Catholic Identity Day

Jesus’s message is a message of love.

We created some images of what Catholic Identity means to us.




“What does love mean?”


Accepting EVERYBODY. Fr Shabu

Caring – said everybody!!!

Two people can come together for love. Zac

I think love means love your friends and family. Portia

I think it means sharing. Nahom

Sharing means play with each other. Mary

Be kindness. Long

Your best friend can be love. Hannah

Being Nice. Simon

Difference means something can hot and cold. William.

Everyone is different and you can be yourself. Zac

Difference means it is ok to help people, even when they are sad. Scarlett

Friends love you a lot. Liya.

You should love people. Chase

Be nice to people. Massa

Say “I like your drawing” Derek

I like to give hugs. Christellar

I love being kind. Yasmin.

I love being kind to my dog. Selina

I Love friends. Hannah

Be kind to your friends. That means be nice. Campbell

Jesus is very nice. Thoa Hien

I love Thoa Hien my friend. Ashley


We read books about love

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