Friday 17th of May, week three term two


MINI LESSON: 3D shape song and hunt.

How do we know if something is a 3D shape?

Jason: a 3D shape has more sides

Kobe: A cube has 6 sides

Tanish: A cube is like lots of square all connected together

What are some 3D shapes that you know?

Grace: A cylinder

Abel: A cone, a top of a rocket is a cone

Fatumata: A sphere

Richard: A cube like a rubix cube

Massa: A cube is shaped like a dice


Mya: Today i used creativity learning power because i made a doctor

Gurshaan: In investigations i was playing with lego and i was using creativity

Krish: in investigations i was making bley bley and we were battling in the stadium and my learning power was belonging with my friends

Yasmin: In investigations i was drawing a love heart and a butterfly

Grace: in investigations i was playing with Ebony we were playing schools i think i was using belonging.

Ebony: in investigations i was using my earning powers to make people happy.

Michael: I used collaboration today because i helped Adhip to make a car.



WOW!! we were so confident to host our first assembly!! The children showed the whole school, staff and parents just what we can do – all with a theme of ‘mother’s’.

Check out some of the photos of our big debut!

Our reflections on our assembly...


R1TD went to the oval with our buddies to continue our inquiry on ‘forces’.

today we looked at how our bodies move and pushing/pulling… we used different shaped and sized balls aswell. here is what we found….

R1GC worked with their buddies in the classroom. The challenge was for the older buddies to teach their younger buddies something new.


Celina – my speck of gold was seeing our buddies

Yasmin – my speck of gold was playing with my buddies

Porsha – My speck of gold was being on the stage

Krish – My speck of gold was playing football with my buddy

Ekmann – my speck of gold was doing our assembly

Deeksha – my speck of gold was paying mums and dads with Ekmann


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