Friday 3rd July – Last day of term 2

We have had a great term 2 2020!!



Richard – I really love the animals, especially the ones that run fast.

Alana – I really like me the picture about the world and the people

Sahib – i really love kindness

Elijah – I like the many different coloured flowers

Edel – I like the people and everything

Shyla – I love the birds, the lots of coloured birds

Emily – the teachers and school

Mithra – Thank you for the trees and plants

Nikolas – Thank you God for the birds and the crocodiles, sharks and fish

Enrique – Thank you for the trees

Kathern – thank you God for the trees

Alexandros – I like the fish and the dogs




Enjoy your holidays, we look forward to hearing about what you did next term 🙂

Thursday’s Learning – 02/07/20

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning! 

Morning Meeting

Stars of the Day

R/1KJ -Shylah and Nelson

R/1FD – Elijah & Layla 


today is ?

Thursday – Enrique

tomorrow is?

Friday – Monique

yesterday was?

Wednesday – Dhyani

the weather today is?

Sunny and it is cold to – Catharen



Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning.

R/1KJ Single Lesson

Handwriting (Letter Ii)

Ivasen, in and is – Carter

Igloo – Mia

Internet – Thomas

Injury – Enrique

Indigenous – Monique

ink – Alexia

imagination – Dhyani


What can you do to change the world? What will your positive impact be?

Mithra – I can make people love each other and take care of the world.

Alana – I can show kindness to other people and be a helper.

Hannah – I can be kind to my friends and make them feel good.

Mia – I am going to be kind to people.

Nickolas – When I am older I am going to build houses for the homeless people.

Carter – I am going to see the whole world and think of ways I can make a change.

Richard – I am going to care. I am going to help people who have no food.

Mitchell – I am going to not litter.

Edel – I will pick up the rubbish at school.

Mini Maths


Learning more about what is whole, what is half and what are quarters.




Wednesday Term 2 Week 10 – 1/07/2020

Good Morning!

What day is it today?

Layla – Wednesday.

What day is it tomorrow?

Elijah – ‘Thursday’.

What day was it yesterday?

Edel – ‘Tuesday’

What is today’s weather?

Elijah – ‘Sunny.’

Mikayla – ‘it is a bit cold.’

Nickolas – ‘it is a bit freezing . The trees will start growing.’

Shane – ‘it is going to rain today.’


Reader’s Workshop/Come Read with Me

Elijah helped us read, using lots of expression to act out the feelings of each of the animals.


Focus reading strategy: Skippy Frog


Writer’s Workshop

Elijah – ‘My book is about Batman and Flyman. Flyman is blind and he dropped his TNT on the ground.’

Oliver ‘Pikachoo is walking through the trees. He is building a camp fire.’

Nickolas- ‘My book is about superman, he is saving people from a falling tree. This is the city, people are falling off of buildings because they are not looking where they are going. Superman goes and saves them.’

Sahib ‘Pokemon are battling.’

Ziggy – ‘Pikachu is being friends with other Pokemon.

Richard – ‘My book is about Water Girl and Fire Boy they are jumping and sliding. I am writing a book about how to control them. Fire Boy is easy but Water Girl is a bit hard, you have to push letters on the computer to control her.’

Mikayla – ‘My book is about a fairy, she is flying and she likes helping people.’

Hannah – ‘My book is about my family. I love my mum and I love my dad.’



Shyah – ‘He is good.’

Mikayla – ‘He helped the boy.’

Elijah – ‘He helped the boy and then he took him top the Inn.’

Shane – ‘The Good Samaritan is someone who will always help out if there is any reason to help someone.’

Edel – ‘A Good Samaritan means the people will be kind to each other.’


Mini Mathematics

Thomas – ‘that one is a whole pizza.’

Connor – ‘they are two halves of a pizza.’

Nickolas – ‘they are four quarters of a pizza.’

Students will spend time working hard on developing these shelters.\


Shylah – ‘I am cleaning up outside!’

Elijah – ‘I made a paper jet.’

Nahom – ‘I was building a base with the blocks.’

Nickolas – ‘we were seeing how high we could kick the ball.’



Tuesday’s Learning – 30/06/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning!

Stars of the day 

R/1KJ – Catharen & Carter

R/1FD – Naomi & Connor



Morning Meeting

Today is?

Tuesday – Mikayla

Yesterday Was?

Monday – Elijah

Tomorrow is?

Wednesday – Carter

The month is?

June – Nahom

The weather is?

It’s going to be rainy – Oliver

Rainy and cloudy – Nickolas


Reading Workshop 

Teachers modelled the reading strategy – Skippy Frog

‘Skip the tricky word. Read to the end. Go back and try it again.’

After this students were invited to complete independent reading with their reading buddy.






How can we be a Good Samaritan in our classroom?

Monique – I will be kind to people and they can be kind to me.

Alana – For myself, I will be kind to myself, and then my friends can play with me.

Mikayla – When someone is hurt you can help them, that is how you be kind.

Carter – I can be kind to my friends and they will be kind to me.

Mithra – I will take care of the classroom and I will make it very clean.

Layla – I will take care of my friends and we will all care for each other.

Hannah – I will be kind to my friends.

Edel – I will be kind to everyone, I will share my toys by helping people and cleaning the room if they can’t do it by themselves.


Mini Maths


Students then spent time working in small groups to separate things into halves.



Introduction to sound/s for the week.

What words do you know that have the Y sound?

Yafet – Thomas

Yes! – Carter

Yellow Boat – Layla

Yo-Yo – Oliver

Yawn – Mithra

Yoga – Alana

Yahoo – Viraj

Yarn – Enrique


What words do you know that have the oo sound?

Moon – Alana

Miss Moore – Viraj

Google – Alexia

Zoo – Mikayla

Pool – Mia

Writers Workshop

Students were invited to continue working on their books and were asked to include as many oo and y sound words in their first sentence as they could.


I’m writing a book about Pokemon and pikachu – Oliver

I’m writing about my friends – Thomas

I’m writing about a family in a house – Dhyani

I’m writing about a fairy – Natalie

I’m writing about Thomas and friends – Alexandros





R/1KJ spent this time in the library, borrowing new books and practicing our reading strategies.




Monday Term 2, Week 10 – 29/06/2020


Welcome to Week 10, the final week of the Term. What a wonderful Term full of learning, exploration and discovery we have had. Looking over the progress so many of us have made over the Semester is unbelievable! We are very proud of all of the hard work and effort each and every child has put into their learning over this Semester.

What day is it today?

Edel – Monday

If today is Monday, what day is it tomorrow?

Alana – Tuesday

If t0morrow is Tuesday and today is Monday, what day was it yesterday?

Viraj – Sunday

What is the weather like today?

Nickolas – ‘the weather looks very beautiful today.’

Shane – ‘it is very cold today and the trees are slightly bent.’

Reader’s Workshop/Shared Reading

While the children ate their fruit we read our shared reading text for this week, The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson.

While reading we modeled the reading strategy, ‘Skippy Frog’ to the children.

After children were paired with a partner to apply this reading strategy during Come Read with Me.

Writer’s Workshop

After a quick mini lesson on characters and the role of characters in a story.

Children were invited to continue working on their books!

Everyone was so engaged! At one moment every single child was in a state of ‘flow’, the whole room fell silent.

‘This is my Pokemon book. These are my characters, Pikachoo, Snoorax and Ash.’ – Ziggy.

‘My character is a butterfly.’ – Alana.

‘My characters are my whole family.’ – Edel.


High Frequency Words












oo and y


How can we show kindness?

Ziggy – ‘They are sharing.’

Connor – ‘They were being kind and sharing and helping people when they are sad.’

Eljah – ‘Someone was sad then someone shared an apple.’


Viraj – ‘If somebody needs something from the supermarket we can get it. We can give people money if they need it.’

Mikayla – ‘When someone doesn’t have food we can give them some food.

Alana – ‘If someone doesn’t have money we can give it to them’.

Elijah – ‘So we can be nice at the playground and be friends with them and be nice with them and play with them.’

Mini Mathematics

R1FD Single Lesson

Can you make a pizza and divide it?

After watching the clip during mini mathematics, R1FD created out own pizzas with our favourite toppings. After we decided who we wanted to share our pizza with and then showed cut lines on our pizza to indicate how we would divide it up.

Viraj – ‘I am sharing with four people.’

Alexandros – ‘I am sharing with two people, my brother Con and me.’

Sahib – ‘I am sharing with four people, Viraj, Connor, Alex L and Jason.’

Elijah – ‘I am sharing with eight people, my whole family – dad, uncle, baby, big brother, little brother, grandpa, grandma, and Elijah.’

Hannah – ‘I am sharing with four, my mum,  my dad, my baby, and me.’

Nickolas – ‘I am sharing with dad, brother, big brother, 100 percent, mum, nan, pop, my aunty, my uncle and my baby coming out of my aunty, my cousin, just my whole family.’

Oliver – ‘I am sharing with 25, my family, daddy, nanny, granny, pa, poppy, mummy, daddy, and my aunty and my uncle.’

Connor – ‘I am  sharing with two, Alex L and me.’

Darina – ‘Are you sharing with 4?’ Darina nodded,  ‘with your friends?’ Darina nodded.

Alana – ‘4 – my family.’

Chole – ‘I share with my pizza, and daddys pizza, and mummys pizza. I share with my friends,

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Early Warning Signs

Hattie and the Fox

Hattie’s body messages, her feelings and the clues around her…

What should you do when you feel or notice early warning signs?

Record in Learning Journals.


Nickolas – ‘I would run away and tell the teacher.’

Alexandros – ‘I will tell my daddy. He will help me.’

Alex L – ‘I should tell the Police if I feel worried or scared because they can help me.’

Oliver  – ‘I would run and tell my Mummy.’


Today the whole school celebrated ‘Catholic identity day’.

What is Catholic identity?

  • Nikolas – we learn about God
  • Alana – God and baby Jesus
  • Monique – maybe about God created our world
  • Mithra -about temples
  • Layla – God and prayer


We listened to a special message sent to us from Father Shibu. We then reflected on his message.

  • Hannah – The world is different, people are different.
  • Alana – God made all the people different from each other
  • Alexandros – The Church loves all the people, all the people are different
  • Elijah – Everyone is a different shape but still like God
  • Connor – some people might have different hair or different skin…thats ok, God loves everyone
  • Monique – God made this world, people be kind to everyone and love everyone
  • Layla – God made every person


  • Monquie – “I made a Bible, It was about Gods creation and Kindness and praying. Its for everybody”
  • Oliver, Enrique, Jason, Alex, Nelson, Thomas – “we made a Church, its Gods house. We added lots of colourful windows, pillars and big doors. everyone is welcome”




Mithra – I am thankful for the school. It helps me learn.

Hannah – I am thankful for being able to share with my friends.

Layla – I am thankful that God made me special.

Alexandros – I am thankful for my brother and sister.

Monique – I am thankful for the people who show kindness to everybody.

Mitchell – I am thankful for Eleazar and Jason.

Richard – I am thankful for my family.

Natalie – I am thankful for the earth.



We created images of God, Jesus and Mary.

We investigated the Church

We made i-movies about Jesus and gratitude


Thank you for a great day – see you next week 🙂


Thursday 25/06/20: Our Learning

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning


Stars of the day

R/1KJ – Shylah & Thomas

R/1FD –

Morning Meeting

Today is?

Thursday – Dhyani

Yesterday was?

Wednesday – Mia

Tomorrow is?

Friday – Shane

What month are we in?

June – Nahom

The weather is?

It’s cold and the sun is clouds and that makes it cold – Carter.

R/1KJ Single Lessons

We thought of some Ll words and focused on the writing formation of these letters.

Lion – Carter

Lemon – Shane

Lolly – Dhyani


Students are in prayer during this time.



What is one thing that you are thankful for?

Connor – I am thankful for the turtles and the penguins.

Nahom – I am thankful for Giraffes and snakes.

Alex – I am thankful for sloths.

Mikayla – I am thankful for panda’s and gorillas

Carter – I am thankful for frogs.

Alana – I am thankful for the river and the flamingo.

Monique – I am thankful for Zebras

Layla – I am thankful for rabbits.

Mithra – I am thankful for animals and the whole world.

Hannah – I am thankful for the flamingo and the penguins.

Dhyani – I am thankful for the fish.

Jeikei – I am thankful for canaries.


Mini Maths



We spent some time making our own analogue clocks and then writing & drawing about what we do on the weekends.





Wednesday 24th June, week 9 term 2


Good morning and welcome to this glorious Wednesday!! Today we are on the look out for ‘random acts of kindness’…..

Hows the weather?

  • Shane – the weather is a little bit cold, the clouds are lots blocking the sun.

Day of the week?

  • Mithra – Wednesday
  • Emily – yesterday was Tuesday
  • Sahib – tomorrow is Thursday

What month are we in?

  • Alana – its June



Teacher role models the teaching strategy ‘eagle eye’ whilst reading our shared reading text:


Students are then invited to complete quiet reading individually. Focusing on the following reading strategies.  In particular ‘eagle eye’.

Eagle Eye – Look at the picture for a clue to help with the word.

Lips The Fish – get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds

Stretchy Snake – Look at the letters in the word. Stretch the sounds out slowly. Go back and say the sounds altogether.

Chunky Monkey – Look for little words, word endings, and word chunks that you know.

Skippy Frog – Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.

Flippy Dolphin – Try the short vowel sound. Then flip and try the long vowel sound.

Tryin’ Lion – Still stuck? Re-read the sentence. I think … what makes sense here?

Helpful Kangaroo – Ask for help but only after you have tried all your strategies



We are all AUTHORS!!! Today we spent time enjoying our writing and creating books. Teachers worked with small conferencing groups supporting needs of individual children.


Sharing our books….

  • Nikolas shared his book about ‘motor bikes’. he included some great detail in his front cover.
  • Oliver is in the process of making an information book about dinosaurs. He was sounding out words and forming sentences – well done!!
  • Mithra is creating a narrative about Barbies. She completed a great front cover and working on the introduction for her story.
  • Elijah is busy creating on an information book about ‘cars’. He is writing sentences to describe what cars have.













We will look at our high frequency words for the week, we will go through them as a class, practicing the pronunciation  of the words, and then will put a few into sentences as a class.



We will be looking at the family book by Todd Parr

After this we will say a prayer for our homes & families.

  • Shane – Dear God, my family is so very special to me Amen.
  • Hannah – I love my family and my family loves me Amen
  • Alana – My family is special AMen
  • Richard – My family is really kind Amen
  • Mithra – I love my parents because they take me to the park and doctors when i am sick Amen
  • Mikayla – I love my family Amen
  • Layla – I love my family because they are nice and help me when to get better Amen.


What can telling time help me with in the real world?

  • Ziggy – because we need to know what the time is to go to school
  • Oliver – to go to school
  • Monique – because check what time is lunch
  • Connor – what tome is on Tv to know what time to watch a show


R1FD at music – see music blog post.


We read the book:

We borrowed new readers and library books to bring home to read to you tonight!



Refresher on last weeks lesson – the 3 little pigs and the house we designed for them.

We will start by discussing needs and wants – show students a variety of images, are these needs or wants?

Talk about how we have things that we need to survive – what are they?

  • Nikolas – we need water
  • Mikayla – toys are want
  • Nahom – need a bed/shelter
  • Carter – need a couch and a TV
  • Richard – the chocolate is want
  • Connor – the vegetables are need
  • Natalie – water in your house
  • Shane – a table to put food on
  • Nikolas – to keep warm like a fire or blanket
  • Mithra – need food

After this students will plan a home for their ‘rock’ – focus on needs rather than wants. Children to label and describe.



For the love of reading – expression and fluency we shared the story –

Tuesday 22/06/20: Our Learning

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning!

Stars of the day

R/1KJ – Callie & Jason

R/1FD – Sahib  & Mikayla

Morning Meeting

Today is?

Tuesday – Nickolas

Yesterday was?

Monday – Mithra

Tomorrow is?

Wednesday – Dhyani

What month are we in?

June – Mikayla

The weather is?

It’s winter – Mitchell

It’s raining today – Nahom


How will you show kindness today?

Sharing with people – Connor

Playing with my friends – Eleazar

Listening to the teacher – Monique

I’m going to help people – Emily


Come Read With Me

During this time students are invited to complete quiet reading individually, in pairs or with the teacher. Focusing on the following reading strategies:

Eagle Eye – Look at the picture for a clue to help with the word.

Lips the Fish – get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds

Stretchy Snake – Look at the letters in the word. Stretch the sounds out slowly. Go back and say the sounds altogether.

Chunky Monkey – Look for little words, word endings, and word chunks that you know.

Skippy Frog – Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.

Flippy Dolphin – Try the short vowel sound. Then flip and try the long vowel sound.

Tryin’ Lion – Still stuck? Re-read the sentence. I think … what makes sense here?

Helpful Kangaroo – Ask for help but only after you have tried all your strategies






Students were then asked to think about our school:

What is a prayer we can say for Holy Family Catholic School?

Monique – Dear God, Thank you for the school and the people at the school. Amen.

Alexia – Dear God, Thank You for making this school for us. It will helps us be smart for when we are older. Amen.

Emily – Dear God, Thank You for our friends. Amen.

Alexandros – Dear God, Thank You for the school, and Thank You for God. Amen.

Mikayla – Dear God, Thank You for the school and for the teachers. Amens.

Alana – Dear God, Thank you for making the school and all the teachers. Amen.

Edle – Dear God, Thank You for the land, the people and everything. Amen.

Richard – Dear God, Thank You for the school and the MUDLA. Amen.

Viraj – Dear God, Thank You for the teachers and the kind people at the Schoo. Amen.

Mithra – Dear God, Thank You for the school and the people and staff in the school. Amen.

Layla – Dear God, Thank You for the teachers. Amen.

Nickolas – Dear God, Thank You for the school and for the lovely creation you gave us. Amen.


Mini Maths



What language do we use to help us tell/describe the time?

The long hand is the minute hand – Alana

We say o’clock – Alexia

The short one tells us the hours – Layla







Dining Hall

We had our second dining hall experience for this term today! We enjoyed some shared time together.





R/1KJ was in the library during this time – we spent time practicing our reading strategies and focusing on reading with a partner or by ourselves.


Have a wonderful night! We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! 




Monday Term 2 Week 9 – 22/06/2020

Monday Week 8

Welcome back for Week Eight. We are looking forward to an amazing week filled with amazing learning, exploration, investigating and discovery.

We would like to remind you that tomorrow, Tuesday 23/06 both classes will be joining to participate in our second Dining Hall experience for Term Two.


We ask that each child brings a labelled plate and cutlery as it will not be provided.

Our lunch will be:

Sausages and Mashed Potatoes

Cake and Custard

Morning Meeting

What day is it today?

Alana – ‘Monday’

What day was it yesterday?

Dyani –  ‘Sunday’

What day is it tomorrow?

Oliver – ‘Tuesday’

What is the weather today?

Shane – ‘windy and cold!’

Oliver – ‘and a little bit of rain’.


Today we introduced our new Shared Reading text for the week, Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. 

Click on the link below to watch a movie of Mrs Feher reading our shared reading text…

Cave Baby

Writer’s Workshop

Children were then invited to participate in Writer’s Workshop.

During the time children are encouraged to be the authors. They are encouraged to create their own books about whatever they like. Week after week they use their newly developed writing skills to demonstrate their literacy learning.

As we do every week, we offered a writing prompt just to help children who like a little encouragement when trying to think of something to write about.

This week, we asked, ‘If you were a mammoth, what would you do?’


Shane –  ‘it was about kindness.’

What is kindness?

Callie – ‘don’t hurt anybody.’

Mia – ‘if someone has no food, you can share your food.’

Mikayla – ‘you play with someone.’

Mithra – ‘giving the poor people food.’

Edel – ‘playing with my friends.

Alana – ‘you be kind to other people.’

Where do you see kindness?

Shane – ‘school and at home and in the shops.’

Mikayla – ‘i see kindness at the shops and on the oval.’

R1FD recorded using Active Inspire on the laptops…

Mini Mathematics

What can we use to help us tell the time?

Mikayla – ‘you could use the clock on your phone. When the laptop is out you can check the time and then guess after that how much time has gone.’

Connor – ‘you can use your watch and your iPhone.

Alana – ‘watch or your phone or your clock.’

Shane – ‘we can use all clocks and use day and night.’

Edel – ‘look at the numbers to read the time.’

Mithra – ‘the clock’.

Alexandros – ‘the time is 12 o’clock because you have to go to bed.


Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Today, we sat in a circle. (NAME) was invited to the centre to lay down on top of a large piece of brown paper.

Mrs Feher then traced around her body with a black texta! We then had the outline of a body!

We then engaged in discussion about the different Early Warning Signs the we might feel when they are unsafe. As we contributed to the conversation we were invited to use a texta to add this onto our person, eg blushing – drawn red cheeks, racing heart  – draw a heart.

After, we  recorded in our their Learning Journals.