Friday 20th March, week 8 term 1


Theme ‘everyone belongs’…

We shared the story ‘whoever you are’ By Mem Fox



Children had time to explore some provocations related to Harmony day.

  • books
  • globe
  • maps of Australia
  • Maps of the world
  • Cultural pictures as inspiration in painting, lego and block play
  • Aboriginal symbol drawing in sand

  • Naomi was looking at the world map and said “my family is from Africa, where is Africa? see look at my African dress…its a picture of the sea on my dress”
  • Dearni “and my family is from India, can we find India on the map too?”
  • Jk “i made these flags from all the countries…i do know the Africa flag”
  • Alana and Alexia were looking through different cultural books and drawing pictures/writing information they thought was interesting.
  • Sahib “I am making Indian flag, my family from India. Green and yellow are on flag”
  • Viraj “Im making Canada flag…but my family from India, i might make India flag after”
  • Mia “Im making two flags”
  • Connor, Alexandros, Oliver and Thomas were building a community in the block area
  • Harper and Shyla were busy creating different foods in the class restaurant



Dear God,

you create all people in your image. We thank you for the astonishing variety of races and cultures in this world. Enrich our lives by ever widening circles of friendship and show us your presence in those who differ from us, until our knowledge of your love is made perfect in our love for all your children;

through your son Jesus Christ our Lord,



Alana – I am going to be friends with everyone even if people are different

Viraj – Dear God, i am going to share and be friends with people and be kind.

Monique– Thank you for my friends, thank you for my teachers.

Alexandros – Dear God I share with Mikayla and be nice to everyone Amen

Naomi– Dear God thank you for my Mum and Dad are my friends Amen

Shyla – Dear God thank you for Harper and Charlee because they play with me Amen

Sahib – Dear God thank you for Conner and Viraj becuase we all play together and be friends Amen



Maps of the world. We had a look at a map of the world. Mrs Diotallevi shared where her family came from.

Children were then invited to share where does your family come from?

  • Shane “My family are from a different country called seychells, my mum and grandmum speak a different language at home, its French” We searched on google about Sey chells and found where it was in com

  • Alana “My family comes from Vietnam and we can speak a different language”
  • Dyani “My family is from India”
  • Alexandros “My family is mummy, daddy, brother and sister…our family loves garlic bread”
  • Oliver “My family loves fish for dinner”
  • Naomi “My family is from Africa, we like eating butter chicken”
  • Alex (Hy) “My family is from Malaysia…in our family we eat rice and pizza”
  • Jason “my family from Vietnam, my mum speak Vietnam, we love eating noodle”
  • Conner “My my mum and me are Aboriginal. We cook some foods at this school like kangaroo and we do Aboriginal painting about animals, yellow, red and black are Aboriginal colours”
  • Shyla “i love my family, we love eating spaghetti”
  • Callie “My dad is in California, we speak other language at home”
  • Chloe “speak different at home”
  • Sahib “My family is from India, we speak Indian at home. My favorite Indian food is Mala Kofta and Mango Lassi”
  • Alana “My family from Vietnam and Adelaide, we eat soup, i can speak Vietnamese”

The children then created a beautiful picture that related to their own family and culture.



Today we watched the assembly online in our classroom. We really enjoyed watching the different cultural dances, we also did the Kaurna acknowledgment and Australian National Anthem.



In light of the National Day of Action against bullying we discussed bullying in our classroom.

We listened to the story Willy and Hugh by Anthony Browne

Teacher – Buster Nose sneers at Willy. How do you think Willy feels? Why?

Monique – i think sad because no one was playing

Alana – sad because not a nice face

Viraj – the face sneering is not very nice i don’t think its kind

Shane – sad mean face is not good friend to be

Connor – it would make me feel angry because its so rude



Shyla – playing on the playground with Harper

Jason – Playing with Alex and Sahib

Alana – Colouring in

Alex – Playing hide and seek at lunch


Happy Harmony day everyone, thank you for celebrating with us. Enjoy your weekend 🙂




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