Wednesday 11th September, week 8 term 3

Good morning everyone. We started the day off by greeting each other and singing some nursery rhymes.



We looked at an analogue clock.

what do we see?

Abel – the big hand means o’clock

Fatumata – a small hand

Scarlett – numbers

Deeksha – numbers from 1-12

We then worked together as a team to tell the time using analogue clock (focused on o’clock times)

There was then a range of play based, hands on learning for the children to explore their thinking around time and share their ideas with each other.

After our time play we discussed our learning…

Porsha – I was making a clock out of paper and I was making sure I put a little hand and a big hand

Grace – I made a clock out of paper too, I needed put times from 1-12. I put a moon and a sun so you know if morning or night.

Gurshaan – I made a standing clock

Ekmann – I drew clocks and looking at books about time. I noticed the different times.

Tanish – I was using the timers to see how many exercises I could do.

Sophia – I was making a clock and I made it a kitty one. I put numbers like 1 and 10 and 12.


Whats the time Mr Wolf Fitness!! This was a fun and easy way to get our heart rates up, laugh and practice our time learning!!




We listened to the story and song about why we are all unique and special!

I am special because…

Navya: I am confident

Deeksha: I am good at reading

Porsha: i like my hair and have nice hair

Massa: i am a happy person

Richard: I am special because I help people

Ekmann: I am special because I can write

Fatumata: I am special because do gymnastics

we then recorded why we think we are special.


The children were also loving having access to the outdoor space and the sandpit in this lovely sunshine today. We saw children making bubble mixtures, blowing bubbles, making a beach, digging for dinosaur bones plus lots more!!




Rainbow breathing and a time to be calm listening to restful music.



We read the book “I wonder why?” by Loris Rock and Christopher Corr

We are all so curious in our class, just like in the story, so we reflected on things that we also wonder about.

I wonder….

Deeksha: where does the wind go and come from?

Celina: about flowers…how do they grow?

Lina: why does the sun come up?

Tanish: how is the paper made?

Deeksha then reminded her friends that when you have a question you need to add a question mark at the end of it. we looked at question marks and practiced writing them!



We listened to a story and then borrowed our new readers and library book.



Today my speck of gold was….

Porsha: Was patting miss unicorn

Hartley: playing on the playground

Williams: finding a little rock

Korbyn: playing outside

Christina: being in a good team together

Yasmin: going to the library

Thank you for a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine and we will see you all tomorrow 🙂


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