Monday 16/03/19 Week 8 Term 1

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After Come Read with Me we read our shared reading text, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We hunted for our high frequency word list while reading.

We then moved on to complete our Writer’s Workshop where we had a go a completing the sentence, ‘he ate a…’ to form as part of our own books.

Mrs Crisp, who supports us with our Literacy learning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday worked with us as a group to create a sentence and write it in our Writing books.


Today we continued our inquiry into God’s House. Again, we listened to, sung and did the actions to ‘Welcome to God’s House.’

After the children shared their ideas about the sorts of symbols and items we find in God’s House/Church

Richard – ‘crosses and people who help God.’

Charlee –  ‘love and special chairs that God will sit on.’

Viraj – ‘lights and the prayer carpet.’

Shane – ‘holy water and we pray for all of the people to survive. I have been to Church many times before.’

Monique – ‘Jesus can help people.’

Mithra – ‘statues.’

Soon we will visit our Centre and have a look at the different symbols and items within the Holy space. This will give the children a better understanding.

Numeracy – Numbers

While R1JM were participating in their Sport lesson R1FD used ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to practice counting and forming numbers.



Keeping Safe  – Child Protection Curriculum

Today we continued to develop our understanding of feelings and emotions and how they play a role in our lives, moods and the way we might communication.

Today our focus was on which feelings and emotions are comfortable and which are uncomfortable.

First children shared their ideas about what comfortable means…

Charlee – ‘you are feeling good and not uncomfortable inside. you are happy and ready to do what you want to do.’

Alana – ‘comfortable is when you are going to sleep.’

Richard – ‘you are relaxed.’

Viraj –  ‘you are sitting on a soft chair.’

Monique – ‘laying down and being comfortable’

Connor – ‘comfortable means you are soft.’

Shane –  ‘comfortable means not feeling hot or tired, you are just right. We can also relax our body’s down.’

Oliver – ‘you are comfy and you go to sleep. You can cuddle all off your toys and go to sleep.’

Nickolas – ‘it means you like something.’

We then shared our ideas on what uncomfortable means…

Alana – ‘you’re not really soft.’

Alexandros – ‘I am uncomfortable when I get wet from my drink bottle.’

Richard – ‘you don’t feel well.’

Jason – ‘wearing an uncomfortable shirt.’

Alexia – ‘you’re not comfortable.’

Oliver – ‘you can’t wiggle and you don’t feel well. Like when you have a cold or cough.’

Connor – ‘uncomfortable is laying on the floor.’

Charlee – ‘you don’t feel well, you feel upset and when you are bored.’

Shane – ‘uncomfortable means you are sick and you have an uncomfortable bed.’

We then used the same feeling cards from last week and worked together to divide them into an uncomfortable bin and a comfortable bin.

After we recorded our learning in our Learning Journals…

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