Friday week 5 term 1, Feb 28


Today we enjoyed watching the learning from classrooms

  • 5/6NB & 5/6ND


We got our bodies moving with some games together and doing ‘go noodle’.


We spent some time reading quietly. the teacher used this time to do 1.1 reading records with the children. It was great to see how much the children love reading!!


Based on Luke 4: 1-13 and Matthew 4:1-11


We read and watched the Bible story about Jesus in the desert for 40days. We related it to our character strengths and said that Jesus showed Perseverance and Bravery.

Children’s reflections on the Bible story….

Mitchell – i used perseverance when i learnt about soccer

Alana – i use bravery to talk loudly

Viraj – i am so brave to do some hard things like climbing up trees, that is brave and perseverance

Mikayla – I used perseverance when i play chase and i run fast to try get friends

Richard – I am brave and perseverance when i try get goals at soccer



We watched a youtube clip with lots of information about the sun! then we focused on a sun art lesson. We read a shared reading text that included a lovely image of the sun on each page.

How the sun got to Coco’s house? by Bob Graham

How the Sun Got to Coco’s House. Follow the journey of the sun across the world from a whale’s eye to a little girl’s window in Bob Graham’s tender, transcendent story. While Coco sleeps far away, the sun creeps over a hill and skids across the water, touching a fisherman’s cap.

We looked at famous images of the sun and some beautiful art work for inspiration. The children were then given an art based inquiry,

‘how can you show the sun is hot through visual arts?’



We shared with each other all we know about numbers. We wrote numbers, ordered numbers and showed values to the numbers.



R1FD visited our year 2 buddies for the first time. Throughout this year we will have lots of time with our Buddies and learning from each other. The children were excited to get to know some new friends at the school. We spent time getting to know each other. Here is what each buddy group did on the laptops together.



It was a beautiful afternoon to go outside. There was so much happening – a castle, a house, an elevator, lots of discussions, dancing, collecting and much more!!


Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


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