Tuesday Week 9 Term 1 – March 24

Tuesday Week 9 Term 1 – March 24

Hello Families,

Please remember that within this current time, children are still active participants with our worlds. They are taking in everything that is happening and most importantly they are learning how we are responding to what is going on. Through conversations you are able let them know about what is going on and reassure them how to keep safe. This includes practising good hygiene, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and getting adequate rest. We hope that everyone within our community stays safe and can assure you that we are doing are upmost best to keep the classroom’s and school clean for the children. We are increasing our hand washing within the classroom and ask that any adult who enters the classroom also washes their hands.


Shared text- 

We are continuing to read ‘The Easter Story’. Today we stopped at different parts and talked about what was happening and what it means. The children shared their reflections as we read.

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The children had different literacy experiences this morning including;

  • Sequencing of the story- using cards with visual prompts
  • Oral language skills- using puppets re-telling the story
  • Read and match- words and images from the story
  • Book making- Mini books of the Easter Story using visual prompts (word mat)


  •  Oliver – Dear God, I thank you for the God and the people and the children and the school and the office and the teachers and the people and the world and the zoo. Amen
  • Alexandros – Dear God, Jesus died on the cross. Amen
  • Sahib – Thank you god for everyone and the friends and the whole world and the teachers. Amen
  • Viraj – thank you for the plants and the teachers and the school and the toys and thank you for the parents. Amen
  • Edel – Dear God thank you for my family. Amen
  • Monique – Thank you God for Jesus and thank you for the families and thank you for the people and that you for the friends. Amen
  • Chloe – Dear God thank you for the teachers and God for letting me play sport. Amen
  • Naomi – thank you God for my friends and the teachers. Amen
  • Catherine – Thank you God for the teachers and the toys. Amen. 


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Today we played a guess the number game. The children were given clues and had to try and guess what the number was. For example;

I am a number between 5 and 10

I am a number higher than 4 but lower than 5

I am a number smaller than 3

I am a number bigger than 7



Today the story in library was ‘Love from Alfie McPoonst- The Best Dog Ever’.

When Alfie the dog dies, he sends his owner Izzy letters in the post from his new address: The Nicest Cloud, Dog Heaven, The Sky. He wants her to know that he misses her – so much! – but his new home in heaven is BRILLIANT. There are postmen to chase, an infinite supply of treats, and he never even has to take a bath!

Image result for love from alfie mcpoonst

After reading the story the children shared…

  • Catharen- Is the doggy and his mum and dad and sister in the world
  • Natalie- The dog is in dog outer space
  • Monique- Why did he die and then the dog was talking about his brother and he was at home and he was outside

R1JM Single Lesson 

This morning we continued our learning about the letter Mm. We went through what sound the letter makes and then how we write both the capital and lower case letter Mm. We used our ‘Get Squiggling’ video to go through the correct letter formation and then draw and write things that start with the letter Mm. We ended our lesson with some music and movement.


Please remember to keep everyone safe in your family at this time. If you are entering the classroom it is good practice to wash your hands as the children do. There is soap on the sink and paper towel to wash and dry your hands. 



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