“I am an author”

In our classroom our writers workshop is a very popular time. The children have time to express their personal creativity and make a book of their own, we see everyone as authors. They use their writing skills, story structure and beautiful illustrations. It is also great for oral language.

Adhip “my book is a robot one…they do things like all the jobs for people”

Gurshaan “today i am finishing off my book, the last page says that thy finally got them…i did lots of exclamation marks because it took so long to get them and it ends the story”

Tanish “mine is called sports cars, they are going to have a big race and then some are getting lost, one takes a short cut…one of the cars will win”

Yasmin is continuing on with her version of the three little pigs. “i put a fox into my story, the fox knocks three times and then blows the house over”

Celina “a castle book, there is a big storm next to the castle”

Scarlett “there once was a princess and a mermaid living in the sea, the mother is going to turn the mermaid into a person for only 3 days”

Lowell was busy focusing on his version of the three little pigs.

Grace is making a book about cheetahs “i think the cheetah will go to a pool party”

Lina “i like dinosaurs, my book is about all the dinosaurs”

Sophia “there is a princess and she is stuck in a big tall tower”

Navya “unicorn princess”


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