Tom Tom By Rosemary Sullivan

For our writers workshop mini lesson today, we shared a book called Tom Tom.

Dee Huxleys vivid illustrations capture rich, full life of a small boy living in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia’s top end.

Some children were then inspired to share and create a book all about their own lives. They were even excited to share nicknames they have.

Other children decided to spend this time continuing books that they previously begun in writers workshop. All children were continuing their fluency with writing and practicing their ‘author’ skills.

Character Strength – Kindness

One of our Character Strength’s is Kindness. Today R1GC spoke about what Kindness is and how they show kindness throughout the day.

What is Kindness?

Massa: Kindness is helping people that are hurt

Mya: Kindness is sharing with others

Porsha: Showing kindness is like when someone has a toy and the person asks “can I borrow it”, and they dont break it then they’ll be happy

Sophia: Showing kindness is is respecting people and sharing kindness

Navya: Kindness is helping people and doing as much as you can

Grace: Kindness is helping lots of people to be kind and helping them learning to be kind to other people

What are some ways that yous show kindness?

Ivan: I show kindness when i use safe hands

Jason: I show kindness by helping people when they get hurt and if they need help with their l;earning I will help them

Kobe: I show kindness by helping people make things if they can’t make it

Williams: I show kindness when I’m being safe

Micky: I show kindness when I use a safe body

Ebony: I show kindness by sharing stuff and being nice to others and helping people when they get hurt

Lowell: I show kindness when I let someone play with me and I if someone asks me to do something for them then I do it, but not the bad stuff

Braiden: I show kindness by sharing my things with people

Show your kindness today during Investigations…

We explored our learning in Investigations, before we began, Navya explained one more time what kindness is. Ms Canala and Mrs Diotallevi kept a look out for people showing kindness…

Navya: Kind is how you be nice to each other and you smile at people.


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Little Athletics

Every Tuesday morning for 5 weeks we will be involved in Little Athletics clinics. being involved in Athletics gives us a chance to develop our big motor skills as well as improve our balance and coordination.

Have a look at some photos of us getting involved with today’s activity…


Who Am I?

This week, for Shared Reading, we have been reading the book “Ngana Ngai?” (Who Am I?) This is a book written in the Kaurna language and translated in English. The book has facts about native Australian Animals and identifies defining features about them.

We also read a book called Heads and Tails by John Carty. This book was similar in that it gave information about different animals and then we had to guess which animal it was giving clues about.

This week we have been working on producing our own Who am I books.. Have a look at a few me made and read some of our clues.

Athian: Who I am I? I have whiskers, I sleep and roar – I am a lion

Tanish: Who am I? I have a tail, I have spots and I am fast. I am a cheetah

Lina: Who am I, I am a frog

Anthony: I have two legs, I am a duck

Ekmann: Who am I? I have a tail, I have a body, I have four legs, I am a horse

Carmelo: Who am I, I am like something from a movie, I am at the start of king of monsters, I am “the something”

“Lets make a map of our school” Celina suggested

`This afternoon I overheard Celina suggesting to Yasmin that they make a map of the school.

“Yeah! so we can find my cousin…the school is so big you could get lost here” Yasmin added

The girls went and found the tools they needed to make their maps. They collaboratively gathers pencils, textas, scissors, clipboards and white paper.

“there is a Center…go to the short cut to the log park” Yasmin said

“the playground is where you start, follow it round and round all the way to the center” Celina

Why would we need a map of the school? I asked.

“um because then you can follow it, you can teach people like Yasmin’s cousin about which way to go” Celina said

“or if you want to find my cousin you can look at all these places for him” Yasmin added

“the school has changed though, there is some dug up parts. there is orange all around so you can’t walk through a short cut way, you have to change where you go” Celina shared her observations of change within our school

“yeah i saw that, i don’t know why its all dug up, i saw the diggers then digging it up maybe they are making it not bumpy any more” Yasmin said

“I feel like they are going to plants some flowers, like bright yellow ones because its spring” Celina said

“oh log park we have to draw log park” Yasmin suggested

“we should be able to find my cousin now” Yasmin said

**photos to come…



Expressing our thinking through clay

Our thinking and excitement about Space continues from Ekmann’s first question about ‘how does the moon shine?’….

Clay was available and immediately Christina, Abel, Krish and Williams began to engage with the clay.

Abel said “i am going to make a sun and then i think ill make another planet probably Jupiter, or Neptune. Neptune is the last planet”

Krish “there is 8 planets!”

Abel “um no actually there are 7 planets”

Abel “earth, Venus, mars

Krish “Saturn, Uranus”

Abel “and Neptune and Jupiter”

Krish ” oh you were right that’s seven i cant think of any others”

As the boys moldeled the clay they continued their discussion of space.

Krish “the sun should be the biggest, it is bigger than all the planets”

Christina “ill make the rocket to get to space”

Abel “just mold the clay”

Krish “Mold? whats mold?” Abel “here watch this, see what i am doing…its called molding”

Krish “ill make mars…i think its probably a large planet”

Krish “it is the whole solar system”

Scarlett and Massa came walking over to the group of children exploring clay, they listened and watched before getting their own clay and clay tools.

Massa “ill make the moon”

Scarlett “ill make a rocket with Christina, we need two so lots of people can go to space”

Krish “so is pluto a planet”

Abel “no i dont think so, some are made of rocks or gas, some are hot and some are col”

Krish “Earth is right in the middle and the other planets move around the earth”

This group then shared their thinking and making with the group.

they will revisit and paint once dry i look forward to seeing the finished product!!

Can I Pray with My Eyes Open?

Today we read the book “Can I Pray with My Eyes Open” by Susan Taylor Brown.

The book spoke about it being okay to pray anywhere, at anytime and in any way. We reflected on the different ways we pray.

How do you pray?

Richard: You can pray when you’re in an aeroplane

Ebony: Do you know I pray every night before bed

Navya: I pray with my eyes open when I go to sleep, I pray for my mum and my dad and Shashant and my little tiny brother, his name is Reyansh.

Grace: I pray with my eyes closed and I put my hands together like I’m saying “Amen”. I pray for lots of things in the whole world and my best friend Rhee and everyone

Sophia: I prayer from God and for everything

Porsha: When I pray I close my eyes and I pray to God that my friends are so nice and so good

Jason: When my dad was sick I was praying for him to get better soon.

Brooklynne: I pray when I’m on the tube because then it’s easier

Christina: I prayed when I went camping

Lina: I pray when I’m watching movies because I love movies, they’re my favourite

Williams: I pray for playing soccer

Deeksha and Ekmann spoke about praying to different Gods…

Deeksha: I pray by doing the Namaste – it’s from the north of India

Ekmann: I pray by sitting and first I do the father the son, the holy spirit Amen and then I sit and pray

Deeksha: she prays sometimes to Jesus and sometimes to her God, I pray always to my God

Ekmann: My God is always in my heart when I pray

We reflected by writing our own prayers and thinking about the different ways which we pray…



Our Buddy Assembly

Today we performed our assembly to the whole school. We have been practicing our dances and our words for the whole week! A huge congratulations to all of the children involved in the assembly. You did a fantastic job!

What was your favourite part of the Buddy Assembly?

Michael: I liked the prayer dance

Deeksha: I liked the Diwali dance

Sophia: I loved the dance

Gurshaan: I liked it because lots of people had a speaking part

Mya: I liked the part when everybody was dancing

Ivan: I liked the dance

Navya: My favourite part was doing my reading part

Porsha: My favourite was everyone coming to our assembly