Wednesday, week 1, term 4


Boot camp!! When the music stops “how many push ups, star jumps, sit ups etc can you do”

we then stopped and checked our heart rates.



Sharing things equally! We looked at some objects on the board together to try make them equal into 2groups.

navya- you need half

Deeksha – go one for you, one for Mrs Diotallevi, this will make it equal.

If I have 5 and Mrs Diotallevi has 4 apples is that fair?

Kobe – It is not fair because you have one more than Mrs Diotallevi

Michael – cut that last one in half

Krish – i have 26 and Athian has 16…so thats not right i have to give more to Athian so its the same

Gurshaan – we made ours the same…Ivan has 23 and I have 23

Mya – Ivy and I shared ours to the same amount. We both had 31

Ivy – we have the same we shared them!



We then spent time with our friends and the teachers to read our books.


Navya: Dear God, Thank you for my whole family and friends, Amen

Massa: Dear God, Thank you for all the flowers and all of my family, Amen

Shylah: Thank you for my mum dropping me off at school and thank you for daddy going to the mines and I love Navya playing with me at recess and lunch, Amen

Gurshaan: Thank you God for my sister because she’s always nice to me, Amen

Mya: Dear God, Thank you for the people in the world and the trees, Amen

Kevin: Thank you God for Kobe and Carmelo to play with me, Amen

Ivan: Dear God, Thank you for the animals, Amen


As apart of an inquiry we drew a ‘birds eye’ view of our school. It was great to see the children’s individual concepts and discussions they had in relation to place and space.

“there is a library” Shyla

“a playground is next to the stair…behind the library” Andrew

“lots of classrooms, they have door handles” Hartley




Some children used the laptops to type their stories onto using the active inspire program.

Mini lesson – how to use active inspire. We looked on the laptops at the picture icons and how to type words and draw pictures.

The children then had a laptop between 2. They worked together to create a story using this program. This was a great way to continue to explore literacy/texts through technology.



Our shared reading book today was….

we really enjoyed this book with lots of laughs!

then went and borrowed some new books to bring home tonight and share with you all.



Today my speck of gold was….

  • Porsha: was doing writers workshop on the laptop
  • Abel: playing at lunchtime
  • Athian: was going to the library
  • Krish: was playing at log park at lunchtime
  • Massa: was doing investigations


“There are so many planets… sun is really hot and the earth goes around the sun. the moon does too. there is one planet God hasn’t made just yet…its a small one”

We then finished the day off with the planet song!



Don’t forget tomorrow is casual day and bring in a plant for spring fair.

Also Friday is a pupil free day – see you Sunday at the Spring Fair 🙂

Wednesday 25th of September, week 10 term 3


The children were engaged with a range of play based learning this morning involving bee inquiry, book making, crafts, blocks, lego, group games and origami!


We went onto the playground to practice our balance, climbing and get our heart rates moving!!!


Grace – in the story he finally decided to share the money

Sophia – when he came down to Jesus, he ran to his house

Porsha – Zecchuas climbed up the tree he was spying on Jesus

Michael – he didn’t see him as bad, Jesus still talked to him and be his friends

Abel – Zecchuas gave money back that he took from people

Lowell – dear God, thank you for the zoo Amen

Celina – Dear God thank you for Grace because she is a good friend Amen



Following on from Abel and Raavi’s interest of bees and Honey we decided to do a whole class inquiry…

Abel introduced the lesson –

“Bees take pollen from some flowers, they take nectar, then take it to the hive to turn it into honey in the beehive… they take the orange things off of the flower…the pollen…they take more pollen and put it onto other flowers with no pollen”

Navya – the bees have to vomit the pollen out and into another bees mouth

Abel – bees go different directions to the sun and move differently to talk to each other

Tanish – their body points at the flowers

Richard – they have to help each other, teamwork, they get it from flower, like a sunflower

Deeksha – they flapped their wings to make the honey thicker

Massa – they needed 80 bees to make  honey in team work


The biggest number i know is….

Williams – 1,000

Yasmin – 1 billion

Ekman – one trillion

Athian – 100

Kevin – 1 billion

Krish – 100 billion

Kobe – 99, trillion

Probability – Won’t happen and Will happen

Will happen

Deeksha – brain food

Ivan – see the sun

Fatumata – eat lunch

Abel – investigations

Kobe – library

Won’t happen

Porsha – snow

Mya – the easter bunny won’t visit

Tanish – animals come running through the door

Lowell – a bomb go off at school

Ebony – santa won’t visit us




we have new books that we borrowed – we cant wait to share them with you tonight!

Teachers used this time for some 1.1 guided reading with students!

The shared reading book focus was looking at visual literacy.


Continued with our book making. Mini lesson – BLURBS

Tanish recorded a blurb on the back of his book and shared this with a group of students, we then looked at the back of other books and noticed the blurbs!


Deeksha: My speck of gold was playing hide and seek

Porsha: My speck of Gold was learning about the bees

Celina: Going to the library and reading with my teacher

Kobe; My speck of gold was borrowing books in the library

Massa: My speck of gold was playing at the playground.

Wednesday 18th September, week 9 term 3


A range of play based learning was set up in an engaging way for the children to freely explore this morning. The provocations linked to student interests, conversations and the Australian Curriculum.



our mascot – Tamoo and how do we show belonging?!!

Bees and Honey

Jason – they make honey in a beehive…lots of bees need to do it they get flowers to make the honey inside a beehive.

It tasted very sweet…like maple syrup but sweeter.

Kobe – bees make the honey by getting blossoms from flowers and turn it into honey…they are honeybees and make honey for people.

Gurshaan – the honey was sweet, so sweet, I liked it. I think the bees go to bee plants and get honey from the plant to make honey. I think they put it inside the beehive

Abel – its so sweet!! I like it. I think if you ar sick put some honey and lemon in a cup, this will make you not sick.

Kobe – yes honey and lemon tea can actually help you to fall asleep, I tried and fell asleep in one minute.

Abel – bees have stings! To protect their beehive and protect their honey. They take some nectar from the flowers, I saw nectar for real. Inside the flower is tiny orange parts that breaks into flour, this is nectar. They use this and turn it into the honey in a beehive.


Strawberries/foods from plants

Michael – the green part is abit sour

Richard – this one is sweet and juicy I think because it’s a nice red one

Krish – I like the strawberries

Andrew – its so healthy!

Michael – there are so many seeds, the seeds are actuall on the outside

Krish – see look at the very small seeds

Michael – I think flowers grow the strawberries

Krish – like sunflowers

Michael – see these leaves here, the green part…well the strawberry grows from there. Its green first then it ripes to red

Richard – ripe and red then you eat!! Yum!!

Feelings/photo booth

The children explored photobooth with different ’emotions’

Spring paintings/blossoms

Raavi – i like to see all the pink and purple flowers in spring

Yasmin – on the trees out there, outside, now its changed to pink and white flowers. its changed because its nearly on summer

Navya – its spring! flowers bloom in Spring! Sunflowers grow!

Can you build a castle?




We sung a ‘i am special song’ and ‘this little light of mine’
Porsha – Dear God thank you for my teacher Miss Canala Amen

Gurshaan- Thank you for my sister because she helps me to play on her laptop Amen

Athian – Thank you God for my sister because she helps me to learn Amen

Lina – Dear God thank you for my mum Amen

Williams – Thank you God for everyone being a good team Amen

‘Massa: Dear God thank you for my family Amen



We read the book ‘rudie nudie’ by Emma Quay and spoke about how we are all made in the image of God and discussed boys and girls.

This was then recorded by each child.


Go our heart rates up and our bodies moving!! Keeping fit is good for our minds, health, wellbeing and bodies 🙂


We wrote and/or drew a reflection about ‘In the morning I… In the night I….’



We read the story Dumazi and the big yellow Lion written by Valanga Khoza.

The children then chose new readers and story books to share with you tonight! Please remember to bring these into school each day so we can also read with your child.


We continued our books today…


Today my speck of Gold was….

Lowell: My speck of gold was playing at the playground

Athian: My speck of gold was being a good team

Navya: My speck of gold was doping Writer’s Workshop

Massa: My speck of gold was being a team

Porsha: My speck of gold was being a bucket filler

Ekmann: My speck of gold was doing Writer’s Workshop with Ravleen

Deeksha: My speck opf gold was going to the library


Thank you for a fun day, see you in the morning 🙂

Wednesday 11th September, week 8 term 3

Good morning everyone. We started the day off by greeting each other and singing some nursery rhymes.



We looked at an analogue clock.

what do we see?

Abel – the big hand means o’clock

Fatumata – a small hand

Scarlett – numbers

Deeksha – numbers from 1-12

We then worked together as a team to tell the time using analogue clock (focused on o’clock times)

There was then a range of play based, hands on learning for the children to explore their thinking around time and share their ideas with each other.

After our time play we discussed our learning…

Porsha – I was making a clock out of paper and I was making sure I put a little hand and a big hand

Grace – I made a clock out of paper too, I needed put times from 1-12. I put a moon and a sun so you know if morning or night.

Gurshaan – I made a standing clock

Ekmann – I drew clocks and looking at books about time. I noticed the different times.

Tanish – I was using the timers to see how many exercises I could do.

Sophia – I was making a clock and I made it a kitty one. I put numbers like 1 and 10 and 12.


Whats the time Mr Wolf Fitness!! This was a fun and easy way to get our heart rates up, laugh and practice our time learning!!




We listened to the story and song about why we are all unique and special!

I am special because…

Navya: I am confident

Deeksha: I am good at reading

Porsha: i like my hair and have nice hair

Massa: i am a happy person

Richard: I am special because I help people

Ekmann: I am special because I can write

Fatumata: I am special because do gymnastics

we then recorded why we think we are special.


The children were also loving having access to the outdoor space and the sandpit in this lovely sunshine today. We saw children making bubble mixtures, blowing bubbles, making a beach, digging for dinosaur bones plus lots more!!




Rainbow breathing and a time to be calm listening to restful music.



We read the book “I wonder why?” by Loris Rock and Christopher Corr

We are all so curious in our class, just like in the story, so we reflected on things that we also wonder about.

I wonder….

Deeksha: where does the wind go and come from?

Celina: about flowers…how do they grow?

Lina: why does the sun come up?

Tanish: how is the paper made?

Deeksha then reminded her friends that when you have a question you need to add a question mark at the end of it. we looked at question marks and practiced writing them!



We listened to a story and then borrowed our new readers and library book.



Today my speck of gold was….

Porsha: Was patting miss unicorn

Hartley: playing on the playground

Williams: finding a little rock

Korbyn: playing outside

Christina: being in a good team together

Yasmin: going to the library

Thank you for a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine and we will see you all tomorrow 🙂


Wednesday 4th September, week 7 term 3


We sung a ‘morning routine song and had a chat about our daily routines….

In the morning

Abel – i brush my teeth

Williams – wash my face

Grace –  gets dressed straight away

Richard – i do some exercise

At school I….

Shyla – I play, investigations at school

Tanish – I learn

Lowell – do fitness

Gurshaan – I listen to the teachers

In the evening I…

Michael – brush my teeth

Sophia – play with my toys

Scarlett – Swimming

Kobe – make dinner

Mya – have a shower

Then we recorded our daily routines.


We practiced singing our prayer song ‘come together and ‘this little light of mine’

Our prayers….

  • Celina: Dear God thank you for my friends Amen
  • Massa: Dear God thank you for the flowers Amen
  • Lina: Dear God thank you for my sister to help me Amen
  • Athian: Dear God thank you for the whole world Amen
  • Krish: Dear God thank you or the animals Amen
  • Lowell: Dear God for my friends Amen



Miss Canala read the story role modelling fluency and expression.

When Hansel and Gretel arrived at the house – what should they have done

Grace – knocked on the door to ask lady if they could have some

what about the evil stepmother?

Lowell – she could have been nice

Fatumata – buy more food

Navya – picked some berries in the forest to eat together




During investigations the learning power i used was….

  • Dylan: i used collaboration when i make a dinosaur tail with Gurshaan.
  • Ivy: I used creativity when i made a show bag
  • Krish: i used belonging with my friends
  • Athian: I used creativity when i make things


Today we were lucky enough to have a special presentation about living safe with pets. we even got to meet and pat a friendly dog called Darcy.

The children practiced what to do when approaching their own pets or pets on the street. Ask them about what they should do?!

They even got some stickers and some further information to take home.

*please note that due to this presentation our library time has been changed to tomorrow.


Raavi: my speck of gold was seeing the pets

Scarlett: was making the show bags

Lina: play with my friends

Micky: playing snakes and ladders


Thank you for a fantastic day everyone we will see you in the morning 🙂

August 30, week 6, term 3

PRAYER – Fathers day prayers

we watched a special fathers prayer and the our father prayer together.

We then shared our prayers for our Dads…

Fatumata – Dear God, thank you for Fathers day because it is really nice to give him a card Amen

Yasmin – Dear God thank you for my dad because buys me books Amen

Richard – Thank you for my Dad because he always takes me fishing Amen

Athian – Thank you God for my father because he gets me a swimming pool Amen

Deeksha- Thank you for my Father because he loves me and I love him Amen

Ebony – Dear God thank you for my dad for all his love Amen

Scarlett – dear God thank you for my father because he takes me to McDonald’s after ballet





Wednesday 28th August, term 3 week 6


Today we practiced the skills we had been learning in maths this term through inquiry. the children chose what skill that wanted to show!! We had lots of fantastic conversation around this.



Random acts of kindness prayer. Prayer in scirpture – Jesus shows Kindness.

Deeksha: Dear God i show kindness when i listen to the teacher Amen

Gurshaan: Dear God I show kindness when i help my sister Amen

Grace: Dear God I show kindness to help people when they are sad Amen

Williams: Dear God I show kindness when i play with my baby brother with toys Amen

Massa: Dear God I show kindness when I share Amen

Richard: Dear God my kindness is being good and nice to friends and help them Amen

Porsha: Dear God I show kindness with my little baby brother Amen



We read the creation story in the Bible and reflected on the story.

What happened in the creation story?

Tanish: God made the first people

Richard: God made water, trees and nature

Ivan: God made animals and trees and people

Massa: God made all the flowers

Jason : God made the people and the house the live in

Adhip: God made the sun and moon


We then used our 100 languages to show our thinking and understanding of the Bible story.




We went to the library and borrowed our new books for the week and practiced some of our reading.

If you forgot your bag today please remember tomorrow and you can go over and borrow more.


We practised sentence starters as our mini lesson today.

it was fantastic to see the children writing great sentences in their writers workshop books.