Wednesday Term 1 Week 7 – 11/3/20


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This morning we read our Shared Reading text for the second time. This time the children were able to memorise what came next on the following page. The repetition of the story allows for them to memorise the correct story sequence.

After we recapped our sound from yesterday, ‘Kk’, and introduced a new sound, ‘Ee’.

Mrs Feher demonstrated the correct way to form our new sounds.

A few students thought of words that begin with our ‘e’ sound…

Charlee – ‘egg’

Edel – ‘my name.’

Alana – ‘elephant’

We then engaged in a range of provocations set up with opportunities for us to practice forming the ‘Ee’ and ‘Kk’ letter and practicing the sounds.

Catholic Identity – Prayer

After Recess we came together for our daily prayer. Today we sung ‘Welcome to God’s House’.

We then shared our thoughts about what God’s house is and what it means.

Richard –  ‘heaven.’

Connor –  ‘church.’

Moneque – ‘we pray in God’s house.’

Viraj – ‘the house is love.’

Alana – ‘a big house for people to pray.’

Layla – ‘caring for each other.’

Edel – ‘a house to live in.’

Oliver – ‘we learn with God in the house.’

Shane – ‘God’s house is the Church and the grown ups and children go there.’

Alexandros ‘God’s house is God’s house, people come in there.

Mikayla ‘ God’s house is being helpful and praying.’

Mini Maths

With some free time between lessons we took the opportunity to engage in a quick mini maths lesson. This lesson’s focus was on recognising numbers 1 – 10 and counting objects up to 10.


Today we enjoyed the sunshine while engaging in fitness activities. We focused on the physical movement of running whilst playing ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘Fruit Salad’.

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum


Today we continued our learning in exploring our feelings and emotions. We watched the feeling song to help us remember some of the different emotions in the form of a song.

Viraj – ‘they are angry and sad and sleepy and grumpy and happy.’

Mithra – ‘the song is about feelings.’

Alexandros – ‘I got sad when I did not get any money.’

Monique – ‘Crying when I am sad.’

Mikayla – ‘the song is a story about being angry, happy and sad.’

Edel – ‘about feelings.’

Richard – ‘feeling and when you act the feelings out.’

We followed on from this with a feelings mime game. We sat in a large circle, children then took it in turns to pick up a feelings card from the middle of the circle and act out the emotion on their card. The other children guessed what emotion was being acted out.

We then created happy and sad puppets!




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