Friday week 5 term 1, Feb 28


Today we enjoyed watching the learning from classrooms

  • 5/6NB & 5/6ND


We got our bodies moving with some games together and doing ‘go noodle’.


We spent some time reading quietly. the teacher used this time to do 1.1 reading records with the children. It was great to see how much the children love reading!!


Based on Luke 4: 1-13 and Matthew 4:1-11


We read and watched the Bible story about Jesus in the desert for 40days. We related it to our character strengths and said that Jesus showed Perseverance and Bravery.

Children’s reflections on the Bible story….

Mitchell – i used perseverance when i learnt about soccer

Alana – i use bravery to talk loudly

Viraj – i am so brave to do some hard things like climbing up trees, that is brave and perseverance

Mikayla – I used perseverance when i play chase and i run fast to try get friends

Richard – I am brave and perseverance when i try get goals at soccer



We watched a youtube clip with lots of information about the sun! then we focused on a sun art lesson. We read a shared reading text that included a lovely image of the sun on each page.

How the sun got to Coco’s house? by Bob Graham

How the Sun Got to Coco’s House. Follow the journey of the sun across the world from a whale’s eye to a little girl’s window in Bob Graham’s tender, transcendent story. While Coco sleeps far away, the sun creeps over a hill and skids across the water, touching a fisherman’s cap.

We looked at famous images of the sun and some beautiful art work for inspiration. The children were then given an art based inquiry,

‘how can you show the sun is hot through visual arts?’



We shared with each other all we know about numbers. We wrote numbers, ordered numbers and showed values to the numbers.



R1FD visited our year 2 buddies for the first time. Throughout this year we will have lots of time with our Buddies and learning from each other. The children were excited to get to know some new friends at the school. We spent time getting to know each other. Here is what each buddy group did on the laptops together.



It was a beautiful afternoon to go outside. There was so much happening – a castle, a house, an elevator, lots of discussions, dancing, collecting and much more!!


Have a beautiful weekend everyone!


Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

Thursday Week 5 Term 1 – 27th February

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This morning R1JM recapped our letter ‘I’ sound knowledge. We went through what sound the letter ‘I’ makes and then worked on the correct letter formation. The children then drew things they could think of that start with the letter ‘I’.

After we finished our letter knowledge we then moved onto some math. The children showed me how they can write numbers 1-10 and then drew the amount of dots to the corresponding number. This enabled me to see where all the children are at with writing their numbers (the correct formation of the numbers) and then if they are able to show ‘how many’.


Phonics – Ii

we listened for the two different sounds that the letter I make.

long I sound and short sound.

Nikolas – I

Alexandros – ice cream

Mikayla – ice

Chloe – iceblock

Alana – Icecube

Sahib – iced lollies

Zachary – ideas

Conner – ice

Naomi – ice cream

Alex – ice skate

Oliver  – ice

Some children wrote words and sentences using this sound.


Lent Prayer

Daily Lent Prayer

Lord, I will follow you.
Guide me to follow you.
I will listen to you.
And believe in your words.
I will not listen to mean words.
And will encourage others to hear your words. I will strive to share your message.
And live those messages in my everyday life. Guide me to follow you.


Our prayers  and reflections….

Callie – God wants us to follow his rules, like speak nice words.

Shane – use our manners all the time, be kind and respect other people

Oliver – we can use our hearts to remember to protects us and other people


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This afternoon the children had a religion lesson about Lent. We read a story and then discussed what the word Lent means. Through whole group dialogue the children discussed something they might give up during Lent.

  • Harper- Eating junk food
  • Oliver- I will stop eating chips
  • Nahom- Drinking frozen coke
  • Jason- Candy
  • Monique- No junk food
  • Mikayla- I would give up eating lollipops
  • Enrique- Eating ice cream
  • Sahib- Ice cream
  • Nik- No sugar

Individually the children reflected through both writing and images what they would give up for Lent. During this individual work time we are able to focus on individual children’s needs with expressing themselves and reflections on their own understanding and thoughts around the topic being discussed. We can then scaffold individually to support the children to write  (label images, add a title, write words related to Lent, write sentences explaining themselves) dependent on where they are at with their writing skills. We also encourage the children to look at their images created and see if they are able to add more detail (for example when drawing people; does your person need a nose, do they have any arms or legs).








Wednesday Week 5, Term 1 – 26/02/20


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This morning we read our Shared Reading text, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ by Bill Martin Jr and illustrated by Eric Carle. Today we focused on our two new sounds for the week, ‘p’ and ‘i’. As we read the text together we popped our hands on our head every time we heard a word beginning with the ‘p’ sound and the ‘I’ sound.

After, we had the opportunity to participate in ‘p’ and ‘i’ play. We practiced writing the uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds on the whiteboards, we painted and wrote words starting with our two sounds, we created ‘Pp’ and ‘Ii’ with play dough, we also made items beginning with our sounds using the play dough. We wrote letters to post in the postbox, making sure we used our two sounds in our writing and we created ‘i’ and ‘p’ posters.



Ash Wednesday Mass

What Is Ash Wednesday? & Why Christians Celebrate It

Today we joined together for a whole school Mass for Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday begins the season of Lent, which is 40 days, not counting Sundays, of fasting and repentance prior to the celebration of Easter.

Ash Wednesday Mass Reflection

After our service we returned to our learning area where we reflected on the Mass and what we had discovered about Ash Wednesday.

R/1 FD Reflections

R1/JM Reflections

After this service we used ashes to rub the sign of the cross onto each of the children’s foreheads. The ashes represent mourning and repentance.

Numeracy – Patterns

Today we continued exploring patterns. It is important we develop an understanding of patterns before we move on to understand other concepts within mathematics.

What is a pattern?

Alexia – ‘any colour that is the same after the other one. One colour then another then the same one.’

Viraj – ‘a pattern, is a square, triangle, square, triangle, square, triangle.’

Mikayla – ‘pattern is like happy face, sad face, happy face, sad face.’

Nikolas – ‘A pattern is the same thing around in a circle. Red, orange, around in circles.’

Shane – ‘a colour pattern like, blue, red, blue, red.’

Monique – ‘a pattern looks like a circle like pink shapes. Square.’

 Connor – ‘Edel’s dress has a stripe pattern.’

Thomas – ‘Viraj’s top has a pattern.’

We then explored materials around the room and created as many patterns as we could.



Tuesday Week 5 Term 1 – 25th February

Tuesday Week 5 Term 1 – 25th February


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This weeks shared text is ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’. On Tuesday morning’s we read our shared text and then work in small groups on four different experiences.

This mornings experiences were;

  • Brown Bear Stick Puppets – Story Retell- Oral Language, Story Sequencing, Characters
  • Word Work –  this weeks words on white boards – Reading and Writing
  • Reading – Character names and colours from the story- read and order.
  • Sorting and matching colours to characters from the story.

Here is some photos of the children engaging with the experiences.




Today is Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is also known as Pancake Day. It is the last day before Lent begins. Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, when people often give up something. In the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.

Shrove Tuesday Prayer

The children were then offered to share their own prayers:

  • Oliver – Dear God, I thank you for the kids, the people and the teachers, Amen.
  • Viraj- Dear God, Thank you for the school and the people and the school and the building and the houses and the God, Amen.
  • Charlee- Dear God, Thank you for the friends we have and people, Amen.
  • Callie- Dear God, Thank you for the family and the kids, Amen.
  • Edel- Dear God, Thank you for parents and children, Amen.
  • Richard- Dear God, Thank you for animals and nature and houses, Amen.
  • Layla- Dear God, Thank you for the friends, Amen.

We then sang ‘Welcome to God’s House’. Just a reminder tomorrow’s Mass will be at 11AM in the Hall. Everyone is welcome to join us for Mass.


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Today for Investigations we had some provocations set up around Shrove Tuesday.


This weeks shared library text was ‘The Wonderful Wisdom Of Ants’. After reading the story we talked about how ants help our environment.

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R1JM Single Lesson 

Literacy Phonics / Shrove Tuesday Pancakes 

We recapped the sound ‘P’. Whilst we drew the letter in the correct formation we ate some mini pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and then drew lots of things starting with the letter P. The challenge was to try and draw at least 10 different things. 




Monday Week 5, Term 1 – 24/2/20


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Today we introduced a new Shared Reading Text, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ by Eric Carle. This book will be our focus Shared Reading text for the next two weeks. We will draw our literacy learning from this text, exploring sounds and high frequency words from within the text. We will also draw on writing techniques, and styles within the text as an opportunity to build our literacy knowledge and apply this knowledge when creating our own books during Writer’s Workshop.

Miss Moore – ‘What is this special mark here?

Carlee – ‘a question mark!’

Miss Moore – ‘Who can predict what picture will be on the next page?’

Alexandros – ‘A black sheep.’

Today our focus word was ‘see’. The children waited in anticipation as we read each page and septs our listening ears and looking eyes out for the word ‘see’ which appeared on just about every page!

After the children moved off to finish a sentence beginning with ‘I see…’ in their own Writer’s Workshop books.


Catholic Identity

Today we practiced our prayer Mass songs as a whole school for our whole school mass on Wednesday.

Sharing Our Learning

R1FD sat in a circle and shared our work with one another. This activity encouraged children to develop their oral language skills, peer relationships and confidence within out learning area.

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum

Today we explored out feelings. We discussed what feelings are and what different feelings we know. The children looked at a variety of emojis and shared their ideas about how they thought that particular emoji was feeling. Here were some of our suggestions…


.Image result for Giraffes cant dance

‘Gerald the giraffe longs to dance, but his legs are too skinny and his neck is too long. His knees buckle whenever he tries to twirl. At the Jungle Dance, the warthogs waltz, the chimps cha-cha, and the lions tango. “Giraffes can’t dance,” they all jeer when it’s Gerald’s turn to prance. But there is one little creature who believes in Gerald. “Everything makes music,” the cricket explains, “if you really want it to.” So Gerald starts swaying to his own sweet tune.’

Together we read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’  by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker – Rees. As we read through the text we stopped each time we noticed the Gerald was feeling a different way. The children shared their ideas about the shifts in the Gerald’s emotions.

The children then recorded how they were feeling in their Learning Journals…



Mini Literacy – Sound Revision

To finish our day we went through our four sounds that we have been working on through the last five weeks. As a group we read the sounds, Ss, Aa, Tt, Pp. We focused on reading the sounds as a group and thought of words that begin with our sounds.

Tuesday Week 4, Term 1 – 18/2/2020

Shared Reading

This morning we arrived and did what we do every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Come Read with Me. This time gives children the opportunity to read to peers, teachers and their parents. Please feel free to stay in the room on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning to read with your child and be a part of Come Read with Me.


After, we read our shared reading text, ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle. This lead us into our Literacy activities. The children engaged in a range of literacy focused activities such as, play dough high frequency words, writing high frequency words in rice, writing high frequency words on the white boards and creating mini booklets.



Catholic Identity – Prayer

This afternoon we celebrated our Catholic Identity through prayer and singing our prayer songs.

Layla – ‘Dear god, thank you for the children.’

Alana – ‘Dear god, thank you for the whole class and our friends.’

Alexandros – ‘Dear god, thank you for Mrs Feher.’

Oliver – ‘Dear god, I love the children and the teachers.’

Catharine ‘Dear god, thank you for presents.’


Children engaged in a range of play experiences today. Chloe created a fridge using the construction pieces, Ziggy created a microphone and Mikayla created a sign. Some children engaged in dramatic role play, while others turned the blocks into zoos and homes. Hannah and Mia enjoyed illustrating rainbows and creating their own books, and Darina enjoyed sharing her book with a peer.

Story tables

Our shared reading text that we are reading as a class group will also be available for children to explore through play- our story table area. The story table is an invitation for the children to engage in deep thinking, learning and conversations about the text. It provides fantastic language and literacy learning. Story tables are a rich litracy experience where children use props to sequence, recount and retell the story . They are exposed to concepts of print as they help create story tables of their own. Its also lots of fun and a playful way to do literacy learning!!

Next week our shared reading text is – Brown bear brown bear by Eric Carl

We will be engaging deeply with this book for the next 2 weeks. We will look at punctuation, sight words, phonics, comprehension and much much more!


Friday week four term one – Feb 21st

Happy Friday!!


The year 3 students put on a fantastic performance for the whole school assembly today this morning!!


Gratitude prayers from the children….

Viraj – Dear God thank you for my family AMen

Oliver – Dear God thank you for my teachers and the students Amen

Mikayla – Dear God thank you for our homes and the school Amen

Charlee – Dear God thank you for my friends Amen

Layla – Dear God thank you for my family Amen

Nahom – Dear God thank you for my family Amen



The ability to recognise and create patterns help us make predictions based on our observations; this is an important skill in math. Understanding patterns help prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations. … Patterns allow us to see relationships and develop generalisations.

Viraj – Patterns square, triangle, square triangle

Alana – repeating and repeating you can make it with people

Richard – patterns can be colours or shapes… on our tshirts we have patterns

Oliver – patterns can be anything boy and a girl, boy and a girl….

Naomi – red and orange red and orange colours can be patterns

Zachary – brown and blue, brown and blue it repeats on.

Check out our patterns…



“play is the highest form of research”

Today we saw children extending their oral language, communication skills, negotiation, sharing and critical thinking.





Role modeled reading our readers using our reading strategies such as sounding out and pointing 1.1. We practised our sounds and words for the week. Reading with our friends is always so fun 🙂



Thank you for a great week. Mrs Diotallevi will be back on Thursday, Mrs Feher will be there on Monday. Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

Thursday Week 4 Term 1 – February 20th

Thursday Week 4 Term 1 – February 20th

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This morning R1JM read the story ‘Kindness Makes Us Strong’. We talked about what kindness looks like, feels like and sounds like. The children in R1JM shared what kindness means to them and reflected through drawings. I scribed on their books their voice. Have a look below…

Image result for kindness makes us strong



R1FD worked on their patterning skills. Miss Diotallevi started by getting the children to sort and classify different groups by colours. We will be focusing on patterning throughout the next couple of weeks as part of our Math learning experiences.




Ash Wednesday

Today we talked about Ash Wednesday and that our focus for Mass next Wednesday will be Ash Wednesday. We then sang some fo the songs that we will be singing at Mass next week. All families are welcome to join us in the hall for Mass at 11:30am next Wednesday.

Prayers for today… 

Callie- Dear God, Thank you for sharing with everyone, Amen 

Oliver- Dear God, I love the teachers and students, Amen. 

Layla- Dear God, Thank you. Amen. 


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Today our project about the sun continued. Following on from our experiments with ice cubes last week today during investigations Miss Diotallevi put out different items in the sun. She then took out small groups of children to make some predictions about what would happen. Here is some of the conversations the children were having…

Mitchel – I think the chocolate will melt and the jelly and butter… the coin wont melt

Oliver – the lego wont melt too, its like really hard and not squishy

Charlee – the butter and the chocolate, maybe the jelly will. I think its just the stuff that will melt

Oliver – I know ice melts too

Alana – I think the chocolate will melt because one time I ate chocolate outside and it melted everywhere

Naomi – the coin will melt

Alana – no it wont

Teacher – why?

Alana – because its metal and metal doesn’t melt

Hannah – the jelly will melt because its cold and like water and ice…ice melts

Alana – I don’t think the lego will melt

Nahom – the butter will melt, the chocolate and lego went

Callie – yes the chocolate melts

Nohom – no the chocolate wont melt

Callie – yes one time I saw the chocolate melt on my hands outside

Nohom – really? I think just cold stuff like butter and jelly and ice stuff but chocolate isn’t cold

Callie – it will still melt I see it

Richard – if its 40 degrees I think the chocolate will melt, but if its only 10 degrees it wont melt think the butter

Carter – the butter and jelly the sun will melt…not chocolate but maybe if sun really hot

Nohom – money would not melt by the sun no way

Richard – it won’t melt it but it could make it really really hot

Nohom – the coin is really made from metal so it would make it hot

Richard – the sun won’t melt the coin but fire would melt

Nohom – yeah like if the coin was right next to the sun it would melt…but not like from here

Mia – I think chocolate will melt

Connor – I think the chocolate, the butter will melt

Enrique – yeah I think that too

Monique – I think the jelly

JK – the butter will melt first

Jason – the money wont its made of metal

Monique – chocolate money would melt

Enrique – if there was really strong heat it would melt

Thomas – the chocolate will melt first when it gets so hot

Harper – the lego won’t melt..its too hard and the heat is not strong enough..the chocolate will melt the fastest

Monique – I think the jelly will be the fastest

Zachary – the chocolate will melt because the sun is so hot

Connor – the lego wont melt because it is actually plastic

Enrique – yeah it wont melt because its not made from water

Harper – yeah like toys are plastic and they don’t melt

Alexandros – the jelly melts…jelly always melt. The lego might melt.

After a few hours we looked back at the objects placed and the sun and recorded our thinking.

Katherine – it melted down, the butter and the jelly

Natalie – most of the chocolate melted

Harper – the jelly melted into water

Alana – jelly melted because the sun so hot the butter didn’t melt much

Carter – the jelly was like green water

Sahib – the coin and the lego did not melt

Callie – the chocolate melted

Wednesday week 4 term 1 – Feb 19th

Welcome to this wonderful Wednesday 🙂



Come read with me

Teachers spent some time doing 1.1 reading with some children, practising our reading strategies. It was also fantastic to have some parents come in and read with us. Please join us for some reading mon-wed mornings 8.50am-9.15am.

Phonics – letter of the week ‘Tt’

Shared reading – The tiny seed by Eric Carl

We listened to our shared reading text and listened out for the ‘Tt’ sound. We then practised writing this letter/sound with correct formation. We also discussed when we used capital and lower case Tt.

What are sound T words we know?

  • Charlee – TV
  • Alexia – trinity
  • Ziggy – tree
  • Enrique – train
  • Mikayla – teeth
  • Jason – tree
  • Richard – tadpole
  • Naomi – hat (at the end we hear the t sound)
  • Mitchell – toe
  • Connor – turtle
  • Nikolas – tail
  • Shyla – tennis
  • Charlee – toast
  • Nikolas – tunza fun
  • JK – tonne
  • monique – triangle
  • Connor – tank

The children then had time to explore this letter/sound through play based experiences. There were a group of boys that used chairs and blocks to create a ‘TRAIN”

Shaving foam to write the letter T, letter formation, playdough, drawing pictures of things starting with T, loose parts to make the letter, chalk boards, whiteboards and more!! Teachers were able to see all children form the letter and say the sound.



Scripture – a story from the Bible ‘Feeding of the 5000’

What is this? (Holding the Bible)

Alana – its stories about Jesus

Enrique – Its called a Bible


Prayer reflection

  • Connor: Jesus was giving bread to everyone
  • Alana: Jesus fed the hungry people
  • Mikayla: there was 5000 people to feed
  • Alexia: there was only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish but lots of people
  • Callie: There were ALOT of people
  • Sahib: the people were with Jesus because they were hungry
  • Monique: Jesus can save people
  • Chloe: Jesus helping people with feeding them the fish


What is a pattern?

Sahib: something that happens again

tomorrow we are going to explore patterning more!


What a special time we had together today sharing a lovely lunch in the dining hall. We loved the conversations we were having and getting to know each other. This was a real positive time to build fantastic foundations to our relationships.


Reflection about our dining hall experience:

  • Nikolas – i liked the Jelly and the rice
  • Ziggy – was good
  • Hannah – i like my friends and eat jelly
  • Jason – i thought it was good because we have jelly and sitting at tables
  • Mikayla – there was lots of food and we sat properly
  • Harper – it was nice to have some spring rolls and jelly
  • Sahib – the spring rolls were so yummy
  • Monique – it was awesome to eat lunch and be caring to eat together
  • Elezar – it was good food
  • Connor – we all sat next to each other on big chairs and tables, it was good because i liked the jelly
  • Zachary -i ate lots, jelly…rice…spring rolls
  • Richard – it was really noisy, i liked the food
  • Alexandros – we sat on chair i had thomas plate

written reflections…


Outside to explore in nature, build our confidence, express ourselves and plenty of space for big movement!! Log park and the oval are always a popular choice!!