Wednesday 4th September, week 7 term 3


We sung a ‘morning routine song and had a chat about our daily routines….

In the morning

Abel – i brush my teeth

Williams – wash my face

Grace –  gets dressed straight away

Richard – i do some exercise

At school I….

Shyla – I play, investigations at school

Tanish – I learn

Lowell – do fitness

Gurshaan – I listen to the teachers

In the evening I…

Michael – brush my teeth

Sophia – play with my toys

Scarlett – Swimming

Kobe – make dinner

Mya – have a shower

Then we recorded our daily routines.


We practiced singing our prayer song ‘come together and ‘this little light of mine’

Our prayers….

  • Celina: Dear God thank you for my friends Amen
  • Massa: Dear God thank you for the flowers Amen
  • Lina: Dear God thank you for my sister to help me Amen
  • Athian: Dear God thank you for the whole world Amen
  • Krish: Dear God thank you or the animals Amen
  • Lowell: Dear God for my friends Amen



Miss Canala read the story role modelling fluency and expression.

When Hansel and Gretel arrived at the house – what should they have done

Grace – knocked on the door to ask lady if they could have some

what about the evil stepmother?

Lowell – she could have been nice

Fatumata – buy more food

Navya – picked some berries in the forest to eat together




During investigations the learning power i used was….

  • Dylan: i used collaboration when i make a dinosaur tail with Gurshaan.
  • Ivy: I used creativity when i made a show bag
  • Krish: i used belonging with my friends
  • Athian: I used creativity when i make things


Today we were lucky enough to have a special presentation about living safe with pets. we even got to meet and pat a friendly dog called Darcy.

The children practiced what to do when approaching their own pets or pets on the street. Ask them about what they should do?!

They even got some stickers and some further information to take home.

*please note that due to this presentation our library time has been changed to tomorrow.


Raavi: my speck of gold was seeing the pets

Scarlett: was making the show bags

Lina: play with my friends

Micky: playing snakes and ladders


Thank you for a fantastic day everyone we will see you in the morning 🙂

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