Wednesday 7th August – week 3 term 3


three little pigs based measurement. We used unfix cubes to measure different things in the classroom, some things that matched the story like sticks, logs, the pigs etc. Fatuamata showed the class how she measured the pen using the unfix cubes “the pen is 8 unfix cubes long”.

We then had a go ourselves and recorded in our learning journals.

Andrew “two pencils were 17 unfix long but one pencil was just 9 unfix cubes”

Tanish and Kevin worked together to measure the leg of a table… “it is 33 unfix long”

Navya and Grace worked together to measure the whole length of the cupboard.



We shared some Prayer songs together for prayer.

Our prayers today we about be thankful for our favorite season:

  • Massa: I am thankful for all the sun
  • Ekmann: Dear God thank you for the summer because i get to wear shorts Amen
  • Abel Dear God thank you for the snow because it is so fun to play with Amen
  • Krish: Dear God thank you for the snow i like it because it is white Amen
  • Gurshaan: Dear God thank you for summer because i like to go to the beach Amen



sequencing of the story “The three little pigs”.

Miss Pitt asked “when the big bad wolf ran away was that first?”

Scarlett – no that’s at the end

Richard: first the little pig built a house of straws

Navya: then a house of sticks

Celina: goes to the brick house

Abel: but he blows the sticks house down first then bricks

Brooklyn: Then he huffs and puffs but he cant blow the house down

Krish: he tried to come down the chimney but the pigs had a fire and it burnt his tail

Ekmann: last he runs away

the children then recorded in sequence the story of the three little pigs.


Playdough – at the playdough table some spices were added. straight away the children begun to smell them.

Grace “oh i like this one it smells like yummy food, or mint?”

Lina “they smell like flowers”

Porsha “it could be like a cake i think”

Porsha and Grace used the playdough and spices to create cookies and cakes. Lina used the shapes of the spices to create a happy face.

Boxed construction was a busy area today. Dylan and Gurshaan were very focused creating a turtle together.

Dylan “it is going to need a back…a shell..on top to protect himself and have a house. The mouth can open like this, i think the turtle will eat some shrimp and coral”.

Gurshaan then estimated the sizing of the shell to the rest of the body and analyzed “no i think its too big, i will cut it a bit smaller to fit”


Kobe was showing leadership skills today in the block area. he had a big interest with the dinosaurs and suggested making ‘Jurassic park’, he then made a sign. Carmello said “i am making the lab, its a place where they can make the dinosaurs”. Carmello chose a range of different blocks to create his lab. “there are even extinct snakes, like flying snakes”

Tanish added “Me and Micky are making the cage for the big dinosaurs like the brontosaurs”

Kobe “we will need lots of big trees, i think at the entrance it will look good…a ladder for the trainer to get down”



Yasmin and Celina are making books called ‘Emma’, inspired by the Wiggles.

Yasmin “Emma will do dancing, she will just do lots of dancing”

Celina “she will get dressed, sing and dance”

Could there be a problem?

Celina “Yeah! Emma wanted help to dance from her friend but her friend just wont help her so Emma gets sad!”

The girls were demonstrating planning to write a narrative text. They were also writing initial sounds and putting detail into their pictures! Fantastic girls I cant wait to see the rest of the book!


We shared a book called ‘Joey and Riley”

What goes on a front cover?

Scarlett – A title, what the books called

Abel – A author person who write the book, and the picture

What could this book be about?

Celina – a dog and girl playing

Gurshaan – a dog playing chase

Richard – a dog and a boy being friends and playing lots of games.

we then had a discussion about the book and borrowed our readers.


micky – doing writers workshop

Yasmin – writing my own book

Ekkman – was going up a level for reading

Anthony – doing tic tac toe

Lina – playing on the playground

Fatumata – doing my gymnastic tricks

Ebony – playing with Grace


Thanks for a great day we will see you all tomorrow 🙂

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