Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

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This morning R1JM recapped our letter ‘I’ sound knowledge. We went through what sound the letter ‘I’ makes and then worked on the correct letter formation. The children then drew things they could think of that start with the letter ‘I’.

After we finished our letter knowledge we then moved onto some math. The children showed me how they can write numbers 1-10 and then drew the amount of dots to the corresponding number. This enabled me to see where all the children are at with writing their numbers (the correct formation of the numbers) and then if they are able to show ‘how many’.


Phonics – Ii

we listened for the two different sounds that the letter I make.

long I sound and short sound.

Nikolas – I

Alexandros – ice cream

Mikayla – ice

Chloe – iceblock

Alana – Icecube

Sahib – iced lollies

Zachary – ideas

Conner – ice

Naomi – ice cream

Alex – ice skate

Oliver  – ice

Some children wrote words and sentences using this sound.


Lent Prayer

Daily Lent Prayer

Lord, I will follow you.
Guide me to follow you.
I will listen to you.
And believe in your words.
I will not listen to mean words.
And will encourage others to hear your words. I will strive to share your message.
And live those messages in my everyday life. Guide me to follow you.


Our prayers  and reflections….

Callie – God wants us to follow his rules, like speak nice words.

Shane – use our manners all the time, be kind and respect other people

Oliver – we can use our hearts to remember to protects us and other people


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This afternoon the children had a religion lesson about Lent. We read a story and then discussed what the word Lent means. Through whole group dialogue the children discussed something they might give up during Lent.

  • Harper- Eating junk food
  • Oliver- I will stop eating chips
  • Nahom- Drinking frozen coke
  • Jason- Candy
  • Monique- No junk food
  • Mikayla- I would give up eating lollipops
  • Enrique- Eating ice cream
  • Sahib- Ice cream
  • Nik- No sugar

Individually the children reflected through both writing and images what they would give up for Lent. During this individual work time we are able to focus on individual children’s needs with expressing themselves and reflections on their own understanding and thoughts around the topic being discussed. We can then scaffold individually to support the children to write  (label images, add a title, write words related to Lent, write sentences explaining themselves) dependent on where they are at with their writing skills. We also encourage the children to look at their images created and see if they are able to add more detail (for example when drawing people; does your person need a nose, do they have any arms or legs).








Tuesday Week 5 Term 1 – 25th February

Tuesday Week 5 Term 1 – 25th February


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This weeks shared text is ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’. On Tuesday morning’s we read our shared text and then work in small groups on four different experiences.

This mornings experiences were;

  • Brown Bear Stick Puppets – Story Retell- Oral Language, Story Sequencing, Characters
  • Word Work –  this weeks words on white boards – Reading and Writing
  • Reading – Character names and colours from the story- read and order.
  • Sorting and matching colours to characters from the story.

Here is some photos of the children engaging with the experiences.




Today is Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day. It is the last day before Lent begins. Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, when people often give up something. In the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday Prayer

The children were then offered to share their own prayers:

  • Oliver – Dear God, I thank you for the kids, the people and the teachers, Amen.
  • Viraj- Dear God, Thank you for the school and the people and the school and the building and the houses and the God, Amen.
  • Charlee- Dear God, Thank you for the friends we have and people, Amen.
  • Callie- Dear God, Thank you for the family and the kids, Amen.
  • Edel- Dear God, Thank you for parents and children, Amen.
  • Richard- Dear God, Thank you for animals and nature and houses, Amen.
  • Layla- Dear God, Thank you for the friends, Amen.

We then sang ‘Welcome to God’s House’. Just a reminder tomorrow’s Mass will be at 11AM in the Hall. Everyone is welcome to join us for Mass.


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Today for Investigations we had some provocations set up around Shrove Tuesday.


This weeks shared library text was ‘The Wonderful Wisdom Of Ants’. After reading the story we talked about how ants help our environment.

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R1JM Single Lesson 

Literacy Phonics / Shrove Tuesday Pancakes 

We recapped the sound ‘P’. Whilst we drew the letter in the correct formation we ate some mini pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and then drew lots of things starting with the letter P. The challenge was to try and draw at least 10 different things. 




Thursday Week 4 Term 1 – February 20th

Thursday Week 4 Term 1 – February 20th

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This morning R1JM read the story ‘Kindness Makes Us Strong’. We talked about what kindness looks like, feels like and sounds like. The children in R1JM shared what kindness means to them and reflected through drawings. I scribed on their books their voice. Have a look below…

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R1FD worked on their patterning skills. Miss Diotallevi started by getting the children to sort and classify different groups by colours. We will be focusing on patterning throughout the next couple of weeks as part of our Math learning experiences.




Ash Wednesday

Today we talked about Ash Wednesday and that our focus for Mass next Wednesday will be Ash Wednesday. We then sang some fo the songs that we will be singing at Mass next week. All families are welcome to join us in the hall for Mass at 11:30am next Wednesday.

Prayers for today… 

Callie- Dear God, Thank you for sharing with everyone, Amen 

Oliver- Dear God, I love the teachers and students, Amen. 

Layla- Dear God, Thank you. Amen. 


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Today our project about the sun continued. Following on from our experiments with ice cubes last week today during investigations Miss Diotallevi put out different items in the sun. She then took out small groups of children to make some predictions about what would happen. Here is some of the conversations the children were having…

Mitchel – I think the chocolate will melt and the jelly and butter… the coin wont melt

Oliver – the lego wont melt too, its like really hard and not squishy

Charlee – the butter and the chocolate, maybe the jelly will. I think its just the stuff that will melt

Oliver – I know ice melts too

Alana – I think the chocolate will melt because one time I ate chocolate outside and it melted everywhere

Naomi – the coin will melt

Alana – no it wont

Teacher – why?

Alana – because its metal and metal doesn’t melt

Hannah – the jelly will melt because its cold and like water and ice…ice melts

Alana – I don’t think the lego will melt

Nahom – the butter will melt, the chocolate and lego went

Callie – yes the chocolate melts

Nohom – no the chocolate wont melt

Callie – yes one time I saw the chocolate melt on my hands outside

Nohom – really? I think just cold stuff like butter and jelly and ice stuff but chocolate isn’t cold

Callie – it will still melt I see it

Richard – if its 40 degrees I think the chocolate will melt, but if its only 10 degrees it wont melt think the butter

Carter – the butter and jelly the sun will melt…not chocolate but maybe if sun really hot

Nohom – money would not melt by the sun no way

Richard – it won’t melt it but it could make it really really hot

Nohom – the coin is really made from metal so it would make it hot

Richard – the sun won’t melt the coin but fire would melt

Nohom – yeah like if the coin was right next to the sun it would melt…but not like from here

Mia – I think chocolate will melt

Connor – I think the chocolate, the butter will melt

Enrique – yeah I think that too

Monique – I think the jelly

JK – the butter will melt first

Jason – the money wont its made of metal

Monique – chocolate money would melt

Enrique – if there was really strong heat it would melt

Thomas – the chocolate will melt first when it gets so hot

Harper – the lego won’t melt..its too hard and the heat is not strong enough..the chocolate will melt the fastest

Monique – I think the jelly will be the fastest

Zachary – the chocolate will melt because the sun is so hot

Connor – the lego wont melt because it is actually plastic

Enrique – yeah it wont melt because its not made from water

Harper – yeah like toys are plastic and they don’t melt

Alexandros – the jelly melts…jelly always melt. The lego might melt.

After a few hours we looked back at the objects placed and the sun and recorded our thinking.

Katherine – it melted down, the butter and the jelly

Natalie – most of the chocolate melted

Harper – the jelly melted into water

Alana – jelly melted because the sun so hot the butter didn’t melt much

Carter – the jelly was like green water

Sahib – the coin and the lego did not melt

Callie – the chocolate melted

Monday Week 4 Term 1 – 17th of February

Monday Week 4 Term 1 – 17th of February


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This is our last week of reading our shared text ‘The Tiny Seed’. Today when I read the story I left out some of the words at end of sentences or within sentences. The children were able to pick up on the words being left out and say them aloud as a group as I read the story. This was amazing to see as we have now read the story 7 times together. Watching the progress over time from the first time we have read it to now when the children are able to follow the story and know what is coming next.

We also read our words for the 3 weeks that align with the story and or are high frequency words. This word list is in the children’s word book in their black bag. Every 3 weeks the children will get a new list of words. It has 10 words in there. Please support your child to read these words at home. There is some space next to the word list where they can have a go at writing these words. Under the word list there is the 3 sounds we have covered over weeks 2-4. They are put in here so you know what sounds we have covered but also so you can engage with these sounds at home.

Writer’s workshop

For writer’s workshop today the children were encouraged to use the word ‘and’ in their writing. Some children wrote their own sentences, some had a go at writing the word and on their page and some children had sentences modelled for them. Within this time we are able to individually focus with each child on where they are at with their writing and support this. When we are focusing on writing in sentences we point out the use of capital and lower case letters and the use of full stops. The children then keep their work in their writer’s workshop folder (which is the folder with the cloud on it).


Today for prayer we sung ‘One Faith, One Hope, One Love’ in preparation for Ash Wednesday next week. The children then shared their own prayers.

  • Catharen- Dear God, Thank you for everyone which are nice 
  • Alexia- Dear God, thank you for all the schools across the land and all the land and all the teachers 
  • Oliver- Dear God, I love the people, the plants and the Holy Spirit amen, 
  • Nick- Dear God, I thank you for all the teachers and all the caring and all the love, amen 
  • Mikayla- Dear God, thank you for the teachers and our school
  • Charlee- Dear God thank you for the school

Sport and Music 

R/1JM head off to Sport and Music on a Monday and R/1FD stay in the room and then have sport.

Recapping the sound of the Week 

Whilst R/1FD were at sports R/1JM worked on a recap of this weeks sound ‘a’. We looked at the correct letter formation of a capital and lower case letter ‘Aa’ and then drew some things that we know that start with the letter ‘a’ before labelling them.

Keeping Safe Curriculum 

Following on from our trust networks last week this week we talked about who safe people are within our community and how they can help us. We made a list together;

  • Nick- Secruity guard because they have a uniform on
  • Charlee- Police because they help you when you are in trouble
  • Richard- Ambulance will come and help you if you hurt your self

The children then drew a picture of safe people that can help us.

Friday Week 3 Term 1 – 14th February

Friday Week 3 Term 1 – 14th February

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Happy Valentines Day 


Today we enjoyed an assembly by 5/6AE & 5/6HM.

After assembly we read the story ‘Love from the crayons’. The children then had a think about what colour love might be for them.

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  • Catharen- Love is purple because I love purple
  • Charlee- Love is green because its helpful and you be kind to each other
  • Alexia- Love is red because it is all love hearts
  • Layla- Love is blue
  • Viraj- Love is blue because it rains and stormy
  • Ziggy- Love is purple because it looks like purple
  • Nahom- Love is blue because its rainy and stormy
  • Shane- Love is red because our heart is red
  • Connor- Love is red because people like red
  • Monique- Love is pink because children are nice
  • Alana- Love is red because red is my favourite colour for doing hearts
  • Shylay- Love is pink because I like pink
  • Carter- Love is green because you share with people


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Today for prayer we read the story ‘I am Love’ – A book of compassion. The is a celebration of love in all its forms, I Am Love asks readers to look inward when they feel afraid. Love allows us to act with compassion and kindness, to live with gratitude, and to take care of ourselves by practicing self-love.

Some I love is…

  • Ziggy – I love my friends
  • Jason – I love my Mum because she cooks food for me
  • Shyla – I love Harper because she is a good friend
  • Oliver – I love my Poppy because he gives me lovely dinners
  • JK – I love my birds
  • Callie – I love my family becuase they help me
  • Nickolas – I love my dog called Alfie because he chases me
  • Charlee – I love God because he shows us love and kindness
  • Emily – I Love my mum because she cooks food for me
  • Eleazar – I love my fish because they are happy at me
  • Richard – I love my Dad because he buys me Robots
  • Nohom – I love my Aunty because
  • Alexandros – I love my daddy because I love him and he makes me trains

Valentines Provocations 

Today we had some Valentines Provocations for the children to explore. There was a lots of different experiences that aimed to provoke the feeling of love and explore what love means. Here is the children exploring…

Olivers family shared the love by bringing in some fresh peaches from their tree – they were delicious thank you so much!


We ended our week with an afternoon of mindfulness. The children reflected on the week that was and shared what their specks of gold were.


Have a lovely weekend. See you next week for Week 4. 


Tuesday Week 3 Term 1 – 11th February

Tuesday Week 3 Term 1 – 10th February


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Today we read our shared text ‘The Tiny Seed’ again. After reading the story the children engaged in some different literacy learning experiences. These experiences promote different literacy skills including; oral language, reading, writing and fine motor control etc. Today’s experiences were;  lift the flap read and write words, creating this weeks words with lentils (picking up the small lentils is great for fine motor control, find and write words in picture books and creating a flower from the Tiny Seed with play dough. Here is the children engaging with the activities.


In the lead up to Valentine’s Day today we had another love prayer. We reflected through song about Jesus’s love for us.

The children shared their own prayers…

  • Angelo- Dear God,
  • Alexia- Dear God, Thank you for all the families and all the friends and all the mums and dads, Amen.
  • Nickolas- Dear God, Thank you for all the teachers and all the caring, Amen.
  • Viraj- Dear God, Thank you for the classroom and the house and the peoples and all the people who make money and I love God.
  • Callie- Dear God, We love our families and we love each other, Amen.
  • Shane- Dear God, thank you for the world and the teachers and the school and the families and for the environment and the town and for our friends, Amen.


Image result for play quotesOn Tuesday and Thursday we play between recess and lunch time. Play is a time for the children to use their own agency to guide their learning. The children are able to explore the classroom environment and resources to create meaning through their interests.


The story in library today was ‘The Return of Themla The Unicorn’. Please make sure the children are reading their readers every night at home 🙂

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Wednesday Week 2 Term 1 – 5th February

Wednesday Week 2 Term 1 – 5th February

Come Read With Me

Today is World Read Aloud Day. So we went outside with lots of children in the school to do come read with me.


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Today we read our shared text ‘The Tiny Seed’ again. We will be reading it every Mon-Wed morning for weeks 2-4. Our focus this morning was on the sound ‘s’. We read the story and as we read if there was a ‘s’ word the children put their hands on their heads.

As a group we made a list of ‘s’ words at the end of the story.

  • Viraj- seed
  • Alexia- sun
  • Richard- summer
  • Oliver- sun
  • Monique- sleep
  • Shane- Shane
  • Connor- snow
  • Naomi- snake
  • Mikayla- some

The children then had letter ‘s’ play. They had to show us that they could make a letter ‘s’. There was coloured rice, white boards, chalk boards, magnetic letters, finding s words in picture books, lego, blocks, loose parts, painting and play dough.


We continued our literacy learning around the letter ‘s’. We focused on the correct letter formation and the children worked in their writing books to practice writing the letter ‘s’ and some ‘s’ beginning sound words.


Our math focus at the moment is;

Foundation: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY- Connect days of the week to familiar events and actions (ACMMG008)

Year 1: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY – Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (ACMMG021)

We have started our exploration on days of the week. Today we focused on reading and recognising days of the week in order from Sunday to Saturday.

Tuesday Week 2 Term 1 – 4th February

Tuesday Week 2 Term 1 – 4th February


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Today we read our shared text ‘The Tiny Seed’ again. We will be reading it every Mon-Wed morning for weeks 2-4.

The importance of shared reading

Shared reading is part of a suite of practices the teacher can use to support the teaching of reading. Initially, the focus of the reading is on meaning and enjoyment. Once understanding is established, the teacher can reread the text to explicitly demonstrate reading strategies and engage in problem solving using meaning, structure and visual information.

Students are expected to be actively engaged whilst the teacher is reading, following the text and when confident, joining in and reading with the teacher.

Shared reading provides opportunities for the teacher to:

  • expand vocabulary
  • read fluently, with expression and confidence
  • promote pleasure and enjoyment with texts
  • demonstrate decoding and comprehension strategies
  • demonstrate concepts of print such as left to right, return sweep, top to bottom, left page before right page
  • demonstrate how to use meaning, structure and visual information cues to assist reading
  • teach phonics and phonemic awareness

Shared reading is a strategy that can support the teaching of the Big Six elements of reading:

  • oral language
  • early experiences with print
  • phonological awareness
  • phonics
  • vocabulary
  • fluency and comprehension.

After we read the story today the children worked with 4 different learning experiences. These experiences encouraged oral language, fine and gross motor skills, writing, reading, high frequency word knowledge and sequencing. Here is the children engaging with some of the activities.


Our math focus at the moment is;

Foundation: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY- Connect days of the week to familiar events and actions (ACMMG008)

Year 1: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY – Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (ACMMG021)

We have started our exploration on days of the week. Today we focused on reading and recognising days of the week in order from Sunday to Saturday.


Investigations is a time when the children have agency to lead their own learning. They are free to use the classroom environment and resources to investigate and inquire. It is a time where they are able to work alone or collaborate with their peers. We use this time to work along side the children, observing their choices and adding to experiences where needed. Here is some photos from today’s investigations.


Tuesday afternoon’s is our library time. The individual classes go consecutively and the whilst one class is at library the other is back in the classroom. It is imperative that the children bring their black reader folder every day to class so that we can have the opportunity to read with them, beyond this on Tuesday’s the children are able to return and borrow new books for the following week. Within the library we read a story to the children and then they borrow their news books and have a go at reading them before we return to class.

Today we read the story ‘No place for an octopus’.

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Instrumental Music Lessons

Did you know that your child is able to learn an instrument at school?  Information and enrolment booklets are available now; you can pick up a copy from the school office, Music teacher or Music blog. Please return them as quickly as possible as instrumental teachers have already begun planning their timetables and waiting lists may apply.   

You may like to choose one of the following – violin, drums, singing, classical guitar, piano or keyboard.

Also Recorder, flute, saxophone – subject to enrolment numbers.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the gift of music. Enrol now!


Nick our talented Drum teacher is offering shared lessons this term. Two students in a 30 minute slot. $15 each student. This is a fantastic opportunity to try drumming at half price!

Monday Week 2 Term 1 – 3rd February

Monday Week 2 Term 1 – 3rd February


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Our first shared text for the year is ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle. We have chosen this story for its links to nature and the use of the sun to help things grow.

In autumn, a strong wind blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land. One by one, many of the seeds are lost — burned by the sun, fallen into the ocean, eaten by a bird. But some survive the long winter and, come spring, sprout into plants, facing new dangers — trampled by playing children, picked as a gift for a friend. Soon only the tiniest seed remains, growing into a giant flower and, when autumn returns, sending its own seeds into the wind to start the process over again.

Today we introduced the story by first making predictions about what the story might be about. We encouraged the children to look at the front cover before making their predictions.

Predictions about the story…

Mrs Feher- What do we think this story might be about? 

  • Alexia- Some goes to save the plants
  • Viraj- Put a seed in the ground and grow flowers
  • Oliver- It might be a bee sucking some flowers up Connor- I can see a flower 

Mrs Feher- What can we see on the front cover? 

  • Mrs Feher- We can see a picture, a title and what else can we see? 
  • Edel- A name
  • Viraj- the person who wrote the book

And the story went on Mrs Feher ask the children a number of different questions, creating deeper thinking about what was happening…

Mrs Feher- Why won’t it grow in the ice? 

  • Shane- Because it doesn’t have any water
  • Oliver- Or dirt
  • Richard- It doesn’t have any sunshine
  • Nickolas- Why can’t it grow, ice is made out of water?

Mrs Feher- Why do you think the seed drowned in the water, if seeds need water? 

  • Nickolas- It needs water to grow 
  • Alexia- It drowned because it was a big water

Mrs Feher- Now we have a seed with no water? 

  • Ziggy- No water no water 
  • Alexandros- Look its growing

Mrs Feher- What do you think this plant is? 

  • Viraj- A flower 
  • Mrs Feher- It is a weed

Mrs Feher- What do you think happened to that little plant,  did weed take all of its water? 

  • Mikayla- It died 

Mrs Feher- How did the flower get so giant?

  • Shane- It took all the sunshine away so it would grow 
  • Shylay- It got so sunny
  • Viraj- It needs dirt and water and sun
  • Alexandros- Because its big and the ground found the seed

Mrs Feher- Whats going to happen to the seeds that have flown away? 

  • Charlee- They might die 
  • Alexia- They might fly away

After reading the story we introduced to the children ‘writer’s workshop’. The children started their writer’s workshop by creating a front cover to their own story. They will work on this story over the coming weeks. Today they worked on creating a title, a front cover picture to relate to their title and putting their name (author). The children have writer’s workshop folders and their stories will be kept in these.


Each day after the children have finished eating their recess we come together in a circle to pray. We light 3 special prayer (LED) candles and create a quiet space ready to talk to God. Our beginning prayers have included learning how to make the sign of the cross, a spoken prayer (repeating after teacher) and then a song. The children have responded well to this and it has been a lovely way to introduce the experience of prayer.

A Prayer for My School

God, please bless my school. Thank You for all of the teachers that work so hard to help us learn. Thank You for recess and lunchtime, when we get to play with our friends. Thank You for providing a place where we can learn more about the world You created for us to live in, and how it works. Please keep my school safe. Protect all of the grown ups and kids that come to school everyday. Protect us from harm, and help us to be kind to each other. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

After we said the prayer the children were invited to add their own…

  • Alexia- Dear God, Thank you for everyone for being friends and thank you all the friends who play with me. Amen 
  • Charlee- Dear God, Thank you for the school and the teachers and the friends and the family and the food. Amen
  • Callie- Dear God, Thank you for my family, Amen.


Our math focus at the moment is;

Foundation: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY- Connect days of the week to familiar events and actions (ACMMG008)

Year 1: MEASUREMENT AND GEOMETRY – Describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours (ACMMG021)

We have started our exploration on days of the week. Today we focused on reading and recognising days of the week in order from Sunday to Saturday.


Image result for all bodies are good bodies 

This afternoon read the story ‘All Bodies are Good Bodies’. We read this story to introduce our lesson about self portraits. We wanted the children to explore their image of themselves and then think about what they can include when drawing a self portrait.

Bold and beautiful, loud and proud, All Bodies are Good Bodies is an uplifting book about different body features and types. Through playful rhyme, it promotes the development of body acceptance and celebrates inclusivity and individuality.

I love hands!
Hands that are white and hands that are brown,
Freckles mean sunshine has sent kisses down.
Short fingers, long fingers, bendy or straight,
Hands to clap, or high-five your mate.

The children have created an image that we will use in the classroom to celebrate their individual identities as part of a wider classroom community. Come in for a look 🙂

We celebrated both Natalie and Angelo’s birthday’s today. We sang our special birthday songs and presented the children with their birthday certificates.