Wednesday 18th September, week 9 term 3


A range of play based learning was set up in an engaging way for the children to freely explore this morning. The provocations linked to student interests, conversations and the Australian Curriculum.



our mascot – Tamoo and how do we show belonging?!!

Bees and Honey

Jason – they make honey in a beehive…lots of bees need to do it they get flowers to make the honey inside a beehive.

It tasted very sweet…like maple syrup but sweeter.

Kobe – bees make the honey by getting blossoms from flowers and turn it into honey…they are honeybees and make honey for people.

Gurshaan – the honey was sweet, so sweet, I liked it. I think the bees go to bee plants and get honey from the plant to make honey. I think they put it inside the beehive

Abel – its so sweet!! I like it. I think if you ar sick put some honey and lemon in a cup, this will make you not sick.

Kobe – yes honey and lemon tea can actually help you to fall asleep, I tried and fell asleep in one minute.

Abel – bees have stings! To protect their beehive and protect their honey. They take some nectar from the flowers, I saw nectar for real. Inside the flower is tiny orange parts that breaks into flour, this is nectar. They use this and turn it into the honey in a beehive.


Strawberries/foods from plants

Michael – the green part is abit sour

Richard – this one is sweet and juicy I think because it’s a nice red one

Krish – I like the strawberries

Andrew – its so healthy!

Michael – there are so many seeds, the seeds are actuall on the outside

Krish – see look at the very small seeds

Michael – I think flowers grow the strawberries

Krish – like sunflowers

Michael – see these leaves here, the green part…well the strawberry grows from there. Its green first then it ripes to red

Richard – ripe and red then you eat!! Yum!!

Feelings/photo booth

The children explored photobooth with different ’emotions’

Spring paintings/blossoms

Raavi – i like to see all the pink and purple flowers in spring

Yasmin – on the trees out there, outside, now its changed to pink and white flowers. its changed because its nearly on summer

Navya – its spring! flowers bloom in Spring! Sunflowers grow!

Can you build a castle?




We sung a ‘i am special song’ and ‘this little light of mine’
Porsha – Dear God thank you for my teacher Miss Canala Amen

Gurshaan- Thank you for my sister because she helps me to play on her laptop Amen

Athian – Thank you God for my sister because she helps me to learn Amen

Lina – Dear God thank you for my mum Amen

Williams – Thank you God for everyone being a good team Amen

‘Massa: Dear God thank you for my family Amen



We read the book ‘rudie nudie’ by Emma Quay and spoke about how we are all made in the image of God and discussed boys and girls.

This was then recorded by each child.


Go our heart rates up and our bodies moving!! Keeping fit is good for our minds, health, wellbeing and bodies 🙂


We wrote and/or drew a reflection about ‘In the morning I… In the night I….’



We read the story Dumazi and the big yellow Lion written by Valanga Khoza.

The children then chose new readers and story books to share with you tonight! Please remember to bring these into school each day so we can also read with your child.


We continued our books today…


Today my speck of Gold was….

Lowell: My speck of gold was playing at the playground

Athian: My speck of gold was being a good team

Navya: My speck of gold was doping Writer’s Workshop

Massa: My speck of gold was being a team

Porsha: My speck of gold was being a bucket filler

Ekmann: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop with Ravleen

Deeksha: My speck opf gold was going to the library


Thank you for a fun day, see you in the morning 🙂

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