Monday Term 1 Week 3 – 10/02/20

Shared Reading – The Tiny Seed

Today we read our shared reading text, ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and focused on one of our high frequency words, ‘the’. You will see this word in their new Reading Memo books, found in their Library Bags. You will find many useful ways to help your child learn to read and write within this book.

The children practiced reading the word and putting it into sentences during Writer’s Workshop, where they continued their book from last Monday.


Catholic Identity – Daily Prayer  – Love

Viraj- ‘Dear God, Thank you for the world and the classroom, Amen.’

Charlee— ‘Dear God, Thank you for the world and the parents and the friends we have.’

Alexia- ‘Dear God, thank you for this classroom and all the friends and all the mums and dads, Amen.’

Nahom- ‘Dear God, thank you for families and all the world, Amen.’

Mikayla- ‘Dear God, Thank you for the family and teachers and friends, Amen.’

Alana- ‘Dear God, thank you for the whole class and the teachers, Amen.’


Keeping Children Safe Curriculum – My Trust Network

Today we talked about the word trust.

Mrs Feher asked the children,  ‘what does trust mean?’

Viraj – ‘Believe me!’

Shane – ‘we have to believe other people and that is trusting. The teacher can trust you to go somewhere by yourself.’

Alana – ‘when you trust people.’

Mrs Feher then asked the children , ‘who do you trust?’

Shane – ‘We trust Jesus.’

Viraj – ‘I trust mum and dad because they never lie.’

Alana – ‘I trust my cousin.’

Nikolas – ‘Nan and Pop because we love them and they love us.’

Layla – ‘I trust my dad.’

Mikayla – ‘I trust my grandma because she takes good care of me.’

Richard – ‘I trust God. He is the one who made everything.’

Edel – ‘I trust my mum because she is doing good things.’

After we traced around our hands and thought of one safe person who we trust in our lives for each finger on our hand.


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