Thursday Week 9 Term 1 – March 26

Thursday Week 9 Term 1 – March 26

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R1JM Single Lesson 

This morning we continued our learning about the letter Dd. We went through what sound the letter makes and then how we write both the capital and lower case letter Dd. We used our ‘Get Squiggling’ video to go through the correct letter formation and then draw and write things that start with the letter Dd.

R1FD Single Lesson 

R1FD completed the same lesson as above when they returned from Spanish.

Mikayla – Oval

Alexandros – Ostrich

Oliver – Onion and Oliver


As we continue our learning about Easter we reflected in prayer today through some art. The children were asked to create an Easter picture with the colours below. We read the prayer together and the children used their black books with coloured pencils to draw the prayer.

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Subitising – using our 10 frames we worked on our subtilising skills with the children. Each child had a white board and when the 10 frame was on the screen they had to write the number on the white board.

  • Draw a 10 frame and place different items in each box to show the representation of different numbers


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Outdoor Meditation

  • What shapes can you see in the clouds?
  • Focus on stillness and breathing


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As part of our learning about Easter we explored the image of Jesus on the Cross. We looked at our cross on our prayer table and talked about the image of Jesus at the time of Easter. The children then had a task to re-create this in a model form. The used paper and pop sticks.


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