Monday, Term One, Week 9

Welcome to Monday!

Today started out like most days lately, all surfaces, door handles and light switches were disinfected. We continue to do this throughout the day as necessary. Children are regularly reminded about social distancing and practice it where possible and children are reminded to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.

If you decide your child will be absent more than 3 days (including staying home for voluntary self-isolation), please complete an Application for exemption from school enrolment/attendance form available from the school office or as a web form on the school’s website.  An email with the details sent to the classroom teacher is also acceptable.

Please find the link to the form that you may wish to email the parent.

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For the next two weeks we will be focusing on Easter. Our shared reading text for this time is the traditional Easter story from the Bible. Today children were very engaged in the story, some hearing it for the very first time, ‘this story comes from the bible!’ Shane told us. Viraj  shared his experience, having seen people drinking wine and eating bread in Church much like Jesus’ disciples did in the story. Alexandros pointed to the cross on his necklace, ‘Jesus died on the cross! They were not very nice to him.’

After we engaged in our Writer’s Workshop, completing the sentence, ‘Easter is…’


For prayer we continued our learning about the Easter Bible story. This time we viewed it in a different form which gave children the opportunity ton further piece together the complex story of Easter. After, children were invited to share a prayer or reflection of the story with the group…


Edel – ‘Dear God,  thank you for the teachers and children.’

Shane – ‘Thank you God for the world and Jesus and God and Mary and the angel and the people and the whole universe, Amen.’

Monique – ‘Dear God thank you for the people and prayer and the teacher.’

Alexandros –  ‘Dear God, Jesus died in the cross and he had nails in the cross.’

Viraj – ‘Thank you for the world and the people and the Mary and the Joseph and the God that came back. Thank you for plants and the people who create the school. We should be nice to each other.’ 

Sahib –  ‘Thank you God for people and friends and school and the people and thank you for helping sick people.’

Mini Maths



Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Today we continued learning about our emotions and feelings. We started by watching the feelings song which helps those children who are visual and musical learners.  We then played a quick guess the emotion game with our emotion cards.

After we worked on completing the sentence below…

Sometimes I feel…




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