Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019 – Week Seven, Term Three


This morning we stayed in the classroom and did some fitness that got our heart rates up.

After we sat on the mat and felt out hearts beating faster.

Why is fitness good?

Shylah: If you feel your heart beat you go to the doctors and then they check your heart beat

Kobe: It keeps you healthy

Mya: Good fitness and when you eat healthy you get a lot of energy


We watched the story of when Jesus visited Martha and Mary.

How did the characters show belonging?

Tanish: Jesus was helping Martha when she said can you help me and he said “don’t be upset”

Navya: When Mary was listening to Jesus she was showing belonging

Scarlett: Martha got angry at Mary because she was doing nothing then Jesus came and she was listening to Jesus

Porsha: They show belonging because Mary was listening to Jesus and Martha was busy cooking dinner and she got cross about it

How could Martha show belonging?

Shylah: She told Jesus instead of getting angry

Navya: She could have asked Mary if she could help her

Scarlett: Mary could ask the girl or Jesus

Can you use your 100 languages of learning to show how you show belonging?

How do you show belonging?

Grace: I show my belonging because I help my friends and be kind and generous

Porsha: I show belonging when I’m helping someone if they don’t have anyone to play with

Sophia: I show my belonging when I’m helping my friends

Lowell: I do nice stuff for other people

Ekmann: I listen to the teachers and to my friends

Brooklynne: I do sharing

Abel: I share things with someone else

Fatumata: When somebody is sad I can go and help them



We worked on our stories during Writer’s Workshop.





Porsha: My speck of gold was playing at recess because we were sharing and being nice together

Navya: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop

Fatumata: My speck of gold was in Investigations Me, Grace and Porsha were playing a game

Ekmann: My speck of gold was going to the canteen at lunch. I bought an ice block.

Athian: My speck of gold was playing on the oval with Richard

Lowell: My speck of gold was going to Ivans base

Celina: My speck of gold was playing with Yasmin and Deeksha outside


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