Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

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This morning R1JM recapped our letter ‘I’ sound knowledge. We went through what sound the letter ‘I’ makes and then worked on the correct letter formation. The children then drew things they could think of that start with the letter ‘I’.

After we finished our letter knowledge we then moved onto some math. The children showed me how they can write numbers 1-10 and then drew the amount of dots to the corresponding number. This enabled me to see where all the children are at with writing their numbers (the correct formation of the numbers) and then if they are able to show ‘how many’.


Phonics – Ii

we listened for the two different sounds that the letter I make.

long I sound and short sound.

Nikolas – I

Alexandros – ice cream

Mikayla – ice

Chloe – iceblock

Alana – Icecube

Sahib – iced lollies

Zachary – ideas

Conner – ice

Naomi – ice cream

Alex – ice skate

Oliver  – ice

Some children wrote words and sentences using this sound.


Lent Prayer

Daily Lent Prayer

Lord, I will follow you.
Guide me to follow you.
I will listen to you.
And believe in your words.
I will not listen to mean words.
And will encourage others to hear your words. I will strive to share your message.
And live those messages in my everyday life. Guide me to follow you.


Our prayers  and reflections….

Callie – God wants us to follow his rules, like speak nice words.

Shane – use our manners all the time, be kind and respect other people

Oliver – we can use our hearts to remember to protects us and other people


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This afternoon the children had a religion lesson about Lent. We read a story and then discussed what the word Lent means. Through whole group dialogue the children discussed something they might give up during Lent.

  • Harper- Eating junk food
  • Oliver- I will stop eating chips
  • Nahom- Drinking frozen coke
  • Jason- Candy
  • Monique- No junk food
  • Mikayla- I would give up eating lollipops
  • Enrique- Eating ice cream
  • Sahib- Ice cream
  • Nik- No sugar

Individually the children reflected through both writing and images what they would give up for Lent. During this individual work time we are able to focus on individual children’s needs with expressing themselves and reflections on their own understanding and thoughts around the topic being discussed. We can then scaffold individually to support the children to write  (label images, add a title, write words related to Lent, write sentences explaining themselves) dependent on where they are at with their writing skills. We also encourage the children to look at their images created and see if they are able to add more detail (for example when drawing people; does your person need a nose, do they have any arms or legs).








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