Term 2: Week 3 – Thursday 14/05/20

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning! 

Please see below all the learning we did in class today!

R/1KJ Single Lesson

Today in our single lesson we spent some time talking about how we are all different and unique. We talked about how these are the things that make us special. Students then reflected on the following  question:

What makes you special?

Dhyani – Being a good friend makes me special 

Shane – I love playing Basketball. That makes me special.

Eleazar – My smile makes me special

Mia – Drawing makes me feel special 

Catharen – Playing with my friends makes me special


Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning




Today we looked at the prayer story: A story of charity

We then spent some time reflecting on what this story told us.

Viraj – The mum made a jacket for the boy because it was cold.

Natalie – It tells us to be kind.

Monique – Making a jacket to keep us warm when it’s cold.

Dhyani – The boy was caring for the other boy.

Alexandros – The boys was being kind by giving the jacket to make the other boy happy.

Richard – The boy was giving the jacket to the other boy.

Eleazar – They were looking after each other. They keep each other warm.

Shane – It told me that we need to be kind to each other.


We continued to look at shapes today. We are focusing on what the name of the shapes are and their prosperities.

We sung a song on shapes!

After this we spent time creating our own SHAPE MONSTERS!!


Dining Hall

We were very lucky to have our first Dining Hall experience for this Term!



Today we did a longer mindfulness to calm our bodies for the rest of our learning today.



We finished our day with Investigative play



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