Monday 18/05/2020 – Week 4, Term 2.

Welcome to Week 4 of Term 2!

Welcome everyone! We are looking forward to another week of learning! We are very excited to have welcomed back just about everyone in R1FD and R1KJ!

As always we are still maintaining hygiene, by encouraging frequent hand washing particularly before eating and when returning to the room as well as sterilising all surfaces, light switches and door handles in the learning area every morning and throughout the day where possible.

Thank you for all of your support as always. Please remember we are always available via email if you should feel the need to chat about your child and their learning. We know it is difficult at the moment with restrictions to entering the school but please feel assured that we are still contactable and still happy to help wherever we can.

Come Read with Me

Our day started with reading! Reading with peers, independently and with the teacher.


Our shared reading text for this week is called, Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

Click on the link below to watch a movie of me reading our shared reading text…

Room on the Broom

Writer’s Workshop

After we started working on our Writer’s Workshop where we develop the skills to become a writer. Each week we showcase the literacy we have discovered over the course of the year and apply it to our very own writing. In time we will be writing our own little short books.

Today we had a question to answer in sentence form…

‘Who is on your broom?’

We were encouraged to answer this question in sentence form, (On my broom sat a fox, bear and racoon.’ or use the question as inspiration for creating our own version of the story.

‘On my broom was a butterfly.’ – Emily

‘On my broom there was a kite.’ – Shane

‘On my broom there was a cat and a witch’. – Monique

‘On my broom there were some humans and a cat and a butterfly.’ – Alana

‘On my broom there was Sonic.’ – Sahib

‘On my broom there is a dog.’ – Mithra

‘On my broom is a witch.’ – Carter

‘On my broom there was a unicorn and a cat.’ – Mia


The Butterfly Song

‘Dear God, thank you for my living creatures and my pet lizard and my pet dragon and my little little big dogs.’ – Shylah.

‘I thank you for making pout world and I thank for the other planets and Shylah, Amen.’ – Oliver

‘Dear God, thank you for Miss Jessop.’ – Thomas

‘Thank you for the people and land.’ Edel

‘Thank you for Mrs Feher and Miss Jessop  and my friends.’ – Viraj.

‘Dear God, thank you for my friend and my pet dog. ‘ – Charlee

‘Dear God, thank you for the whole world and the people.’ – Monique.

‘Thank you for Shylah and Charlee, Darina and my parents.’ – Harper.

‘Thank you for all of my friends.’ Mia

‘Thank you for the planet and the Earth.’ – Natalie.

Mini Mathematics

Exploration of 3D shapes started today!

Children watch the short clip below and then went on to discuss as a group the differences between 2D and 3D shapes.

Handwriting with R1FD

While R1KJ were at PE R1FD discovered a new sound blend.


We thought of some words which use the sound and wrote them in our writing books, ensuring that we were forming the letters correctly and writing within the lines.

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum

Today we continued our conversations around our right to be safe, what that means, how that feels, what being safe looks like and where safe places are.

Today’s main focus was on safe places..

Children reflected on where their safe place to go to is when they are feeling unsafe. They considered where that safe place would be in different settings, such as…

at home

at school

while shopping

while playing

Unfortunately there was an error with all of the photos take during this session.

We are unable to upload them.

Wonderful work was completed by the children, we saw lots of amazing writing.


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