Tuesday Week 8 Term 1 – 17th March

Tuesday Week 8 Term 1 – 17th March

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This morning we started our day with lessons about keeping safe at the moment. We focused on hand washing and how to cover our cough. The children will now wash their hands when they arrive in the morning, when they come in from recess (before eating their recess), before eating lunch and when they come in at lunch. I suggested that as soon as they get home they wash their hands as well. We went through the correct techniques for washing our hands. Please keep this conversation going at home.

Secondly we talked about how we can cover our mouth if we cough. We talked about why we cough into our elbow and turning away from people if we need to cough. We will continue these conversations on with reminders. There is a reminder poster on the door of the classroom. If you would like a copy of either of these posters please let us know and we can email them to you.

With everything that is going on at the moment please ensure that you are keeping your family safe and practising safe hygiene. If your child is unwell please don’t bring them to school and follow all other government travel guidelines if you have been overseas. As a community we will do everything we can to make sure everyone is safe. Some school events have been postponed or cancelled until further notice.

Cancellation of activities 

  • Sports Day will be postponed
  • Harmony Day assembly and shared lunch has been cancelled.  Please advise students that they are still welcome to wear cultural dress or orange clothing on Friday.


Shared Text

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We are continuing to read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Today I left out different words in the story and got the children to help me read. After reading the story the children then explored different experiences related to The Hungry Caterpillar.

The children had different literacy experiences this morning including;

  • Sequencing of the story- using cards with visual prompts
  • Oral language skills- using puppets re-telling the story
  • Read and match- words and images from the story
  • Book making- Mini books of the Hungry Caterpillar using visual prompts (word mat)


With everything that is going on at the moment we used prayer time as a time to remember to think about God’s grace and how we need to keep peace, love and joy in our hearts. We have to remain positive and calm and ask that God will look after the people in need.

  • Shylah- Dear God, thanks for Hudson in my world and for my mum and dad and my dog, Amen 
  • Charlee- Dear God, Thank you for the nice people and the family we have and the nice people and God, Amen.
  • Monique- Dear God, Thank you for the day and the people and the prayers and the old men, Amen.
  • Alexandros- Dear God, I love my mum and dad, Amen.
  • Edel- Dear God, Thank you for the people and the houses and the land, Amen.
  • Shylah- Dear God, thank you for all the teachers and the children, Amen.
  • Nick- Dear God, for all the love and all the care and all the animals, Amen.
  • Viraj- Dear God, Thank you the children and the teachers and the God, Amen.
  • Jason- Dear God, Thank you for the whole planet, Amen.
  • Oliver- Dear God, I thank you for the people, the office, the teachers and the children and the school and the class and all the classes, Amen.
  • Connor- Dear God, Thank you for the people and the friend and the teachers and the school and the whole planet and the animals, Amen.
  • Shylah- Dear God, Thank you for Charlee and Harper and Oliver and Dhyani and the plants, Amen.
  • Charlee- Dear God, Thank you for the teachers the kids and Harper and Shylah, Amen.
  • Alana- Dear God, Thank you for the teachers and for them teaching all the children how to learn, Amen.
  • Alexia- Dear God, Thank you for all of the friends and family, Amen.
  • Dhyani- Dear God, Thank you for the world and the school and the friends, Amen.
  • Sahib- Dear God, thank you for Viraj, Connor and everyone in the town, Amen.
  • Chloe- Dear God, thank you for my mum and dad, Amen.


We had a quick math lesson going through our numbers 1-20. We then did some subitising of numbers 1-10.

Keeping Safe- Personal Hygiene 

Following on from our hand washing lesson this morning the children made their own hand washing posters with the 5 steps to clean hands.

R1JM Single Lesson 

This morning we continued our learning about the letter Hh. We went through what sound the letter makes and then how we write both the capital and lower case letter Hh. We used our ‘Get Squiggling’ video to go through the correct letter formation and then draw and write things that start with the letter Hh. We ended our lesson with some music and movement.


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Today’s story in library was ‘A flair for hair ‘. We read the story and then talked about what happened.

  • Harper said that they would feel sad if someone didn’t like their hair.
  • Charlee said their hair looked funny because the Lion’s hair was curly and Lion’s hair isn’t curly.
  • Alexia said the one that had a bun was really good because if its hair was down it would be really hot
  • Shane said their hair looks like and tidy and its keeping their hair in one place
  • Thomas said if they had their hair done and didn’t like it they would be sad

See you tomorrow 🙂 

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