“Lets make a map of our school” Celina suggested

`This afternoon I overheard Celina suggesting to Yasmin that they make a map of the school.

“Yeah! so we can find my cousin…the school is so big you could get lost here” Yasmin added

The girls went and found the tools they needed to make their maps. They collaboratively gathers pencils, textas, scissors, clipboards and white paper.

“there is a Center…go to the short cut to the log park” Yasmin said

“the playground is where you start, follow it round and round all the way to the center” Celina

Why would we need a map of the school? I asked.

“um because then you can follow it, you can teach people like Yasmin’s cousin about which way to go” Celina said

“or if you want to find my cousin you can look at all these places for him” Yasmin added

“the school has changed though, there is some dug up parts. there is orange all around so you can’t walk through a short cut way, you have to change where you go” Celina shared her observations of change within our school

“yeah i saw that, i don’t know why its all dug up, i saw the diggers then digging it up maybe they are making it not bumpy any more” Yasmin said

“I feel like they are going to plants some flowers, like bright yellow ones because its spring” Celina said

“oh log park we have to draw log park” Yasmin suggested

“we should be able to find my cousin now” Yasmin said

**photos to come…



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