Who Am I?

This week, for Shared Reading, we have been reading the book “Ngana Ngai?” (Who Am I?) This is a book written in the Kaurna language and translated in English. The book has facts about native Australian Animals and identifies defining features about them.

We also read a book called Heads and Tails by John Carty. This book was similar in that it gave information about different animals and then we had to guess which animal it was giving clues about.

This week we have been working on producing our own Who am I books.. Have a look at a few me made and read some of our clues.

Athian: Who I am I? I have whiskers, I sleep and roar – I am a lion

Tanish: Who am I? I have a tail, I have spots and I am fast. I am a cheetah

Lina: Who am I, I am a frog

Anthony: I have two legs, I am a duck

Ekmann: Who am I? I have a tail, I have a body, I have four legs, I am a horse

Carmelo: Who am I, I am like something from a movie, I am at the start of king of monsters, I am “the something”

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