me, Amen

Grace: Dear God, Thank you for my best friends, they help me a lot, Amen

Brooklynne: Thank you God for the whole world and my friends and for the people, Amen

Lowell: Dear God, thank you for all the beautiful things, Amen

Celina: Thanks God for giving me the whole school and my whole family, Amen



We explored the Z sound, we spoke about words that started with Z, sang songs, and engaged in investigations based around the letter Z sound.



Mya: In Investigations I was playing teachers, we got students and then we were learning about how to make slime

Fatumata: In Investigations I made a Mother’s Day card for Miss Canala and I wrote Happy Mother’s Day Miss Canala from Fatumata.

Athian: In Investigations I was playing Transformers with the magnets with Andrew and Lowell and Krish

Abel: In Investigations I was playing with Lego, I made a bridge


After lunch we had some time to share our books with each other and our teachers.



While Miss Canala’s class was at Music, R1TD had some time to work on their Writer’s Workshop.


Deeksha: My speck of gold was drawing with Ekmann

Celina: My speck of gold was playing with the shapes

Massa: My speck of gold was playing teachers with Celina

Mya: My speck of gold was playing aeroplanes with my friends

Micky: My speck was playing with Yasmin and Anthony on the puzzle peices

Krish: My speck of gold was making blades with the Lego

Dylan: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego

Anthony: My speck of gold was playing tic-tac-toe

Monday, 20th May, 2019 – Week Four, Term Two

Welcome to Monday, week four! What an exciting week ahead we’ve got!

Today our word of the day is was, we tried to put the word into a sentence.

Richard: was doing something

Mya: What was that?

Massa: What was that thing?

Abel: What was that thing you were holding yesterday?

Navya: I was playing with Richard

Sophia: I was learning new things

Scarlett:I was sharing with my friends

Kobe: I was hanging out with 20 kittens


We went to the playground to get our bodies moving and ready for learning.


Last term, we were visited by D’Arcy from Teaspoons of Change. Today we revisited this learning by speaking about how we will be working towards our teaspoons of change this year. We started by discussion Mission Week and one of the charities we support – Fred’s Van. We discussed our casual day this Friday whereby we can wear casual clothes in exchange for a donation of canned food. We talked about what the cans of food are used for.

Kobe: We’re going to donate cans of food

Deeksha: we are going to donate the cans to Fred’s Van so they can give it to the people that don’t have enough food

Sophia: When people go to the van when they get hungry they can eat a lot of food

Grace: And you can pick up rubbish too to help teaspoons of change

We used 100 languages to reflect on how we can help others by bringing in a can to donate to Fred’s Van on Friday.


Today for prayer we watched a video about taking care of our planet.

We spoke about ideas that the video gave us about looking after out environment.

Abel: I am going to clean everything like dirt and rubbish, putting things in the bin and the recycling and give things to people who might use it

Mya: When I’m eating something when I’m done eating I can put it in the right bin

Kobe: When people recycle different things they might grab a bin and tip it all out and put it in teh right bin

Deeksha: You can recycle paper and bottles, glass bottles that they can make to new things that people might use

Navya: We can plant trees and plants to make our world fresh


This week we are revisiting “Gorilla” by Anthony Browne. The reading strategies we are using today are Tommy Tracker (point to the words), Don’t Forget (using our memory, remembering family patterns of language and words) , and Sharp Eye (looking at the pictures).

After reading the text, we had lots of discussion about the pictures and how these can give us more clues about the characters and what is happening in the story.


After Shared Reading we ate our Brain Food and shared our library books during Come Read with Me.


R1GC went to Sports with Mr Pearce and Spanish with Signora Nunez.


Today we explored 3D shapes through song, inquiry and investigation.

We found some different shapes in the classroom that were a sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cube and cone.

We then participated in a range of investigations to explore and connect our new knowledge with previous understanding of 3D shape.


We explored a range of provocations during Investigations.

Jason and Kobe shared their learning by filming a video and explaining what they had created.


Abel: My speck of gold was playing with the Lego, making a big bridge

Tanish: My speck of gold was making a Bey Blade

Ebony: My speck of gold was making that ginormous house, there’s a zoo in the back yard


Friday 17th of May, week three term two


MINI LESSON: 3D shape song and hunt.

How do we know if something is a 3D shape?

Jason: a 3D shape has more sides

Kobe: A cube has 6 sides

Tanish: A cube is like lots of square all connected together

What are some 3D shapes that you know?

Grace: A cylinder

Abel: A cone, a top of a rocket is a cone

Fatumata: A sphere

Richard: A cube like a rubix cube

Massa: A cube is shaped like a dice


Mya: Today i used creativity learning power because i made a doctor

Gurshaan: In investigations i was playing with lego and i was using creativity

Krish: in investigations i was making bley bley and we were battling in the stadium and my learning power was belonging with my friends

Yasmin: In investigations i was drawing a love heart and a butterfly

Grace: in investigations i was playing with Ebony we were playing schools i think i was using belonging.

Ebony: in investigations i was using my earning powers to make people happy.

Michael: I used collaboration today because i helped Adhip to make a car.



WOW!! we were so confident to host our first assembly!! The children showed the whole school, staff and parents just what we can do – all with a theme of ‘mother’s’.

Check out some of the photos of our big debut!

Our reflections on our assembly...


R1TD went to the oval with our buddies to continue our inquiry on ‘forces’.

today we looked at how our bodies move and pushing/pulling… we used different shaped and sized balls aswell. here is what we found….

R1GC worked with their buddies in the classroom. The challenge was for the older buddies to teach their younger buddies something new.


Celina – my speck of gold was seeing our buddies

Yasmin – my speck of gold was playing with my buddies

Porsha – My speck of gold was being on the stage

Krish – My speck of gold was playing football with my buddy

Ekmann – my speck of gold was doing our assembly

Deeksha – my speck of gold was paying mums and dads with Ekmann


Thursday, 16th May, 2019 – Week Three, Term Two

Good morning and welcome to Thursday!


We went to the hall to practice our assembly. Our assembly is tomorrow at 11.20 in the hall. We hope to see you all there!


We spoke about some different strategies to help us with our reading. We then had the opportunity to explore and develop these strategies during Come Read with Me.



After recess R1TD went to Sports and Music.


Grace: When some is hurt I can help them feel better, Amen

Fatumata: I will respect everyone and be kind and be nice to everybody, Amen

Massa: I show kindness when I help people get better, Amen

Mya: When people get hurt I help them and I let everyone be my friend, Amen

Jason: When anyone gets hurt, I’ll help them, Amen

Kobe: I will show respect by being nice to everyone that’s sad or if they’re feeling sick and I’ll be nice any time, Amen

Ivan: I will respect everyone, Amen

Porsha: I’ll respect everyone by helping them, Amen

Sophia: I will show everyone kindness and I will help a friend to feel better, Amen

Brooklynne: When anyone is hurt I will help them and I will help people that are not hurt too, Amen


R1GC went to R1EQ and R1MS’s class to join them for Investigations.


After lunch, we came back to class and had some time for mindfulness relaxation.


We explored our learning through Investigations


Deeksha – my speck of gold was playing hide and seek with Yasmin

Celina – My speck of gold was playing on the playground

Michael – My speck of gold was playing with the connectors and building a bley bley

Porsha – My speck of gold was playing with Grace and making a puppet show and we were adding people to the stage

Micky – My speck of gold was playing tic tac toe

Athian – my speck of gold was playing with the lego