What is Halloween?

Dylan – i celebrate. you wear a costume and go trick treating

Celina – trick or treating go to peoples houses

Abel – you ask people trick or treat

Athian – they give you candy

Richard – its a scary day and get candy’s try scare people

Gurshaan – they think because scary things might come so its like a way to stop scary things coming on this day

Andrew – on Halloween wear scary costumes



Inspired by Halloween we did some data collection about our favorite treats!

Scarlett- the most was skittles

Abel – yes skittles was the most, there was 12 people

Adhip – milkway was not popular, zero people

Dylan – skittles had 6 people on mine

yasmin – only 4 people liked the kit kats

Athian – 14 liked kit kat

Andrew – 11 people liked the kit kats it was the highest

Kevin – o liked the gummy snakes

Deeksha – the lollipops were not popular they were zero

Tanish – the skittles were the most they were 12



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