Tuesday Week 4, Term 1 – 18/2/2020

Shared Reading

This morning we arrived and did what we do every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Come Read with Me. This time gives children the opportunity to read to peers, teachers and their parents. Please feel free to stay in the room on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning to read with your child and be a part of Come Read with Me.


After, we read our shared reading text, ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle. This lead us into our Literacy activities. The children engaged in a range of literacy focused activities such as, play dough high frequency words, writing high frequency words in rice, writing high frequency words on the white boards and creating mini booklets.



Catholic Identity – Prayer

This afternoon we celebrated our Catholic Identity through prayer and singing our prayer songs.

Layla – ‘Dear god, thank you for the children.’

Alana – ‘Dear god, thank you for the whole class and our friends.’

Alexandros – ‘Dear god, thank you for Mrs Feher.’

Oliver – ‘Dear god, I love the children and the teachers.’

Catharine ‘Dear god, thank you for presents.’


Children engaged in a range of play experiences today. Chloe created a fridge using the construction pieces, Ziggy created a microphone and Mikayla created a sign. Some children engaged in dramatic role play, while others turned the blocks into zoos and homes. Hannah and Mia enjoyed illustrating rainbows and creating their own books, and Darina enjoyed sharing her book with a peer.

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