This year I was in, Next year I will be in…

The children reflected on the year that was. The children had to write what year level they were in this year and something they like and then reflect about the year coming.

Kristina: This year I was in year 1 and I loved to make.

Winnie: This year I was in year 1 and I loved playing on my brother’s laptop.

Mackie: This year I was in receptions and I loved playing lego.

Libby: This year I was in year 1 and I loved my friends.

Kayden: This year I was in reception and I loved doing making.


Deakyn: Next year I will be in year 2 and I am excited to learn times tables.

Sienna: Next year I will be in year 2 and I am excited to see my new teachers.

Matthew: Next year I will be in year 1 and I am excited for new buddies.

Cooper: Next year I will be in year 1 and I am excited for seeing your new teachers.

Henry: Next year  I will be in year 1 and I am excited about helping the receptions.

The children then reflected in written form which they will be bringing home tomorrow.

Evie the Elf adventures in the last week.

Here is what Evie the Elf has been up to over the last week;

On Thursday Evie was sitting over the fish tank with a fishing rod trying to catch Tilly and Tony.

On Friday Evie was on the table with flour and biscuits ready for cookie decorating.

On Monday morning Evie was sitting in some snow with a sign saying ‘Do you want to build a snow man’ next to a snow man made of toilet paper.

On Tuesday Evie started the day trapped to Miss Moore’s chair by some suspicious dinosaurs with a sign saying help me.

She was able to free her self and fell to the floor but whilst the children were at Spanish and Music she made her way up to the advent calendar and was pointing to the note that was to be read for today.

On Tuesday night she build her self a fort with the blocks as was patiently waiting for the children to arrive to see how their teachers had set up for class part tomorrow.

Miss Moore and Miss Valk are very excited for class party to celebrate the children and their achievements this year.

Once again the children have loved having Evie within our classroom and we have found joy in their excitement each morning finding her within the classroom.


Our end of year celebration is on Wednesday where the children will be sharing a special sit down lunch at 12.

Please see the invite that was sent home as to what we have asked your child to bring.

If you would like to bring hot food and would like to drop it in we ask can you please drop it before 11:45am so that we can organise all the food ready and it will be smooth process to get the children all sitting down at the same time.


Whole School Mass Tomorrow

Tomorrow there is a whole school Mass in the hall at 9.30am. This is our end of year Mass. All are welcome to join us.

Reminder: Class party is next Wednesday, the children have brought home their invitation which states what type of food they need to bring. Please look for this in your child’s bag.

Thank you

Santa’s Reindeer

Today we explored who Santa’s reindeer are. We explored the names of the reindeer and what they look like. The children then created a labelled diagram of the reindeer. Aiden took the photos for us this afternoon, so enjoy the children’s funny faces when there was another child in charge behind the camera ;).


Evie the Elf…

Here are some things Evie our elf has been up to over the last few days.

On Friday she was feeling tired from all her travels so when the children were out to lunch she made her self a bed in the tissue box. The children had to do their best to not be too loud and wake her up over the afternoon.

When we arrived on Monday morning Evie was sitting in a streamer Christmas tree. She arrived with mini Christmas tree for the class to decorate together during investigations.

After the recess on Monday Evie was sitting on the table reading the story Pig the Elf to some dinosaurs. We then read the story before doing our Monday writing task.

On Tuesday morning Evie was hiding between the logs before we went to Spanish and Music.

When we came back in after Spanish and Music Evie was on the table with a belly ache. She had got her hands on some candy canes and had eaten them all up. She wrote on the table ‘I’m so full’. What a cheeky elf we have.

The children were all very excited to see this.

After recess Evie was sitting with our Nativity scene and her note read that is good for us to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

On Wednesday morning Evie was a little cheeky. She was hanging from our class community photo’s and had made little Christmas hats for each child’s photo.


The children have been loving coming in each morning finding where Evie is and reading her notes in our advent calendar. A little bit of Christmas magic.

Christmas Photo Booth FUN

This week we have had a Christmas photo booth set up for the children to explore the use of the iPad and the timer function. They were able to have some fun whilst being festive and using their ICT skills. We will have this set up again next week;