Thursday, 26th September, 2019 – Week Ten, Term Three



Richard showed us how to count by 10’s to 100

Kobe showed us how to count by 5’s to 100

Deeksha showed us how top count by 2’s to 20

Navya: We can learn about numbers so we know the date and stuff

Ekmann: You see numbers in the time

Richard: We see numbers on letter boxes and cars

Challenge time: Can you show us what you know about numbers?


Ivy: Thank you for my friends, Amen

Deeksha: Thank you for all the students in the class and all my friends, Amen

Micky: Thank you God for the animals, Amen

Kobe: Dear God, Thank you for all the animals and trees so we can breathe,. Amen

Kevin: Dear God, Thank you for my friends, Amen

Christina: Dear God, Thank you for everybody in the class and the teachers, Amen

Lowell: Dear God, Thank you for the whole school, Amen

Sophia: Thank you God for my lovely friends, Amen



While R1TD were at sports and Music, R1GC worked on their Writer’s Workshop.


R1TD went to Sports and Music.




Micky: My speck of gold was playing on the laptop

Massa: My speck of gold was being part of the team

Sophia: My speck of gold was playing Lego with my friends

Celina: My speck of gold was doing camping with Ebony

Porsha: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop

Ebony: My speck of gold was playing with my friends and playing a game of a wedding with my new friend Raavi

Wednesday 25th of September, week 10 term 3


The children were engaged with a range of play based learning this morning involving bee inquiry, book making, crafts, blocks, lego, group games and origami!


We went onto the playground to practice our balance, climbing and get our heart rates moving!!!


Grace – in the story he finally decided to share the money

Sophia – when he came down to Jesus, he ran to his house

Porsha – Zecchuas climbed up the tree he was spying on Jesus

Michael – he didn’t see him as bad, Jesus still talked to him and be his friends

Abel – Zecchuas gave money back that he took from people

Lowell – dear God, thank you for the zoo Amen

Celina – Dear God thank you for Grace because she is a good friend Amen



Following on from Abel and Raavi’s interest of bees and Honey we decided to do a whole class inquiry…

Abel introduced the lesson –

“Bees take pollen from some flowers, they take nectar, then take it to the hive to turn it into honey in the beehive… they take the orange things off of the flower…the pollen…they take more pollen and put it onto other flowers with no pollen”

Navya – the bees have to vomit the pollen out and into another bees mouth

Abel – bees go different directions to the sun and move differently to talk to each other

Tanish – their body points at the flowers

Richard – they have to help each other, teamwork, they get it from flower, like a sunflower

Deeksha – they flapped their wings to make the honey thicker

Massa – they needed 80 bees to make  honey in team work


The biggest number i know is….

Williams – 1,000

Yasmin – 1 billion

Ekman – one trillion

Athian – 100

Kevin – 1 billion

Krish – 100 billion

Kobe – 99, trillion

Probability – Won’t happen and Will happen

Will happen

Deeksha – brain food

Ivan – see the sun

Fatumata – eat lunch

Abel – investigations

Kobe – library

Won’t happen

Porsha – snow

Mya – the easter bunny won’t visit

Tanish – animals come running through the door

Lowell – a bomb go off at school

Ebony – santa won’t visit us




we have new books that we borrowed – we cant wait to share them with you tonight!

Teachers used this time for some 1.1 guided reading with students!

The shared reading book focus was looking at visual literacy.


Continued with our book making. Mini lesson – BLURBS

Tanish recorded a blurb on the back of his book and shared this with a group of students, we then looked at the back of other books and noticed the blurbs!


Deeksha: My speck of gold was playing hide and seek

Porsha: My speck of Gold was learning about the bees

Celina: Going to the library and reading with my teacher

Kobe; My speck of gold was borrowing books in the library

Massa: My speck of gold was playing at the playground.

Tuesday 24th September, Week 10

Welcome to Tuesday week 10

We started the day with fitness on the playground


In numeracy we discussed everyday situations that will happen or won’t happen. We then played a game where we had a sign saying “Won’t happen” on one side of the classroom and another saying “will happen” and we had to go to the sign we agree with. For example,  will it snow today? Will Easter Bunny visit us today?



Writer’s Workshop

Some of us wrote stories based on our shared reading text “I went walking”


R/1TCD: Literacy/phonics games and brainstorming f and fl words



Monday, 23rd September, 2019 – Week Ten, Term Three

Welcome to Week Ten! We hope you have a lovely final week of Term Three!

This week our letter of the week is F.

What words do you know that start with F?

Fatumata: Fun and funny

Athian: Fish

Krish: Fight

Ivan: Fire

Jason: Floor and fish

Navya: Fatumata


We explored our interests during Investigations.


Porsha: Dear God, Thank you for my beautiful teachers, Amen

Ekmann: Dear God, Thank you for the team, Amen

Sophia: Thank you God for my lovely friends and teachers, Amen

Fatumata: Dear God, thank you for my family, Amen


We read our books with our teachers and friends.




Today for mindfulness we listened to Mrs Finos read The Very Itchy Bear by Nick Bland.

While she was reading we did some mindfulness drawings of what the pictures in the story might look like.



We ended the day by reflecting on our literacy learning so far this semester.

Friday, 20th September, 2019 – Week Nine, Term Three


We enjoyed an assembly by 2JW and 5/6HM.


After assembly we went for some fitness on the playground.


Deeksha: Thank you for my mum because she cooks for me when I need food, Amen

Williams: Thank you for my dad taking me to the shops, Amen

Raavi: Thank you God for the flowers, Amen

Sophia: Thank you God for everyone that is nice to me, Amen

Yasmin: Dear God, Thank you for my friend Raavi, Amen

Shylah: Thank you for my brother, Amen


We spoke some more about Bucket Filling.

I am a Bucket Filler when…

Jason: I help someone that is hurt

Fatumata: I help my class and other peopole I dont know and the teachers

Navya: Someone is alone and I ask them to play with me

Deeksha: I include other people in games’

Tanish: I am kind

Porsha: Someone’s sick and I be kind to them

Lowell: help everyone with everything

Celina: I play with people


When we finished our reflections we continued our Writer’s Workshop.




Ekmann: Muy speck of gold was doing prayer

Deeksha: My speck of gold was playing hide and seek with Ekmann and Ravleen

Lina: my speck of gold was Micky and Lowell playing with me all day

Celina: My speck of gold was going to assembly

Williams: My speck of gold was playiong at the playground

Massa: My speck of gold was filling the bucket

Anthony: My speck of gold was playing in the sandpit

Thursday, 19th September, 2019 – Week Nine, Term Three


We began our day by continuing our learning in Investigations. We explored by making castles, learning about bees and honey, exploring spring, our emotions and belonging. We worked as a team and showed our learning powers and character strengths while learning.


We watched a version of the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, we compared what was similar and different from the book we read earlier this week…

What was different in the stories?

Fatumata: The man did a green bean but it was a red one

Abel: Jack’s mother with the axe was going to cut the stalk down but in the other story Jack cut it down

Sophia: There was a different type of cow

What was the same in the stories?

Lowell: The giant fell down the beanstalk

Porsha: It was a boy giant in both

Navya: The bean stalk was the same

Sophia: The castle was the same


Navya: Dear God, Tahnk you for my family because theyre always nice to me

Deeksha: I’m grateful for my dad because he makes breakfast for me

Gurahaan: Thank you God for my mum because she packs up my lunchbox

Ivy: Thank you for Yasmin and Raavi

Ekmann: Dear God, Thank you for my mum because she always cooks food for me

Celina: Dear God, Thank you for Yasmin, Ivy and Ebony because they’re my best friends and they always look after me, Amen




While R1TD were at Sports and Music, R1GC went to fitness.

When we returned to class we watched a video story about Bucket Filling.

We spoke about what it felt like to have a full bucket and what it felt like to have an empty bucket.

What can you do to fill someones bucket?

Once we had finished reflecti



We spoke about our birthdays and what we do on our birthdays.

What do you do on your birthday?

Sophia: You need some decorations

Krish: We go somewhere and celebrate it in another country

Deeksha: On my birthday when I was 7 I put some decorations up and invited my friends so we could have some cake

Tanish: I put a birthday song on my laptop

Anthony: I was sitting at the couch

Abel: On my birthday, I make a barbeque

Mya: On my birthday I get a cake

Lowell: On my birthday I had some balloons

Navya: On my birthday I hang out with my family

We reflected about our birthdays. Some of us wrote about how old we are and when our birthdays are…


Celina: My speck of gold was playing with Yasmin

Lowell: My speck of gold was going to the playground


Wednesday 18th September, week 9 term 3


A range of play based learning was set up in an engaging way for the children to freely explore this morning. The provocations linked to student interests, conversations and the Australian Curriculum.



our mascot – Tamoo and how do we show belonging?!!

Bees and Honey

Jason – they make honey in a beehive…lots of bees need to do it they get flowers to make the honey inside a beehive.

It tasted very sweet…like maple syrup but sweeter.

Kobe – bees make the honey by getting blossoms from flowers and turn it into honey…they are honeybees and make honey for people.

Gurshaan – the honey was sweet, so sweet, I liked it. I think the bees go to bee plants and get honey from the plant to make honey. I think they put it inside the beehive

Abel – its so sweet!! I like it. I think if you ar sick put some honey and lemon in a cup, this will make you not sick.

Kobe – yes honey and lemon tea can actually help you to fall asleep, I tried and fell asleep in one minute.

Abel – bees have stings! To protect their beehive and protect their honey. They take some nectar from the flowers, I saw nectar for real. Inside the flower is tiny orange parts that breaks into flour, this is nectar. They use this and turn it into the honey in a beehive.


Strawberries/foods from plants

Michael – the green part is abit sour

Richard – this one is sweet and juicy I think because it’s a nice red one

Krish – I like the strawberries

Andrew – its so healthy!

Michael – there are so many seeds, the seeds are actuall on the outside

Krish – see look at the very small seeds

Michael – I think flowers grow the strawberries

Krish – like sunflowers

Michael – see these leaves here, the green part…well the strawberry grows from there. Its green first then it ripes to red

Richard – ripe and red then you eat!! Yum!!

Feelings/photo booth

The children explored photobooth with different ’emotions’

Spring paintings/blossoms

Raavi – i like to see all the pink and purple flowers in spring

Yasmin – on the trees out there, outside, now its changed to pink and white flowers. its changed because its nearly on summer

Navya – its spring! flowers bloom in Spring! Sunflowers grow!

Can you build a castle?




We sung a ‘i am special song’ and ‘this little light of mine’
Porsha – Dear God thank you for my teacher Miss Canala Amen

Gurshaan- Thank you for my sister because she helps me to play on her laptop Amen

Athian – Thank you God for my sister because she helps me to learn Amen

Lina – Dear God thank you for my mum Amen

Williams – Thank you God for everyone being a good team Amen

‘Massa: Dear God thank you for my family Amen



We read the book ‘rudie nudie’ by Emma Quay and spoke about how we are all made in the image of God and discussed boys and girls.

This was then recorded by each child.


Go our heart rates up and our bodies moving!! Keeping fit is good for our minds, health, wellbeing and bodies 🙂


We wrote and/or drew a reflection about ‘In the morning I… In the night I….’



We read the story Dumazi and the big yellow Lion written by Valanga Khoza.

The children then chose new readers and story books to share with you tonight! Please remember to bring these into school each day so we can also read with your child.


We continued our books today…


Today my speck of Gold was….

Lowell: My speck of gold was playing at the playground

Athian: My speck of gold was being a good team

Navya: My speck of gold was doping Writer’s Workshop

Massa: My speck of gold was being a team

Porsha: My speck of gold was being a bucket filler

Ekmann: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop with Ravleen

Deeksha: My speck opf gold was going to the library


Thank you for a fun day, see you in the morning 🙂

Tuesday Week 9, Term 3

Tuesday 17th September

Today we had a busy but fun day with lots of learning! We started the morning by singing a song about our letter of the week “s” and counting how many “s” words we could hear and see in the song. We then followed singing with fitness on the playground.


After fitness we completed some numeracy work on time. We discussed and reflected on what types of activities we do on Tuesdays.


Writer’s Workshop

R/1GC: Music

R/TD: Literacy games based on letter sounds and sight word. Some of the activities included making sight words out of play dough, making the alphabet puzzle, using the dictionary to write “s” words on whiteboards and sight words bingo


After mindfulness we worked with our peers to complete activities such as planting sunflower seeds (to match our theme of Spring and the letter of the week), looking through books to investigate clothes appropriate for Spring, creating with lego and making figurines from our shared reading text “Jack and the Beanstalk”. At the end of the day we continued our Spring theme and letter of the week by sharing strawberries.