Friday 15th May, week 3 term 2


We continued our learning about continents etc.

We had a look at the examples of plane tickets and what information to include on the ticket.

Students will create their own plane ticket. Students will then choose a continent to travel to on the plane ticket.



We continued practicing our readers with friends or teacher. Also used the class library to read different books. Some children enjoyed reading the Gruffalo together – it was great to see the comprehension and reading strategies during this time.


We sung the Song ‘do to others’

We then Read the story,

 reflect on the story….

Alana – Teaching others to be kind to each other.

Sahib – The boy was sharing his jacket because it was cold and he didn’t have a home to live in, that’s why he didn’t have a place to stay in and why he was cold.

Monique – It makes you have to be kind, because you will make people feel better.

Viraj – The boy was sharing the jacket and he made him happy with his kindness.

share our prayers….

Shylah – Dear God, Thank You for Harper and Catharen and Charlee and Nahom and Mitchell. Amen.

Thomas – Dear God, Thank You for Thomas, Mitchell, Carter, Nahom, Alex, Shylah. Amen.

Charlee – Dear God, Thank you for my family. My brothers, my sister and my friends. Amen.

Alexandros – Dear God, Thank You for the trains. Amen.

Elijah – Dear God, Thank You for Mrs. Roberts. Amen.

Eleazar – Dear God, Thank you Alex for being my friend. Thank you for all my friends. Amen.

Oliver – Dear God, Thank You Jesus for making our planet and thank you for the sun and the moon. Amen,


Following on from our prayer.

Students wrote prayer for help to work towards a world where the things that we all need to live are shared fairly.



We went out to the oval and played some group games today.



Discussion and recap on the shapes we know that are in the world around us….

Shylah – Triangles on my shoe.

Carter – A square on the window.

Shane – My Mum has square windows.

Alexandros – Rectangle. The front door at home.

Eleazar – Shapes at home. Circle for my clock.

Viraj – Bayblades are circle.

Monique – My roof at home is triangle.

Natalie – The sun is a circle.

Hannah – Circle is a clock.

Alana – Rectangle for books.




Shane – Playing with Enrique at the oval.

Jason – Playing with Connor

Thomas – Playing with Connor and Alex, Nahom, Shane, Sahib.

Alexia – Drawing with my friend.

Alana – Watching my buddy play minecraft

Viraj – Playing at log park with Thomas, Mitchell, Jason, Nahom, Carter and Sahib.

Charlee – Playing tricks on Mr. Urdanoff.

Monique – Playing with Chloe.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you all next week 🙂

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