Our Learning – Tuesday 12/05/20

Happy Tuesday! 

Below is all our learning for today.

Come Read With Me

We started our day with some quiet reading. Practicing our reading strategies during this time


We continued our morning with some Investigations Play.

Callie & Emily working on their sounds together – testing one another

‘Look Miss Jessop! I made an ATM’



Today we looked at a story of charity as we begin to focus on Mission Week. We then discussed the following question;

What does God give to people to help them live?


Shane – God gives us our bones and our blood, and our food for us to survive and for us to not suffer.

Viraj – God gives us the boat, the water and the log. He also gave us the earth and the animals in the world. He gave us the sun and the moon.

Alexandros – He gave us the trains.

Alexia – God gave us our bodies so we can go and do things.

Dhyani – God gave us kitchen things, toys so we can play and do stuff.

Charlee – God gave us houses and parents, and gave us food and water.

Callie – God gave me my parents to look after me. God gives us water.

Mithra – God gives us life, and food and water to drink.

We also discussed the following questions

Do all people in the world have these things? 

Viraj – Yes. They come from different countries but they have trains in China and India too. They have food too.

Shane – Some people have it, but some people don’t have these things. Some aren’t lucky people and they live in the desert, but they do have bones and blood. Some things they don’t have.

Mini Maths 

We continued to investigate shape today. Further discussing the shapes in the video and their properties. Really focusing on the sides, corners and lines of the shapes.


We looked at our shared text again for this week. The Gruffalo, talked about the story and the adjectives again. After this we split into 4 different literacy groups to work on the following tasks.

  • Story sequencing 
  • Book Making
  • Puppet Making
  • Practicing our High Frequency Words
  • Writing a sentence about the story 



We went to the library today to borrow some new readers and picture books. Whilst in the library we listened to Mrs. Feher and Miss Jessop read to us.


We then spent the rest of the time using our reading strategies to read to ourselves.


R/1 KJ Single Lesson

For our single lesson today we spent time reflecting on our learning. We talked about times when we are creative in our learning, and at home. We talked as a class about finishing the sentence: I am creative when …

Shane – I am creative in Science and we can make stuff.

Charlee – When we do craft

Dhyani – Creative means you do art and make some pictures or draw a garden.

Monique – I am creative when someone makes a happy face.

Natalie – Creative is painting and drawing.


Specks of Gold 

Connor – Playing with Nickolas, Thomas and Ziggy

Alexia – People being kind 

Thomas – Playing with my friends.

Mithra – plying with my friends.

Alana – Playing with Darina and Mikayla.

Hannah – When my mummy and daddy play with me.

Mikayla – My speck of gold is playing with Alana, Darina, Margy and Selina.

Viraj – Playing with Jasper on the laptop at lunch time with Sahib.

Monique – Making with the colour paper.

Richard – plying with Thomas, Connor, Viraj and Shane.

Charlee – playing with Catharen

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