Wednesday 31st July, Week 2 term 3

Welcome to Wednesday!!



Today we had a group of children work together to make some playdough. They took turns measuring how much flour, water and salt was needed. After they used their imagination to play with it – we saw cookies, jewellery, balls, pancakes and more!!!

Ivy “i mixed the flour and the salt..then we put in water. I am making a donuts with the playdough”

Massa “i am making a dog” Abel “i am making a chicken”

Korbon was making ‘forky’ inspired from the toy story movie… he had some great ideas “i need arms, eyes and legs…i think i might paint on legs”

Celina and Yamin were enjoying the craft table “we are using collaboration working together to make something, maybe its a letterbox”


We practiced singing some prayer songs together.


Ekkman: Dear God, thank you for the people at school Amen

Abel: Dear God thank you for Jesus Amen

Micky: Dear God thank you for the zoo Amen

Fatumata: Dear God thank you for my family Amen

Braiden: Grateful for Lego Amen



We read the story ‘Goldilocks and the three bear’s role modelling fluency and expression. This is our shared reading book we are looking at all week.


We looked at Goldilocks and the three bears and discussed sizing!! Big, Medium and small – how do we know? how do we measure? We listened to a learning story about measuring…

What were the characters in the book using to measure how much they loved each other?

Yasmin: They were showing how much they loved each other

We then came back as a group to discuss our findings.

Richard  – you have to put your hands in the right place otherwise it wont be right

Deeksha – hands are different sizes so it changes it



Abel’s very hungry caterpillar book, inspired by our shared reading text. excellent retelling, sentence structure, comprehension and spelling phonetically – love your pictures aswell! well done Abel you have worked so hard on this book.

Dylan “my book is about super boats, one is rare, one is original…they are racing to the finish line. this race is super special. i wonder who is going to be the winner”

Anthony “mine is about a police boat”



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