Numeracy Learning

Today we reflected on our Numeracy Learning from this semester. We explored patterns, numbers, skip counting, and shapes. Have a look at how we engaged in our learning…

Catholic Identity Day

Jesus’s message is a message of love.

We created some images of what Catholic Identity means to us.




“What does love mean?”


Accepting EVERYBODY. Fr Shabu

Caring – said everybody!!!

Two people can come together for love. Zac

I think love means love your friends and family. Portia

I think it means sharing. Nahom

Sharing means play with each other. Mary

Be kindness. Long

Your best friend can be love. Hannah

Being Nice. Simon

Difference means something can hot and cold. William.

Everyone is different and you can be yourself. Zac

Difference means it is ok to help people, even when they are sad. Scarlett

Friends love you a lot. Liya.

You should love people. Chase

Be nice to people. Massa

Say “I like your drawing” Derek

I like to give hugs. Christellar

I love being kind. Yasmin.

I love being kind to my dog. Selina

I Love friends. Hannah

Be kind to your friends. That means be nice. Campbell

Jesus is very nice. Thoa Hien

I love Thoa Hien my friend. Ashley


We read books about love


Massa; Dear God, Thank you for the flowers and the world, Amen

Awan; Thank you God for my friends and my family and my sisters, Amen

Zac; Thank you God for the world so we can live in and the cultural spirit of the school, Amen

Raavi; Dear God, Thank you for the flowers and my friends, Amen

Ivy; Thank you God for all of my friends and my school and I keep my school clean, Amen

Arjan; Thank you God for the wonderful friends and the wonderful people, Amen

Kenzie; Thank you for Nanny, Amen

Nahom; Dear God, Thank you for everyone that has good times with their friends and everyone that shares, Amen

Celina; Dear God, Thank you for the earth and the stars, Amen

Porsha; Dear God, Thank you for the lovely world and lovely teachers, Amen

Subi; Thank you God for my family and my friends, Amen

Kiet; Thank you God for the fresh air, Amen

Bodhi; Thank you God for the world, Amen

Declan; Dear God, Thank you for my family and who I am and the rivers and please help the people who are sick, Amen

Brodie; Thank you for my mum and dad and the world, Amen


We love learning through play.

Have a look at how we engaged in Investigations today.

Reading Boxes Journal Writing

Today we chose our favourite book and wrote the title of the book.  We then wrote and drew what we enjoyed about the book.

At home you can choose your favourite story and write and draw the part you enjoyed best. 

Literacy Learning Experiences

Today we engaged in writing sentences. We used our focus word get in our sentences. We also wrote our own silly sentences.

We also learnt about capital and lower case letters in the alphabet

Some of us played Snap sight words.

At home you can use The Gingerbread man shared reading text or find get in your books

Challenge Can you write get sentences?

Franklin is Lost – Keeping Safe

We listened to the story Franklin is Lost.

We spoke about there being places that are safe and places that are not.

Where do you feel safe?

Addison; home

Brodie; I feel happy on the swings

Nahom; in a hospital

Porsha; I feel safe with my parents

Celina: I feel safe at the playground with my parents

Will: At school

Harjeo: I feel safe with my teachers

Kenzie; with Nanny

Massa: I feel safe at the playground

Simon: Safe in the car with mum and dad

Emily: At my nanna and pa’s house

Kiet: I feel safe in the backyard

Campbell: I feel safe when I go for a walk with my dog and mum and dad

Scarlett: I feel safe at the beach with mum and dad

Kuch; In the aeroplane with mum

Zac: I feel safe at the museum with my mum

If you are learning from home can you reflect on a place that makes you feel safe?

Literacy Learning

We began our morning by reading our Shared Reading book, The Gingerbread Man.

We then continued with Literacy Learning Experiences, take a look…

Our Letter of the week is N.

If you are still learning from home can you find or think of words that start with N?

Friday – 1st May, 2020

Happy Friday, below are some ideas for learning you can do at home.

Come Read with Me

You can read for 15 minutes with your library books or the books you have at home. You can read to you or a sibling, you can even read to your favourite teddy! Remember to use the pictures to help tell the story and to look for words and letters that you know.


Do you remember our days of the week song? Here is a link…

Do you know what day it is today?

Do you know the date?

What is the weather doing today, check outside!

We are in a new month! Listen to the Months of the Year song below. Can you guess what Month we are in now?

Shared Reading – The Gingerbread Man

Listen to our Shared Reading book.

Literacy Learning Experience

On Friday’s we practice our writing our Focus Word of the week. This week’s focus word was “after”. Put a timer on for 5 minutes and see how many times you can write the word. Remember to take a photo of the word with your brain and close your eyes to see the word. Can you write it without looking?


Don’t forget how important it is to stay active each day. Here is a fitness video we have done previously in the classroom.


Mindfulness is important to help us decrease stress and anxiety, and to help us regulate our emotions. We should practice mindfulness everyday! Today for mindfulness we are doing Yoga. Here is a link…

Religion – The Creation Story

Watch the video about the creation story, you can find it with this link…

Reflecting on the story and using your creativity, either, rewrite the story or create a piece of artwork inspired by the story.


Put on the Big Numbers Song (you can find it by following this link…)

Follow along with the numbers as the song plays using a 100 chart (below is a short example, we have done this at school before!)

*Challenge*; Using the Skip Counting by 2’s song, follow on the 100’s chart with your finger skipping a number each time (below is a short example). Here is a link for the Counting by 2’s song;

Play the video below, as each slide appears write or draw the number that you see (we have done this activity at school before). The idea of this activity is that you can identify the amount quickly without having to count the dots. Think of different ways you can identify the amount quickly, maybe you can group them. We are repeating this from yesterday to see if you can get faster at identifying the numbers. We are repeating this activity so that you can get really good at identifying the numbers quickly!


We hope you had a great day. Remember to include some learning through play like our Investigations at school. Use your interests and things around the house to guide this. Here are some ideas;

  • Building with empty boxes
  • Blocks
  • Teddy Bear’s Picnic
  • Playing with dolls/babies
  • Lego creations
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Colouring in
  • Painting
  • Etc.

We would love to see some of your learning from today. If you can, can you take a picture of your learning and email it to us? We can’t wait to see how you are going!

We miss you all, we hope you had a lovely day. Have a fabulous and restful weekend. See you next week!

Love, Mrs Tyrcha and Ms Angilletta