Wednesday 14th August – week 4 term 3


Abel – made a ruler, it had 30

Scarlett – we measure things

Massa then chose a box to measure using the ruler the class made.

How many cm is the ruler? Where does the box stop?

Massa – its 13

Tanish then got the class phone to measure, he used unfix cubes as a unit of measure

Tanish – it is 11 unfix cubes long

Jason then chose a paper tray to measure using the class ruler.

Jason – its is about 14cm long

we then measured different things in our classroom and used rulers or unfix cubes to measure.



Fatumata – Dear Go thank you for my family because we celebrate together

Lowell – Dear God thank you for my family because they look after me Amen

Micky – Dear God thank you for Animals Amen

Celina – Thank you God for my mum because she looks after me and gives me hugs Amen

Porsha – Dear God thank you for family because they cook food for me Amen

Massa – Thank you for family because they celebrate Easter Amen

Gurshaan – Thank you God for my family because they care for me Amen


We read our shared reading text – Peter Pan and had a mini lesson on phonics.

Mini lesson – phonics the letter S

Can you hear the S sound?

What are words that start with S?

We then recorded some…



We used the lemons that we had in our classroom to make a delicious lemon cake. We looked up a recipe and together followed the method on the screen. The children were great helpers to read and follow along.

We all got a taste test after – yummy!!

Celina – we had to mix it

Krish – we put milk and eggs

Yasmin – we put flour

Scarlett – mum doesn’t always use a recipe

Abel – we squeezed the lemon

Lina – put in the oven

Scarlett – it tasted like lemon

Lina – it tasted like apple juice

The children then wrote about the lemon cake, practicing their writing.



Today we did some Yoga for Mindfulness 🙂



we read Goat on a boat and then shared what our friends have taught us in reflection to this story….

Lina – My friend teach me how to read a book

Tanish – My friend Richard teach me how to play soccer

Celina – My friend Charlie teach me how to be safe

Abel – My friend me how to use a laptop

Athian – My sister teach me how to read and write

Krish – My teach me how to write

Andrew – My friend Richard taught me how to run faster

Dylan – My friend teach me how to count the numbers


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