Expressing our thinking through clay

Our thinking and excitement about Space continues from Ekmann’s first question about ‘how does the moon shine?’….

Clay was available and immediately Christina, Abel, Krish and Williams began to engage with the clay.

Abel said “i am going to make a sun and then i think ill make another planet probably Jupiter, or Neptune. Neptune is the last planet”

Krish “there is 8 planets!”

Abel “um no actually there are 7 planets”

Abel “earth, Venus, mars

Krish “Saturn, Uranus”

Abel “and Neptune and Jupiter”

Krish ” oh you were right that’s seven i cant think of any others”

As the boys moldeled the clay they continued their discussion of space.

Krish “the sun should be the biggest, it is bigger than all the planets”

Christina “ill make the rocket to get to space”

Abel “just mold the clay”

Krish “Mold? whats mold?” Abel “here watch this, see what i am doing…its called molding”

Krish “ill make mars…i think its probably a large planet”

Krish “it is the whole solar system”

Scarlett and Massa came walking over to the group of children exploring clay, they listened and watched before getting their own clay and clay tools.

Massa “ill make the moon”

Scarlett “ill make a rocket with Christina, we need two so lots of people can go to space”

Krish “so is pluto a planet”

Abel “no i dont think so, some are made of rocks or gas, some are hot and some are col”

Krish “Earth is right in the middle and the other planets move around the earth”

This group then shared their thinking and making with the group.

they will revisit and paint once dry i look forward to seeing the finished product!!

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