Chemical Changes

Today we introduced to the children about chemical changes. We talked about what a chemical was and the indicators that a chemical change has occurred.

What is a chemical?

Sienna: A chemical is when you have a hole in your tooth

Jake: Its a thing that you clean things up with, cleaning tools

Mary: A chemical is when you have problems

Shirley: A chemical is when you can’t put something in your mouth because its bad

Kelly: Chemical is what kids aren’t allowed to touch but adults are

Winnie: It can be a kind of gel or expired things

Sampann: A chemical is a spray

Dimi: A chemical is when you wash dishes

Mackie: Chemicals is hair spray

6 Indicators of a Chemical Change:

  • Burning or Fire
  • Temperature change without heating or cooling
  • Explosion
  • Colour Change
  • Odor
  • Bubble or Fizzes

The children recorded this in their black books in preparation for a science experiment we will be doing on Friday afternoon where they will watch the chemical reaction that takes place when we add bicarb and vinegar together.

Coding and Directions

Today we continued our exploration of coding and directions. The children had to work in small groups and visually represent the directions one would need to take to get from our classroom to the oval. They used clip boards to record as they walked and then had to test each others directions.

New Rubbish Bins in the classroom.

We have some new rubbish bins in our classroom. Today we went through their use and what we can put in them.

Our black bin, a blue bin and a yellow bin.

I read the story Michael Recycle and we talked about how we can recycle things at our school. Here is a digital version that you can watch at home and talk about the importance of looking at our planet at home.

We made a collaborative list and the children then recorded this and drew the 3 bins we have in our classroom.




This Wednesday is our CLASS PRAYER at 9am. We welcome you all to our classroom to join in prayer. 


Carols night is on Friday December 1st (Week 7). It starts at 6pm and we will be in the first lot of children performing. We will let you know closer what time the children will be going on but you will definitely need to before 6pm. The children will meet outside the OSHC room at a time allocated to our class. We will let you know this when we know. A note is going home today with a permission slip that needs to be handed back to us ASAP. 


Our class party for the end of the year will be on Wednesday 13th December in Week 9. The children will be bringing home an invite in Week 8 that will state whether they are bringing sweet or savoury. This is going to be a special shared lunch to celebrate the year that was. We hope to set the tables and the children all eat together on this day. We will be eating about 12pm. 



Fish Farm Fun!

Today Mr McCarthy is with us all day, so we thought we would do something special. We went over to the Fish Farm (KUYANGVANI) and we played a catching fish game. Miss Valk and Mr McCarthy had toy fish on fishing lines and children raced to see who would catch them. Afterwards we went inside the Fish Farm and Mr McCarthy got one of the Murray River Cod fish out of the tank to show us! It was squirmy and slimy so we put him back in the water.

We got to explore the fish farm and see all the different fish and marine animals, it was fun to explore and we learnt some new things about habitats of marine animals.