Literacy Learning Experiences

This morning we read our Big Book Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

We used our prediction skills to help us read the story. We know that each page will start with the animal we see.

We also located our focus word “what” in the text by clapping each time we saw it in the sentence.

We were very clever locating “what” on each page.

Then we started our Literacy Learning experiences.

Today we played the memory card game with High frequency words.

We were doctors at our story table trying to put organs back into the patient.

We were locating different things using magnifying glasses and writing and drawing what we see.

Some of us were matching Upper and Lowercase letters and sounds.

We were also taking pizza orders on the phone.

Come Read with me

Come Read with me is a special time we enjoy books together. We love having you stay and enjoying books with us.

Declan “I like it when I read Simon and Derek books.”

Massa “I like it when I read books with Porsha.”

Arjan “I like reading books with my friends.”

Scarelett “I like it when I read with Ethan.”

Zac “I like it when I read with Arjan and Nyok.”

Yasmin “I like reading with my friend Ivy.”