Tuesday 14th May 2019 – Week 3 Term 2

Happy Tuesday everyone! Please note that our assembly is this FRIDAY 17TH MAY AT 11:20AM. We would love to see you there!




We looked at the front cover and predicted what might happen in the story.

Krish: A book about gorillas.

Adhip: The girl she likes gorillas.

Massa: The girl likes doing gorilla things.

Mickey: They like to be [together].

Abel: It’s about big and small.

Celina: It’s about the city


We sang ‘We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands’ and then shared our special prayers.

Gurshaan: Thank you God for all of the mothers. Amen.

Deeksha: Thank you God for all the plants and flowers and I like to water them. Amen.

Navya: Dear God, thank you for the flowers and the rainforest. Amen.

Fatumata: Thank you for my teachers and friends and the people in our class. Amen

Abel: Thank you for God for the people. Amen

Dylan: Thank you for all the teachers. Amen

Sophia: Thanks for God for the whole world. Amen

Ameer: Dear God, thank you for my mum because I love my mum and she’s nice to me and she let me go to school so I can learn. Amen

Ekmann: Dear God, thank you for the lovely leaf on the trees. Amen


In our learning groups, we focused on developing our letter and sound knowledge.

Miss Canala – Initial letter J j

We sang songs, spoke about words that started with J and engaged in some provocations around the letter J.

Mrs Tropeano – Digraph er ir ur

Mrs Rodgers – 3 letter words



Today we continued to work on our writing our own books. Our teachers conferenced with children individually, coaching them to develop their writing and spelling skills, depending on their learning need.

Some conferencing included:

  • Adding punctuation to writing
  • Developing spelling strategies
  • Editing writing
  • Adding adjectives to writing


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