Wednesday 18th March, week 8 term 1


We started our day off with ‘come read with me’. A time to read with parents, grandparents, teachers and our friends.


We continued our shared reading text – The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl role modelling fluency and expression. The children helped read the story too, showing great familiarity with the text.we listened out for the sounds.

The letters we looked at today were ‘Hh’ ‘Rr’.


We practiced correct letter formation. We brainstormed words that start with H and R…..


We played with the letter R and H…

  • painting, whiteboards, chalkboards to write.
  • word finds.
  • challenge to make a ‘house’ ‘robot’
  • word books
  • letter picture drawing


We Read the Scripture Genesis 1:26

we discussed and unpacked the scripture.

What does it suggest? What does it mean to be responsible for something?

Shane – it was talking about Jesus creating the whole world, adding light so it wasn’t dark otherwise the planet would be completely dark.

Monique – God prayed for people

Alexia – God made the people, the world needed people

Alana – God created the people to care for creation and to pick up the rubbish

What is creation?

Shane – what falls under creation… is the trees, the whole people

Oliver – the people

Viraj – all the animals

Alana – animals in the ocean

Shane – an the insects

Oliver – caring for the lake, the beach

Connor – the animals, the fish

Sahib – God created trees and grass and plants

Charlee – take care of it

Harper – look after animals and pick up the rubbish


R1FD enjoyed our music lesson today!!

R1JM Single Lesson 

During this lesson R/1JM explored our number knowledge and number lines from 1-10. We made links where the children wrote numbers 1-10 on each link and then made a number chain. They had to ensure their links were in the correct number order.


We continued our inquiry and recorded what was happening with the plants, as a follow on from Friday’s visit.

what do we observe?

No sun…

Alex – not many plants

Oliver – a few green bits..its not really growing

shyla – its not growing because no sun

with sun…

Shane – you can see that the sprouts are green, they medium sized

Oliver – we can see some white, the green bits can grow

Shyla – it is growing, lots of green because the sun making it grow



We gave the  children some mindful colouring to do whilst they were relaxing their minds after lunch.


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

Our focus today in Maths is using 10 Frames. We can use them for composing and decomposing numbers in relation to 5 and 10. They help form the basis for understanding place value in the future. The children were each given a 10 frame and 10 flip tiles to explore number with. They recorded how many of each colour they got.



Have a nice night 🙂

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