Tuesday Week 2 Term 1 – 4th February

Tuesday Week 2 Term 1 – 4th February


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Today we read our shared text ‘The Tiny Seed’ again. We will be reading it every Mon-Wed morning for weeks 2-4.

The importance of shared reading

Shared reading is part of a suite of practices the teacher can use to support the teaching of reading. Initially, the focus of the reading is on meaning and enjoyment. Once understanding is established, the teacher can reread the text to explicitly demonstrate reading strategies and engage in problem solving using meaning, structure and visual information.

Students are expected to be actively engaged whilst the teacher is reading, following the text and when confident, joining in and reading with the teacher.

Shared reading provides opportunities for the teacher to:

  • expand vocabulary
  • read fluently, with expression and confidence
  • promote pleasure and enjoyment with texts
  • demonstrate decoding and comprehension strategies
  • demonstrate concepts of print such as left to right, return sweep, top to bottom, left page before right page
  • demonstrate how to use meaning, structure and visual information cues to assist reading
  • teach phonics and phonemic awareness

Shared reading is a strategy that can support the teaching of the Big Six elements of reading:

  • oral language
  • early experiences with print
  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • vocabulary
  • fluency and comprehension.

After we read the story today the children worked with 4 different learning experiences. These experiences encouraged oral language, fine and gross motor skills, writing, reading, high frequency word knowledge and sequencing. Here is the children engaging with some of the activities.


Our math focus at the moment is;

Foundation: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY- Connect days of the week to familiar events and actions (ACMMG008)

Year 1: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY – Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (ACMMG021)

We have started our exploration on days of the week. Today we focused on reading and recognising days of the week in order from Sunday to Saturday.


Investigations is a time when the children have agency to lead their own learning. They are free to use the classroom environment and resources to investigate and inquire. It is a time where they are able to work alone or collaborate with their peers. We use this time to work along side the children, observing their choices and adding to experiences where needed. Here is some photos from today’s investigations.


Tuesday afternoon’s is our library time. The individual classes go consecutively and the whilst one class is at library the other is back in the classroom. It is imperative that the children bring their black reader folder every day to class so that we can have the opportunity to read with them, beyond this on Tuesday’s the children are able to return and borrow new books for the following week. Within the library we read a story to the children and then they borrow their news books and have a go at reading them before we return to class.

Today we read the story ‘No place for an octopus’.

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