What is Halloween?

Dylan – i celebrate. you wear a costume and go trick treating

Celina – trick or treating go to peoples houses

Abel – you ask people trick or treat

Athian – they give you candy

Richard – its a scary day and get candy’s try scare people

Gurshaan – they think because scary things might come so its like a way to stop scary things coming on this day

Andrew – on Halloween wear scary costumes



Inspired by Halloween we did some data collection about our favorite treats!

Scarlett- the most was skittles

Abel – yes skittles was the most, there was 12 people

Adhip – milkway was not popular, zero people

Dylan – skittles had 6 people on mine

yasmin – only 4 people liked the kit kats

Athian – 14 liked kit kat

Andrew – 11 people liked the kit kats it was the highest

Kevin – o liked the gummy snakes

Deeksha – the lollipops were not popular they were zero

Tanish – the skittles were the most they were 12




Today we spent alot of time with our buddies in preparation for our assembly – it is this FRIDAY 1ST NOVEMBER 9am in the hall. We hope you can make it 🙂


Mini lesson – sentence starters.

Krish said “i think ill make a book called the three little pigs today”

Michael was focusing on his lion book and writing amazing sentences. he was thinking about a problem that could happen in his story.

Gurshaan is beginning a new book called ‘the life of prison!’



We read the book – A home for Luna by Stef Gemmill

We then borrowed new readers and stories to share at home with you all.



We spent some time reading with a friend, on our own or with a teacher!! We practiced our fluency and expression.


Information Texts

Today during Literacy we had a chance to write an information text about an animal we like. We began by drawing our animals and labeling their features. We focussed on listening to the sounds in words to help us write them. After we had labelled the animals we wrote some sentences describing the animal. When writing sentences we used a range of descriptive words to describe what our animals look liked, sound like and move like.

Learning Through Play

Why do we learn through play?

Learning through play is fun, messy, experiential and authentic! We love Investigation time because it gives us an opportunity to express ourselves and learn in a way that we enjoy and that has meaning to us. Through play we develop our social and emotional well being. We think critically and creatively and we develop our understanding of the world around us.

Sports day!!!

We had such a fun day at sports day today. Excellent teamwork all. Well done to TRAVERS

for winning the sports day overall!

Celina – the running race was fun!

Athian – i really liked the basketball hoops

Lowell – I liked doing the  relay

Kevin – i liked the obstacle race

Raavi – i liked race too

Mya – i liked doing the race

Ivan – relay was good

Deeksha – when Celina gave us all some food yummy

Abel – i liked the running

Yasmin – the stepping cups

Tanish – i liked the jumping over the hurdles

Kobe – i liked sharp shooters

Navya – i liked the relay best

Anthony – i like sharp shooters

Ivy – i like running race

Williams – i like running race

We Place our Trust in God

Today we celebrated Mass with R1NS and R1MP.

The theme of our Mass was “We Place Our Trust in God”. Father Vim spoke to us about about the importance of faith, trust and belief, in each other, ourselves, and in God.

Congratulations to all the students that helped out with speaking roles and the procession of the gifts.

“I am an author”

In our classroom our writers workshop is a very popular time. The children have time to express their personal creativity and make a book of their own, we see everyone as authors. They use their writing skills, story structure and beautiful illustrations. It is also great for oral language.

Adhip “my book is a robot one…they do things like all the jobs for people”

Gurshaan “today i am finishing off my book, the last page says that thy finally got them…i did lots of exclamation marks because it took so long to get them and it ends the story”

Tanish “mine is called sports cars, they are going to have a big race and then some are getting lost, one takes a short cut…one of the cars will win”

Yasmin is continuing on with her version of the three little pigs. “i put a fox into my story, the fox knocks three times and then blows the house over”

Celina “a castle book, there is a big storm next to the castle”

Scarlett “there once was a princess and a mermaid living in the sea, the mother is going to turn the mermaid into a person for only 3 days”

Lowell was busy focusing on his version of the three little pigs.

Grace is making a book about cheetahs “i think the cheetah will go to a pool party”

Lina “i like dinosaurs, my book is about all the dinosaurs”

Sophia “there is a princess and she is stuck in a big tall tower”

Navya “unicorn princess”


Tuesday 22nd October, Week 2

Numeracy – Exploring Halves and Quarters

Today we further explored our fraction work by thinking about how to cut items into halves and quarters. To help us investigate this we each had grapes to cut into halves and quarters. Some of us explored how to cut them in different ways but still ensure all the pieces were the same size so that it was “fair”.


How did you cut your grapes?

Tanish: I cut them in different ways, in half and side ways into quarters

Christina: I cut my grapes into halves and used a knife

Able: I put two together and cut them to make four

Gurshaan: I cut with a knife in the middle to make two halves and then I cut into quarters to make four

Adhip: I cut into halves and quarters by cutting in the middle and the top

Portia: I cut these into four pieces and into 2s

Yasmin: I cut the grapes. I cut them in half in the middle. It made two

Ivy: I cut them in half

Athian: I cut the grapes in half


Travelling to Space – Monday, 21st October, 2019


This term we will be learning all about space. Today we explored Space and things we already know about space.

What do you know about space?

What can you tell me about space?

Deeksha: Jupiter is the largest planet

Abel: There are different planets and every planet makes the solar systems and the planets that are closer to the sun are hotter.

Massa: The planets are different sizes

Richard: There is a force field that helps the meteorite go around and around

Jason: Pluto is a dwarf planet. The sun is the biggest and the hottest but it’s not a planet it’s a star.

Ekmann: The sun is the hottest thing in space

What do you want to learn about space?

Richard: I want to learn about the solar system and each planet in space

Ekmann: I want to learn about how to write the names of the planets


Thursday, 17th October, 2019 – Week One, Term Four



Navya: he was helping the Egyptian people

Grace: he gave some food to the poor people

Abel: He helped his brothers

Porsha: He said come and live with me

Shylah: He said I forgive you

Can you show us the story in your own way;


Ekmann: Thank you for everything, Amen

Navya: Dear God, Thank you for Shashant, Amen

Ivan: dear God, Thank you for all my friends, Amen

Grace: Dear God, Thank you for letting me help all the people who are hurt and sick and helping my friends, Amen

Gurshaan: Thank you God for Richard because he is kind to me, Amen

Shylah: Thank you for my brother and my mum dropping me off, Amen

Yasmin: Dear God, Thank you for my mummy and daddy, Amen







Massa: My speck of gold was playing Investigations

Sophia: My speck of gold was filling the bucket

Shylah: My speck of gold is going on the laptop and playing with Porsha and Massa and Sophia and Grace.

Ekmann: My speck of gold is playing with my friends

Porsha: My speck of gold was playing in the playground

Anthony: My speck of gold was playing with  Michael