Wednesday Week 5, Term 1 – 26/02/20


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This morning we read our Shared Reading text, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ by Bill Martin Jr and illustrated by Eric Carle. Today we focused on our two new sounds for the week, ‘p’ and ‘i’. As we read the text together we popped our hands on our head every time we heard a word beginning with the ‘p’ sound and the ‘I’ sound.

After, we had the opportunity to participate in ‘p’ and ‘i’ play. We practiced writing the uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds on the whiteboards, we painted and wrote words starting with our two sounds, we created ‘Pp’ and ‘Ii’ with play dough, we also made items beginning with our sounds using the play dough. We wrote letters to post in the postbox, making sure we used our two sounds in our writing and we created ‘i’ and ‘p’ posters.



Ash Wednesday Mass

What Is Ash Wednesday? & Why Christians Celebrate It

Today we joined together for a whole school Mass for Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, which is 40 days, not counting Sundays, of fasting and repentance prior to the celebration of Easter.

Ash Wednesday Mass Reflection

After our service we returned to our learning area where we reflected on the Mass and what we had discovered about Ash Wednesday.

R/1 FD Reflections

R1/JM Reflections

After this service we used ashes to rub the sign of the cross onto each of the children’s foreheads. The ashes represent mourning and repentance.

Numeracy – Patterns

Today we continued exploring patterns. It is important we develop an understanding of patterns before we move on to understand other concepts within mathematics.

What is a pattern?

Alexia – ‘any colour that is the same after the other one. One colour then another then the same one.’

Viraj – ‘a pattern, is a square, triangle, square, triangle, square, triangle.’

Mikayla – ‘pattern is like happy face, sad face, happy face, sad face.’

Nikolas – ‘A pattern is the same thing around in a circle. Red, orange, around in circles.’

Shane – ‘a colour pattern like, blue, red, blue, red.’

Monique – ‘a pattern looks like a circle like pink shapes. Square.’

 Connor – ‘Edel’s dress has a stripe pattern.’

Thomas – ‘Viraj’s top has a pattern.’

We then explored materials around the room and created as many patterns as we could.



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