Wednesday, week 1, term 4


Boot camp!! When the music stops “how many push ups, star jumps, sit ups etc can you do”

we then stopped and checked our heart rates.



Sharing things equally! We looked at some objects on the board together to try make them equal into 2groups.

navya- you need half

Deeksha – go one for you, one for Mrs Diotallevi, this will make it equal.

If I have 5 and Mrs Diotallevi has 4 apples is that fair?

Kobe – It is not fair because you have one more than Mrs Diotallevi

Michael – cut that last one in half

Krish – i have 26 and Athian has 16…so thats not right i have to give more to Athian so its the same

Gurshaan – we made ours the same…Ivan has 23 and I have 23

Mya – Ivy and I shared ours to the same amount. We both had 31

Ivy – we have the same we shared them!



We then spent time with our friends and the teachers to read our books.


Navya: Dear God, Thank you for my whole family and friends, Amen

Massa: Dear God, Thank you for all the flowers and all of my family, Amen

Shylah: Thank you for my mum dropping me off at school and thank you for daddy going to the mines and I love Navya playing with me at recess and lunch, Amen

Gurshaan: Thank you God for my sister because she’s always nice to me, Amen

Mya: Dear God, Thank you for the people in the world and the trees, Amen

Kevin: Thank you God for Kobe and Carmelo to play with me, Amen

Ivan: Dear God, Thank you for the animals, Amen


As apart of an inquiry we drew a ‘birds eye’ view of our school. It was great to see the children’s individual concepts and discussions they had in relation to place and space.

“there is a library” Shyla

“a playground is next to the stair…behind the library” Andrew

“lots of classrooms, they have door handles” Hartley




Some children used the laptops to type their stories onto using the active inspire program.

Mini lesson – how to use active inspire. We looked on the laptops at the picture icons and how to type words and draw pictures.

The children then had a laptop between 2. They worked together to create a story using this program. This was a great way to continue to explore literacy/texts through technology.



Our shared reading book today was….

we really enjoyed this book with lots of laughs!

then went and borrowed some new books to bring home tonight and share with you all.



Today my speck of gold was….

  • Porsha: was doing writers workshop on the laptop
  • Abel: playing at lunchtime
  • Athian: was going to the library
  • Krish: was playing at log park at lunchtime
  • Massa: was doing investigations


“There are so many planets… sun is really hot and the earth goes around the sun. the moon does too. there is one planet God hasn’t made just yet…its a small one”

We then finished the day off with the planet song!



Don’t forget tomorrow is casual day and bring in a plant for spring fair.

Also Friday is a pupil free day – see you Sunday at the Spring Fair 🙂

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