Friday Week 3 Term 1 – 14th February

Friday Week 3 Term 1 – 14th February

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Happy Valentines Day 


Today we enjoyed an assembly by 5/6AE & 5/6HM.

After assembly we read the story ‘Love from the crayons’. The children then had a think about what colour love might be for them.

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  • Catharen- Love is purple because I love purple
  • Charlee- Love is green because its helpful and you be kind to each other
  • Alexia- Love is red because it is all love hearts
  • Layla- Love is blue
  • Viraj- Love is blue because it rains and stormy
  • Ziggy- Love is purple because it looks like purple
  • Nahom- Love is blue because its rainy and stormy
  • Shane- Love is red because our heart is red
  • Connor- Love is red because people like red
  • Monique- Love is pink because children are nice
  • Alana- Love is red because red is my favourite colour for doing hearts
  • Shylay- Love is pink because I like pink
  • Carter- Love is green because you share with people


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Today for prayer we read the story ‘I am Love’ – A book of compassion. The is a celebration of love in all its forms, I Am Love asks readers to look inward when they feel afraid. Love allows us to act with compassion and kindness, to live with gratitude, and to take care of ourselves by practicing self-love.

Some I love is…

  • Ziggy – I love my friends
  • Jason – I love my Mum because she cooks food for me
  • Shyla – I love Harper because she is a good friend
  • Oliver – I love my Poppy because he gives me lovely dinners
  • JK – I love my birds
  • Callie – I love my family becuase they help me
  • Nickolas – I love my dog called Alfie because he chases me
  • Charlee – I love God because he shows us love and kindness
  • Emily – I Love my mum because she cooks food for me
  • Eleazar – I love my fish because they are happy at me
  • Richard – I love my Dad because he buys me Robots
  • Nohom – I love my Aunty because
  • Alexandros – I love my daddy because I love him and he makes me trains

Valentines Provocations 

Today we had some Valentines Provocations for the children to explore. There was a lots of different experiences that aimed to provoke the feeling of love and explore what love means. Here is the children exploring…

Olivers family shared the love by bringing in some fresh peaches from their tree – they were delicious thank you so much!


We ended our week with an afternoon of mindfulness. The children reflected on the week that was and shared what their specks of gold were.


Have a lovely weekend. See you next week for Week 4. 


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