Catholic Identity

“We are a welcoming Catholic community who live the Gospel values with Jesus at the centre of all we do. We are always open to others in respectful dialogue”

Prayer is a significant part of our classroom. We are involved in daily prayer and reflections of the Bible.

Positive education is linked with the character strengths of Jesus.

Throughout the year we will lead a Mass, Liturgy and be involved in whole school Mass around significant times.

Children’s individual spirituality and voice is always a blessing and a point of conversation in our classroom. We welcome and encourage all Religious backgrounds.


Holy Family embraces a Catholic ethos which is founded on values of relationship with Jesus, Reign of God, discernment, Catholic Story, social justice, ecology, building community, religious education and excellence.

Liturgical Life

As a Catholic school, Holy Family welcomes participation and leadership from all members of our faith community into the liturgical life of our school. Our staff regularly take a lead in prayer and liturgical celebrations. We look to our students as the future leaders of our congregations and consequently provide them with many opportunities to lead and participate in school masses and class liturgies.

Celebrating Diversity

At Holy Family there are 42 ethnic and cultural groups represented in our enrolment. 48% of our enrolment meet the criteria for English as an additional language. We believe that this diversity is in fact our greatest strength and brings a great richness to our learning.

A Welcoming Community

We build relationships with all cultures that is initiated from a unity of faith, centred on the Eucharist and embracing the Spirit and Nature of all God’s people.

Leuven Project

The Catholic Identity project we have undertaken is giving us a valuable insight into our community. Participants completed an online survey about how they see themselves and our school as a catholic community. The data is being processed by the Catholic University in Leuvan, Belgium. A report and subsequent discussions will guide us into the future.

Engaging with Tradition

We are witnesses to Christ’s mission by inviting others to share our faith and actively engage in the pastoral qualities of charity, service and justice.

Witnessing through Words and Actions

At Holy Family we seek to be authentically Catholic inviting, inclusive and just, committed to quality learning and teaching, and supportive of all members of our community.

Connecting with our Parish

We share a vision and build a partnership between school and parish by creating a culture of belonging that engages people to develop their faith and serve God.