Professional Development

Miss Valk and I will both be away the next two days at our Cognitive Coaching course. The same relief teachers will be here that were here last term when we were away.

We will both be back on Friday.

Thank you for your understanding if you need us for any thing you can always email us.

The Moon

Today we continued our learning on space and explored what we know about the moon through our hundred languages. We recapped on what the hundred languages mean.

Libby: The 100 languages is that don’t have to just one thing you have to do anything.

Kelly: The 100 languages are 100 hands, like we can do loads of things but more than 100

Winnie: The 100 languages is we talk 100 different languages

Sukhman: 100 playing and 100 learning

Sampann: We can write any language we know

Here is what the children know:

Sukhman: I know about the moon because we can jump on the moon. 

Latin: I know about the moon because there is no air and no water on there. 

Isaac: I know its white. 

Khang: Jesus makes the moon. 

Jake: It has a lot of bumps. 

Sampann: The moon has circles and its colour is dark blue and white. 

Libby: I know that its not actually made out of cheese. 

Winnie: The moon is big. 

Llana: I know about the moon that its in the sky and the sun goes down and the moon goes up when its night time. 

Cooper R: The moon is in space. 

Krish: It is big and it is dark. 

Shirley: I know about the moon that it has lots of stars around it.

Kelly:  i know that people think it’s made out of cheese but it’s made out of rock.

India: It just lights up.

Kayla: It shows us when its night time. 

Dimi: I know about the moon that it’s grey and it has stars on it like. 

Kristina: I know about the moon because we can jump on it. 

Olivia W: When you look in the sky the moon is there. 

Nina: The moon is in the sky. 

Mia: The moon has stars. 

Aiden: The moon is at the sky and you can go in the sky to get in there and see whats inside it. 

Deakyn: Because its gravity and you can jump high. 

Mason: You can build a space ship and go on it. 

Sienna: The moon is all white and sometimes it gets shorter and shorter every day and sometimes it gets shorter and some times when its a circle it gets back again. 

Zac: The moon is very cold. 

Mary: When its far away from the earth its much smaller but when its closer to the earth it much more big. 

Ajoh: The moon is in dark and it makes everything so shiny and really light and to get more like because when its dark other wise you can’t see anything and when the sun goes down then the moon goes back. 

Ella: Moons around the earth. 

Hannah: Its a little bit big. It has holes in side it. 

Mackie: The moon is in the sky. 




Kayden: I know the that when its dark the moon is making it dark.

Ebony:  It can shine. 

Eva:  It has holes in it. 

We then came back to the mat to reflect on the information we had learnt.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We are offering a parent information session to provide a detailed overview of the Made in the Image of God program.


Date:                Tuesday 8 August 2017

Time:               6.00pm

Venue:             Staff Room

The ‘Made in the Image of God’ program was developed by the Catholic Education Office as part of our Religious Education and Health Curriculum.

This program follows four themes:

  • Being Human
  • Being Connected
  • Being Moral
  • Being Sexual


The aims of the Made in the Image of God Program

This program is intended to:

  • Promote and encourage behaviours founded on Christian values
  • Foster loving commitments and social responsibility
  • Recognises sexuality as integral to the person
  • Gives clear and accurate information about sexual gender identity, puberty / adolescence, and human reproduction within the context information
  • Explores the spiritual, physical, moral, psychological, social and cultural dimensions of human sexuality
  • Fosters values related to self respect and self esteem, as well as those pertaining to the human dignity of all persons, develops responsibility for personal choices and action and gives an appreciation of the importance of family life
  • Affirms the value and dignity of human life inviting students to be aware of Church teaching in order that they may gain knowledge and appreciation of its wisdom



Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Characters

Today we explored the characters in Goldilocks and the Three Bears and their characteristics and roles within the story.

Whats is a character?

Yatin: They are peoples in the books

Llana: Characters are people in the books and they do something in the story

Winnie: A character is someone that makes a book

Dimi: I think its one of the princesses

Sampann: A character is something like dressing up, like people can change costume into different characters

Sukhman: A character is a dressing up kind of suit.

Does a character have to be a person?


What can a character be?

People, animals, robots

What are the characters in Goldilocks?

India: Baby bear

Sienna: Mumma bear

Cooper: Daddy bear

Chelsea: Goldilocks

The children drew the characters of the story and listed what makes them different.

How about you? Where we are from!

Today we read I’m Australian too!

We talked about how Australia is a very diverse country.

What does diverse mean?

Rowena: How people come from different places

Kayla: Different places

Jake: Coming from a different place and then living in Australia

Dimi: I think it means going to school.

Kayden: I think diverse means you leave your home and then you have to move away.

Diverse means different. Australia is a diverse place. There is so many different people in Australia that come from different places. Our school has many different cultures and we like to celebrate this.

Where is your family from? The children who known their family heritage shared.

Miss Valk: Germany

Miss Moore: England

Shirley: Ghana

Mary: Italy

Jake: England

Libby: England

Sukhman: India

Krish: India

Sampann: India

Yatin: India

Kristina: Malaysia

Kayden: Kayden

Kelly: Ireland

Llana: Phillipines

Aiden: Vietnam

Nina: Vietnam

Deakyn: Vietnam

Andy:  Vietnam

Olivia W: El Salvador

Eva: Greece

Ajoh: South Sudan

Eline: America

Hannah: Phillipines

Rowena: Phillipines.

Jake: Where is your family from Mr Urdanof?

Mr Urdanof: Ireland, Germany, Russia, Lebanon

We started to mark on the world map where all our families are from. The children might come home tonight asking what your family heritage is. Please let us know so we can mark in on the map. 

We will be exploring this further over the term. We are collecting greetings from all the different countries we are from. If you can write these down and how they are pronounced and send in with the children that will be helpful.


Today we had investigations with just our classroom.

We are trying to set up the classroom with as many open ended materials for exploration so the children can use their own creativity and imagination to explore, wonder, grow and learn.

As well as this today we have a new space centre for exploration about space and a provocation table about the moon. We also had a cultural table set up exploring different places around the world.

Goldilocks, narrative work

Today we read the story Goldilocks and The Three Bears, this helped us to learn the structure of a narrative and know that a narrative has a orientation, problem, and a resolution/conclusion.

We talked about the order of events..

Liana said that at the start the Papa bear made porridge for breakfast and decided to go for a walk.

Zac said that next Goldilocks went into the house.

Sienna thought that the next part was the porridge being too hot, so they went for a walk.

Henry said that then Goldilocks ate the bears porridge.

She ate papa bears first, said sukhman, it was too hot.

Then she ate the mama bears, said Kelly, which was way too cold.

Then she ate the babies porridge, and it was just right, said Libby.


Goldilocks went to the living room to sit down, said Kristina

Winnie said the Goldilocks tried the papa bears chair and it was too hard.

Ella said that next she tried the mama bears chair and it was too soft

Ajoh said that the baby bears chair broke.


Van said, she was too tired so she went to their beds.

Krish: Papa bears bed was too hard.

Sienna: And she tried mama bears but it was too soft.

Kayla: Baby bears bed was just right.

Kayden: She fell asleep in baby bears bed.


Mackie: then the bears come home.

Jake: Then the bears saw that the porridge was eaten.

Hannah: The broken chairs.

Sampann: They went into the bedroom and saw that somebody was sleeping in baby bears bed.

THEN Goldilocks woke up and ran away, said Kaleb.

Ella: Then the bears fixed everything.

Sampann: Then daddy bear said they will never leave the door unlocked again!


God is always with us

Today we read a story together called ‘I see the moon‘, it took us on a journey with a character who travelled across the world and into outer space. She knew she was safe because she believed and knew that God was also with her.

We got to a point in the book where Miss Moore asked ‘What is always with her?’, here are some of our responses?

Sienna: Jesus

Kaleb: the wind

Yianni: And God

Sienna: Stars

Chelsea: the sun

Cooper: Jesus

Kelly: the light

Here are some of our thoughts about God, and how he is always with us. 

Van: God can help you when you don’t know where to go

India: we can do a prayer for God

Grace: We can say to God that we love him.

Sienna: We can say nice things to God.

We did some writing today that said ‘God loves me’ and drew pictures of when God is with us. 

Continuing our learning about TIME

We know there are 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year. We know that this is a kind of time. We know that there are 4 seasons in a year. We are learning about seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, and hours in a day.

Miss Moore taught us and now we know that there are 24 hours in a day (Jake). We know that there are 60 minutes in an hour (Deakyn and Jake). We know that in each minute there are 60 seconds (Rowena).

We know that in a day the hands on the clock go around the whole clock two times (India). We know that the recess bell goes at 11 O’Clock.

Jake wakes up at 8:0o. Sienna wakes up at 6:00, most people in our class wake up between 6:00 and 7:30. Today we started to talk about half times, like 7:30.

We worked together to create our daily timetable and we introduced am and pm times and discussed what they mean. Here is what we thought happened at different times of our day.

7:00am Wake Up

7:30am Eat Breakfast

8:30am Leave for school

8:50am School Starts

11:00am Recess

12:50pm Lunch 

3:00 School Finishes

5:00pm Dinner

6:00pm Bath Time and brush teeth

7:30pm Bed Time

In every house people do things at different times! Here are our interpretations of our own days that we created in our black books…

iMovie Learning

Today we started to develop our learning about iMovie and how to use it to show our learning. In investigations today some children showed their learning by making videos on the laptops. Libby is a CHILD EXPERT in iMovie and was able to teach some other students in their play. As a class we went through iMovie, how to find it, use it, and make new projects.

We learnt how to open iMovie, and how to start a new project. Miss Moore showed us step by step about how to add in photos, music, and videos and add in special effects.We learnt how to add writing to our videos as well.

Mr Urdanoff has asked the Village to create a film to celebrate NAIDOC week, here are some of our ideas to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people!

Sienna: Put Aboriginal stuff in there, the things we do in investigations.

Shirley: Aboriginal songs

Llana: A didgeridoo

Libby: We can get the Village and any of the classes and get the video and we can say it out loud.

Henry: I think we can put our drawings the symbols.

Kelly: Music that matches up with it.

Rowena: At the end we can film ourselves saying thanks for listening.

Kaleb: Using iMovie.

Hannah: Aboriginal flags.

Kayla: We can do an Aboriginal heads, shoulders, knees, and toes.

Yatin: Put different songs in

Grace: Draw Aboriginal weapons.

 Please stay tuned to see our final video to celebrate NAIDOC week, and to see our continuing learning about iMovie.