Tuesday 10th September

Tuesday week 8

Numeracy and fitness:

This morning we started doing numeracy by looking at time. We combined this learning with fitness by using sand timers to find out how many activities we could do before the sand timer stopped. Some of the activities included running, hopping, push ups and star jumps.

When we returned from fitness we further explored how long one minute is. We discovered an activity such as tieing your shoe lace takes one minute whilst driving to school takes long. We also estimated how many hops we could do in 1 minute. We then recorded our discoveries

What can you do in one minute?

Lina: read a book

Navya: write a sentence

Grace: You can read a short magazine


How many hops do you think you can do int 1 minute?

Andrew: 100

Porsha: 60

Ebony: 30

Ivan 99

Abel: 1 trillion


How many hops did you do in 1 minute?

Massa: 105

Lowell: 63

Gurshaan: 68

Korbyn: 50

Athian: 61

Raavi: 100

Williams: 119


Navya: Dear God, Thank you for my family, Amen

Grace: Dear God, Thank you for the beautiful songs and Rhee-Jay

Deeksha: Thank you for the environment, Amen

Ekmann: Thank you for the school so we can learn, Amen

Christina: Dear God, Thank you for everybody in the team, Amen

Raavi: Dear God, Thank you for the flowers, Amen

Celina: Dear God, Thank you for the flowers and the trees, Amen

Shylah: Thank you for the kangaroos when I went to see them and the koalas and joeys and ducks and the emus, Amen

Athian: Thank you for my family, Amen



As many of us were very enthusiastic to share events from our weekend we decided to do some writing about “On the weekend…”.














R/1GC: Music and R/1TD: Writers Workshop



Our investigations today involved activities such as building the Royal Adelaide Show out of blocks, dinosaur lands, lego and lantern making. At the end of the day we also shared our yummy, healthy treats that we made yesterday “Banana bites”

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