Thursday Week 3 Term 1 – February 13


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Today for prayer we read the lovely story ‘Can I pray with my eyes open?’. This story then opened dialogued about what prayer means to us…

What does prayer mean to you? 

Oliver- You are quiet and it looks a bit happy

Alana- You can talk to God when you are sad

Mitchell- You can talk to God

Mikayla- It is quiet time

Alexandros- Quiet time

Alexia- Prayer is a time to be thankful

Charlee- You listen to God and pray

Shane- Prayer means we have to pray to God





Continuing our sun inquiry project. The children’s ideas about the sun were that the sun is hot and it makes things melt. We took this idea and explored melting – we started with ice. Firstly we hypothesised what would happened, then we took some ice outside and watched what happened. After we recorded our observations.

Our thinking…

  • Oliver -” it was like a a square shape, then it was changing in the sun to a triangle…then it kept melting and then it was water”
  • Darnia – melt, hot, sun, water
  • Mikayla – at the start it was really hard, then it was melting and melting but it took a long time to melt
  • Layla – it take 6 minutes. ice melted, its cold the ice it looks like water
  • Edel – it looked like a rectangle. it was hard…then went soft when it melted. the sun melted it
  • Naomi – when it started melting it was changing to a triangle, i think it took 15 minutes to melt…it took a long time for the sun to melt.
  • Angelo painted a picture of the ice melting
  • Hannah – the sun was really hot and it kept melting the ice, the ice melt like water
  • Alana – the ice block was melting from the sun. the ice was really cold like an ice cream, but then the sun changed it into water and it was making things float and not that cold.
  • Richard – my prediction was that it would take 12 minutes to melt. then we timed it and it took 6 minutes for the ice melt. the more it melted the clearer it got, it had tiny droplets of water.
  • Nahom- Our ice was nearly melting and it was going to melt and then we just had to wait 10 minutes and then it was going to melt 
  • Harper- If you put it on the hot ground it will melt quicker and it there is shade on there it won’t melt 
  • Eleazar- The ice got melt 
  • Catharen- The ice was melted 
  • Monique- The ice was melting when the sun make it cool down 
  • JK- The ice melts when the sun shines on it and it turns into water 
  • Mia- When its in the sunshine it melts 
  • Mitchell- The ice melted in the sun because the it was pointing at the sun 
  • Dhyani- The ice melted because the sun melts the ice 
  • Emily- The sun is melting the ice and its too hot 
  • Carter- The ice was melted, it was blue
  • Jason- When we leaved the ice outside it melts because the sun is hot
  • Nelson- The ice melted because its hot
  • Enrique- The ice melted, a few of them melted fast and some melted, it started melting when we first touched them
  • Shane- The ice melted and this is when the ice melted
  • Alexia- The ice melted from the sun because it was so hot they couldn’t even stand and they melted to water
  • Charlee- The ice melted because of the hot sun and because it was hot they couldn’t hold up
  • Callie- The ice melted because the sun melted it
  • Natalie- The ice melted because of the sun because the sun is hot and sun can make it melt


We hope you have a great night – see you tomorrow!

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